YaMM Transmission: 10th Akhanda Yoga Meeting Italia

Friday, 04 September 2020 9:00 AM - Sunday, 06 September 2020 6:00 PM [CET]

Via della Braina 4/a, Bologna, 40125, Italy

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Friday, 04 September 2020 9:00 AM - Sunday, 06 September 2020 6:00 PM [CET]

Kutir, Via della Braina 4/a, , Bologna, 40125, Italy.

10th Akhanda Yoga Meeting Italy

Bologna, 4th 5th 6th September 2020

Yogrishi Vishvketu


Promoted and hosted by 

Kutir asd RYS 500 YA – Akhanda Yoga Italia



Healthy food, healthy environment, heathy body.

Explore your true nature with the power of Silence.


Welcome to the 10th Akhanda meeting in Italy. 

The meeting has had an exponential growth

since 2005, the year we first hosted 6 people who enjoyed a simple way to come in contact with the Akhanda system for the first time.

During the following  years the meeting has grown not just in terms of the number of people who attended, but also because of a deepening of the knowledge about our true nature.

In this 10th edition we would like to invite all participants to deepen even more their experience of the yoga tradition, as it has been transmitted from master to disciple, by voice, presence and… silence.

The Akhanda ligneage comes from the Gorakhnath Tradition, and it is an authentic Himalayan lineage.


Being here and now is the experience we are aiming to foster, in order to fulfil what we believe is our true nature: joyful, playful fearless expandable.


Teachers: Yogrishi Vishvketu, Pranav, Jim Beckwith






Healthy Food Healthy Body 

focus on Annamaya kosha


09:00 Practice: building your immune system

11:00 Welcome satsang and ancestor healing 

13:00 Happy Food

14:30 Assimilation of 5 pranas, how our nutrition system works, cooking class 

16:30 Kirtan with the Akhanders



Healthy Environment Healthy Body

Focus on Pranomaya kosha


08:00 Agni hotra

09:00 Pranayama Techniques

11:00 Satsang: Homa-Agni Hotra, a new solution for the environment?

13:00 Happy Food

15:00 How to create your own Fire Puja

16:00 Practice: Sham.bhu Kryia



Transmission: the power of silence

Yoga as direct experience from an authentic himalayan Master. Focus on Manomaya, Vijnanamaya, Anandamaya Kosha


09:00 practice: transmission (advanced) and meditation manomaya k

11,30 satsang: explore your true nature: the power of silence

13,00 happy food

15:00 Yoga Nidra: Sonic Theatre by Jim Beckwith and Pranav  vijnanamaya k

16,00 Graduation Ceremony 

followed by kirtan and meditation anandmaya k


by taking part to this retreat you can also upgrade your YTT with 50 hrs

Integrated with Classes via Zoom:

“Teaching Pranayama for Emotional Wellness, Athletic Performance and Expansion 25-h YTT”


October 3 – November 1 with Yogrishi Vishvketu

Kutir ASD is a Yoga Alliance RYS 500 teacher training center and yoga studio in Bologna, founded in 2006 by Piero Pranav Casanova.

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