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Event Information

Saturday, July 27 2019, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM [EST]

About the Event

Platinum City Gaming and the local YMCA in Taunton will be working together to host a fundraising event. The event will be to help raise money to support the programs being held at the YMCA in Taunton that builds the local community. The YMCA is a great community center that provides great services for families with sports, swimming, camps, and daycare. At the YMCA, they are great providers to help those that are in difficult times. By providing families with the needs to keep everyone active, communicating and making friendships, the YMCA is a huge part of building the local community together.

On July 27th, from 11 am to 3 pm, Platinum City Gaming will be hosting an event that will allow you to pay $15 to get unlimited gaming on all of our consoles, PCs and time within our bouncy house. A portion of the entry cost will be going straight to the YMCA in Taunton to help with the cost to run the events they provide to families. During this time you get access to all our gaming consoles (every generation of PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo) and the huge library for each system. On top of the console gaming you will also have access to our gaming desktops. To provide something for those who want to be more active, we are also including our bouncy house that has a slide and is good for all ages. Our goal is to provide a day that families can come out together and play some of their favorite games that span across several different generations.
Along with the gaming time, we are also adding a Free Fortnite tournament that is free to enter with the entry of the event. The Fortnite tournament is open to all ages and will solos which means everyone for themselves. The tournament will start at 12 pm and will go until the end of the event. The winner with the most kills after 3 attempts will get a free hour of gaming at Platinum City Gaming. The sign up for this event is at the door only the day of.
So, be sure to sign up and come support to help the YMCA in Taunton and build a bigger and better community.