WSTC Summer Institute 2020 - Virtual!

Mon, June 15 2020, 8:30 AM - Fri, June 26 2020, 4:30 PM [PST]

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Classroom Management 101 - Pyramid Model: 11:00am-1:00pm, June 15-19 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Tim Andrews, M.S.

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Purposeful Interactions through Play-Based Learning; 8:30-10:30am June 15-19 (10 hours total) PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Patti Jo Wilson, Ron Mohl Lakeshore

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Family Financial Coaching: Debt and Credit, 2:30-4:30pm, June 15-19 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Devin Stubblefield

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Developing Language and Literacy Skills in Young Children; 2-4pm, June 15-19 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Cathy Cole, ECE Consultant

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Relationships and Resilience! Understanding the Neuroscience of Trauma and ACE’s to Build Healthy Children, Families and Communities; 2:30-4:30pm, June 22-26 (10 hours total) PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Mary Virginia Maxwell M.Ed, LMHC

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Supporting Dual Language Learners and their Families; 11:30am-2pm, June 22,23,25,26 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenters: Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainers: Yvonne Burke, Catherine Dennis, and Jenn Morejohn

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Striving for Equity in Early Learning Amidst Covid-19; 8:30-10:30am, June 22-26 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenter: Deborah Northern, M.Ed.

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FULL - Mind in the Making; 11:30am-1:30pm, June 22-26 PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

Presenters: Debra Shope & Brenda Hoge

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Two session package PARTIAL APPROVAL - $360.00

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Four Session Package PARTIAL APPROVAL - $700.00

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Mon, June 15 2020, 8:30 AM - Fri, June 26 2020, 4:30 PM [PST]

We're partnering with fabulous trainers to provide some really great information for those of you who work with children in Head Start, ECEAP and childcare.

Each course will be a deep dive - 10 hours of instruction over 4-5 days in a single week. 

You can register a la carte for individual classes, or for a package!  STARS credit and clock hours available for everything.

Limited scholarships available too!



Purposeful Interactions through Play-Based Learning

Presenter:    Patti Jo Wilson, Ron Mohl Lakeshore

Date/Time:  8:30-10:30 June 15-19 (10 hours total)

The importance of play for a child’s healthy development is grounded in a strong body of research.  In this webinar, we will dive into the research to gain a clearer understanding of how play promotes cognitive, physical, social and emotional development in children.  We will learn how to effectively plan and promote intentional play activities to allow children the opportunities to spark their curiosity.  Powerful interactions, expanded feedback, and using juicy words do not just happen.  As teachers, we must become facilitators who encourage children to expand their learning.  We will define the components of high-quality language modeling and identify ways that teachers can use self and parallel talk, open-ended questions, expansion/extension, and use of advanced language while being an intentional partner in play. 

As teachers, we must become facilitators who encourage children to expand their learning.  Teachers who intentionally plan concepts that are interesting and allow children to experiment and explore their environments not only deepen their learning but also expand their world. We will discuss ways to promote students’ higher order thinking skills through intentional play by providing opportunities for children to use analysis, reasoning, and creativity when solving problems.  We will also learn ways to connect concepts across activities to bring concepts to life and allow children to apply them to the real-world or their own life. 

Day 1-2:  ECERS-3 Overview; Best Practices in the Classroom

Day 3:  Diving Deeper into Language Modeling through Intentional Play

Day 4:  Diving Deeper into Concept Development through Intentional Play

Day 5:  Diving Deeper into Quality of Feedback through Intentional Play


Relationships and Resilience! Understanding the Neuroscience of Trauma and ACE’s to Build Healthy Children, Families and Communities.

 Presenter:    Mary Virginia Maxwell, M.Ed., LMHC

Date/Time:  2:30-4:30pm, June 22-26 (10 hours total)

Science tells us that children exposed to multiple adversities, both in their home and in their neighborhood, have a far greater likelihood of challenges later in life. Science also tells us the more healthy relationships a child has the more likely he will be to recover and thrive. In this interactive training we will learn how early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. We will discuss the impact of trauma, toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences on behavior and the ability to form trusting relationships.

By examining the toxic stress response, and how it differs from two other stress responses, positive and tolerable, we will learn techniques and strategies for how the toxic stress response can be prevented or even reversed.

Finally, we know during this unique time of the COVID 19 pandemic our families are experiencing high levels of stress and profound adversity. It is literally a different world for many of us. We will explore specific tools to help children cope and develop resilience. And we will emphasize compassion and focus on our own self care so we can intentionally show up to buffer adversity and boost resilience.

 “Relationships matter: the currency for systemic change was trust, and trust comes through forming healthy working relationships. People, not programs, change people.” 
  Bruce D. Perry, M.D. Ph. D. Child Trauma Academy 


 Family Financial Coaching:  Debt and Credit

Presenter:    Devin Stubblefield

Date/Time:  2:30-4:30pm, June 15-19 (10 hours total)

ECEAP and Head Start/EHS family advocates and home visitors will be faced with a host of challenges when our families return in the fall, and understanding how to coach parents and grandparents on financial goals and setbacks is challenging at the best of times.  This course will give you the tools to help families navigate this complicated system and emerge stronger.

The following topics are covered in this training: 

  •     Financial Psychology and the Post Pandemic New Normal
  •     Loans and Debt – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  •     The Credit Profile and Modern-Day Creditworthiness

Participants will be introduced to financial competencies for each topic and will engage in facilitated discussion to foster familiarity and applicability during conversations with families. The application of the financial content in this course is centered around events that could have a major impact on family financial wellbeing that they may already be experiencing or anticipate experiencing going forward. 

The curriculum for this customized course is curated from the financial content of the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC).  The NFEC financial literacy curriculum and presentations are engaging and fun, yet also meets the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance guidelines – a research-based set of components is aligned with INTASC standards. This programming has been widely recognized for its ability to connect with students and inspire participants of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to take positive financial action. 


Developing Language and Literacy Skills in Young Children

Presenter:    Cathy Cole, ECE Consultant

Date/Time:  2:00-4:00pm, June 15-19 (10 hours total)

Early childhood teachers play a key role as children develop language and literacy skills. In this course participants 1) become familiar with each of the components of language and literacy development; 2) develop an understanding of how to implement effective strategies to support language and literacy development in young children and;  3) learn how to intentionally and purposefully plan language and literacy learning for each classroom area (including outdoors), during individual and group activities and within daily routines.  Through a variety of teaching approaches participants will gain insights that will be of immediate, practical use in their preschool classrooms.


Exploring Nature-Based Learning

Presenters:Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainers:  Katy Keehn & Amy Lomanto

Date/Time:  8:30-11:00am, June 22, 23, 25,26 (10 hours total)

During this virtual workshop, we’ll explore why nature-based learning is so important for young children in supporting school readiness, positive child outcomes and a love for the outdoor world. Using the latest information from the Head Start National Centers, we’ll spend time planning creatively to promote nature-based learning, exploring resources & materials to use in indoor & outdoor classrooms and reflecting on our current practices – challenges and successes. 

Focus will include:

·        An understanding of the current research regarding the benefits of outdoor play and time spent in nature.

·         An exploration of how we can best prepare outdoor spaces that promote play, movement, and investigation of the natural world.

·        An awareness of our roles in supporting unstructured/child-initiated play as well as structured/teacher guided play in nature.


·         An investigation of how each early learning domain can be integrated into our lesson plans to support nature-based learning.

Join us as we discover all that nature has to offer – both for ourselves as teachers and learners, and for our children as explorers and adventurers.    


Mind in the Making

Presenters:  Debra Shope, M.A. & Brenda Hoge, M.Ed

Date/Time:  11:30am-1:30pm, June 22-26 (10 hours total)


If someone offered you a large marshmallow and told you that you could have more if you waited, would you be able to wait? Well, that is exactly what some scientists did with children in an experiment designed to measure how self-control contributes to future successful outcomes for children. Want to learn more? Then join us at Summer Institute and ensure to register for Mind in the Making (MITM). This training shows what caregivers can do to strengthen the seven essential life skills every child needs-Focus and self-control, perspective taking, communicating, making connections, critical thinking, taking on challenges, and self-directed, engaged learning. These skills have been linked to success in school and life and have been shown to be more important than IQ for future success. Join us for a training where we will give you specific activities that you can use to promote these skills in children so they can thrive!


Supporting Dual Language Learners and their Families

Presenters:   Region 10 T&TA Network ECS Trainers:  Yvonne Burke, Catherine Dennis, and Jenn Morejohn

Date/Time:  11:30am-2:00pm, June 22, 23, 25,26 (10 hours total)

During this course, participants will explore the foundational aspects of supporting Dual Language Learners and their families as we consider cultural humility and perspectives in caregiving.  We will also highlight the research and benefits of multilingualism as a gift in a child’s learning and development and explore how program staff might utilize resources such as the Multi-Cultural Principles and the Big 5 within the Planned Language Approach to support DLLs and their families. This course is primarily focused on direct service staff who provide support to dual language learners and their families.


Classroom Management 101

 Presenter:    Tim Andrews, M.S.

Date/Time:  11:00am-1:00pm, June 15-19 (10 hours total)

In these fun and engaging webinars, we will examine the Pyramid Model, or Early Childhood Positive Behavior Supports. We will discuss strategies that serve to prevent challenging behavior in many of our early childhood environments as well as skills we can teach to children that serve to replace challenging behaviors. We will also look at strategies that can be used to support families and caregivers. This class will offer time for staff to action plan and consider changes for their environments. This class is appropriate for those who work in environments that serve children ages 3-5. Participants will leave with an understanding of challenging behavior and strategies and supports that reduce and prevent challenging behavior in the first place as well as an action plan for their environments.


Striving for Equity in Early Learning Amidst Covid-19

Presenter:    Deborah Northern, M.Ed.

Date/Time:  8:30-10:30am, June 22-26 (10 hours total)

The field of Early Learning is a critical part of the education system that has been impacted significantly by Covid-19.  As programs work to ‘re-assemble’ their services and systems, both challenges and opportunities manifest.  Covid-19 has exposed and illuminated systemic inequities within our education systems on many levels.  How might we take advantage of the programmatic and systemic disruption caused by Covid-19? How might we re-examine and shift our practices and procedures to ensure during this time and moving forward, children and families feel a sense of compassion, connection and care?  In this research-based and engaging session, the focus will not be on Covid-19 itself but more importantly its impact on children, families and communities particularly those who have been historically oppressed, marginalized and disenfranchised. Session activity and discussion will utilize a racial equity lens to center a focus on unique and creative strategies and approaches to support parent/child relationships, family engagement and community partnerships during these current times and beyond. 


And many thanks to our sponsor, Lakeshore Learning


Katy Warren

Our first Virtual Summer Institute! This is a great training event for teachers, family support and home visitors.


Devin Stubblefield
Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Devin works passionately to develop and deliver transformative experiences for every project and event he's involved in. As a former banker and financial advisor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and uses his energetic delivery style to inspire, inform and motivate people to take action that supports their own best financial interests. Also committed to helping increase the financial well-being of disadvantaged people, Devin works as an organizational trainer delivering Financial, Career and Life Coaching training to social service and government agency front line staff across the United States and Canada. An active member of the Financial Empowerment Network and the Washington Financial Education Providers Network, Devin volunteers at many public events to bring financial literacy to communities in the state of Washington. To fulfill his personal life mission, Devin spends time working on the Inspiration to Prosper Initiative, an effort to partner with faith-based organizations to raise awareness and increase financial capability among their membership and related individuals and families.
Katy Keehn, M.A.
Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainer

Katy Keehn has over 35 years of experience in the field of Early Learning working with children, families and staff in birth-to-five & family support settings. Katy has been providing training & technical assistance to Region X Head Start and Early Head Start grantees as an Early Childhood Specialist for the past 7 years, assisting programs with planning professional development, collecting & analyzing data, increasing Parent, Family & Community Engagement, and applying developmentally & culturally appropriate curriculum for children birth to five. She holds a Masters’ degree in Human Development with specializations in Leadership in Education & Early Childhood, certification in Family Support Studies, and a love for supporting Nature Based Learning in Early Childhood.

Amy Lomanto, M.A.
Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainer

Amy Lomanto has over 27 years’ experience in many early educational settings as an educator, speaker, coach, and director. Ms. Lomanto currently holds the position of Head Start Early Childhood Specialist in Region X. This role provides TTA to EHS/HS grantees, assisting programs with planning professional development, collecting & analyzing data, increasing Parent, Family & Community Engagement, and applying developmentally & culturally appropriate curriculum for children birth to five. Ms. Lomanto previously held the position of Education specialist with a large grantee, primarily serving Migrant/Seasonal families throughout the state of Oregon. Ms. Lomanto has also worked as a teacher and director within the cooperative early childhood system, private system and as a and community trainer for both center and home-based programs. Ms. Lomanto received a BA in Fine Arts/Human Development and a MA in Early Childhood Education/Human Development. Amy is a Master trainer through the ORO system and has trained and spoken extensively on Nature based learning, Inquiry Work, the Arts in ECE, as well as many other topics.

Jenn Morejohn
Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainer

Jenn Morejohn is an Early Childhood Specialist for Region X Office of Head Start Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) who supports programs in the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Knowledgeable and skilled in Practice Based Coaching, School Readiness, Reflective Practices, CLASS Tool, PFCE Framework and Dual Language Learners, she assists grantees with implementation, analysis, evaluation, reflection of current practices, as well as data driven decision making. In addition to working with individual grantees, Jenn also provides training at program, state and regional levels. Jenn holds a Bachelors’ degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and Development from Oregon State University. Prior to joining the Region X Training and Technical Assistance team, she worked at Head Start of Yamhill County (HSYC), outside of Portland Oregon for 11 years. Jenn began as a full day full year teacher, and finished her tenure there as Education Coordinator, and Instructional Coach. Her passion while working at Head Start was to ensure that teachers had the skills and support they needed to provide a solid and strong foundation of social-emotional support to children, so that they could be ready to learn, and be successful in their future years of education.

Yvonne Burke, M.Ed
Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainer

Yvonne Burke has over 30 years of experience working in the field of Early Childhood Education. She began her career as a preschool teacher while in college. She expanded her experience in the field by working in multiple positions which included serving as a Child Development Specialist, Child Care Director, Head Start Education Manager, Head Start Child Development Coordinator, Head Start Regional Coordinator, and she has served as an Early Childhood Specialist with the Region 10, Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) team for Head Start and Early Head Start for the past 3 years. Additionally, Ms. Burke earned her master’s degree in Education in 2002 with a specialization in Diverse Learners and continuously seeks to broaden her knowledge related to Early Childhood Education. In her current role, Ms. Burke provides support for Early Head Start and Head Start grantees in delivering comprehensive services to children enrolled in the program and their families. she provides support to EHS/HS grantees around Screening, Assessment, School Readiness, Curriculum, Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE), Supporting Dual Language Learners, Coaching and Professional Development, and facilitates Communities of Practice for Early Head Start and Head Start grantees. Ms. Burke collaborates with her team to develop and implement strategies to support her work as an Early Childhood Specialist. Some of the strategies include Humble Inquiry, Process Consultation and Adult Learning Principles in which the goal of supporting grantees in a variety of areas are identified, either by the grantee or in collaboration with T/TA. Ms. Yvonne Burke is a champion for all children, and she exemplifies this in her professional and in her personal life through her work with children in her community and with her church. To Ms. Burke, equity and access to quality education and family services are paramount.

Catherine Dennis, MS, Ed S
Region 10 TTA Network ECS Trainer

Catherine graduated with an Elementary Education Degree from Franciscan University. She later received her Master of Science in Early Childhood Administration, Leadership and Management. She continued with an advanced degree in Educational Leadership with principal licensure. She is a former 5th grade teacher, Director, Education Manager. She has been trained by Head Start Trauma Smart and was the Trauma Coach in her previous role. She created a curriculum with a Gates grant to meet the needs of young teen moms and teens struggling with ACES. She also taught this curriculum at an alternative high school. She has a strong interest in trauma informed practices in the classroom and with families. She has done speaking for The Paper Tiger conferences around Trauma Coaching. Catherine has a regular quarterly column in the local newspaper that addresses trauma in children. She has held numerous positions on local boards, been a foster mom, and advocate for all things early learning! Her most famous and most rewarding job is her role as a mother to seven children.

Tim Andrews, M.S.
Trainer, Consultant

I earned my M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education from Portland State University in 2000. Fresh out of graduate school, I took a position in a ‘behavior’ or therapeutic classroom – my brother was the speech and language pathologist – I thought he would help me with paperwork! I didn’t have any idea what I signed up for. For seven years I taught in this classroom; my first three years were very challenging. I was putting out fires, feeling badly about my teaching skills, and not sure where to go for support. It was then that I found Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports…and my world changed. My classroom became a peaceful place, children were learning, and families were empowered and supported. I finally knew what to do to help these children and families. Now, I’m out of the classroom, and since 2007 I’ve spent my time consulting, training, and working with families in their homes. I’m passionate about this work and believe that with the principles of Early Childhood Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports we can help to transform people’s lives for the better. I’ve provided numerous trainings to various agencies over the years including Head Starts, Community Preschools, and Early Childhood Special Education Programs. I’ve coached classroom teachers on PBIS implementation and serve as an external coach to other agencies.

Cathy Cole is a highly accomplished professional with more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in the field of Early Care and Education, much of it as a teacher, director, and national consultant for Head Start, Migrant Head Start, and California State Pre-K programs. Cathy has an Associate of Arts degree in Child Development, a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education and a Master of Science degree in Education Administration. Since 2004, as an independent Early Care and Education Consultant, Cathy draws from her classroom and administrative experiences to assist Early Care and Education staff and administration through her many presentations, consultations and trainings to develop, enhance and implement effective programs and services nationwide.

Debra Shope, M.A.
Quality Improvement Manager, EOCF Vancouver

Debra Shope currently serves as the Quality Improvement Manager for Educational Opportunities for Children and Families (EOCF) in Vancouver. In addition, she is on the faculty at Columbia Gorge Community College as an adjunct ECE instructor. She has worked in the field of early learning since 1994 and during her career she has held a variety of roles: ECEAP Teacher Assistant, ECEAP Family Advocate, Head Start Teacher/Family Advocate, Child and Family Services Supervisor, Executive Director for a private licensed childcare, ECEAP Coach, and is a current Washington State STARS Trainer. Debra has served as President of Southwest Washington Association for the Education of Young Children (SWAEYC) and participates on the ECE Board at Clark College. Her passion lies in creating and facilitating learning experiences for her peers working within the field to grow and gain new skills that will enhance their own practices and increase their joy in their work with children and families. Debra has an MA in Human Development that she earned from Pacific Oaks College that includes a Leadership in Education major, along with an ECE focus.

Brenda Hoge, M.Ed.
Child and Family Adminstrator, EOCF Vancouver

Brenda Hoge currently is the Child and Family Administrator for Educational Opportunities for Children and Families (EOCF) in Vancouver, WA. She has over 20 years of experience in early childhood education serving in a variety of roles: Teacher, Family Advocate, ECE Consultant, Reliability Manager for Colorado’s Quality Rating and Improvement System, Trainer, and Researcher. Her favorite thing is to watch both the children and teachers in the programs she has worked with, learn and grow their skills together. Brenda has her MA. Ed from the University of Denver.

Patti Jo Wilson
Lakeshore Professional Development Specialist

As a former education director, deputy director for education, and teacher—with more than 25 years of educational experience in Head Start, UPK, child care, and elementary and middle school programs— Patti Jo has an uncanny ability to connect with others in the field from parents and teachers to directors and more. Patti Jo has three teacher certifications in the state of New York and was on the board of directors for the New York Head Start Association for four years. Patti Jo is certified reliable in CLASS and has been trained in ECERS-R, ECERS-3, ITERS-R and ITERS-3. Patti Jo is QRIS-approved in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Minnesota, and she is master-level registered with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS). Patti Jo has a passion for validating and respecting children, regardless of age, developmental progression or ability, and this is evident in her professional development sessions. Patti Jo leverages her numerous years of experience to provide thought-provoking and engaging content designed to inspire educators. She focuses on putting play back into learning by supporting teachers to guide and facilitate learning. Patti Jo believes in the quote by Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research,” understanding that children not only learn through play, but that teachers can also assess children’s learning during play.

Ron Mohl
Lakeshore Lead Educational Presenter

Ron Mohl brings over 15 years of experience in the education industry to his position of Lead Educational Presenter for Lakeshore Learning Materials. In this role, Ron has presented to school districts, public and private institutions, Head Start programs, and military bases across the country.

With dedication and commitment, Deborah Northern continues to work and strive for the continued advancement of educational and racial justice to increase the opportunities for greater quality of life for all children, youth and families. She has held various professional and leadership positions in community college, K-12 education, and non-profit and human services fields for over 25 years. Deborah previously served as the Equity in Education Services Manager for Puget Sound Educational Service District for 14 years providing technical assistance, consultation, professional development, program monitoring to early learning programs and over 25 school districts in the Puget Sound region. Currently Deborah holds the position of Equity & Engagement Manager for Seattle Public Schools where her work is focused on professional development, systems change and the institutionalization of racial equity. For the past 10 years, she has also served as Associate Faculty in the Social and Human Services Division of Edmonds College. Deborah earned her Master’s degree in Education Systems Change, a Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University and is an OSPI certified Data Coach. With a love for learning, music, the arts and family, Deborah strives to inspire and motivate others to enjoy life by reaching their fullest human potential.

Mary Virginia Maxwell, M.Ed, LMHP
Behavioral Health Provider, Community Health of Central WA

I am a licensed mental health counselor for the Educational Service District 105 and I work at Yakima Pediatrics as a Behavioral Health Consultant. After receiving my Masters in Education from Heritage University I began work in a school district as a therapist in a trauma informed behavioral kindergarten program. That experience inspired me to focus on school environments, attachment and the impact of trauma on emotional and physical health. I am privileged to assist schools and families in building practical strategies that support mental and emotional health needs. My goal is to recognize the complex environments that lead to stressed and challenging behaviors, and then respond by creating coping tools and strategies for children, care givers and educators. I believe when we work collaboratively to build social and emotional skills to improve children’s quality of life our whole community is lifted up. I am a member of the N.E.A.R. (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACE’s and Resilience) Speakers Bureau. This work allows me to provide community presentations and trainings to increase education and awareness of the impact of trauma and childhood adversity. Through this knowledge and understanding I know we will build resilient families, schools and communities. For over twenty years I have worked with families and children in many different settings to address the impact of trauma, grief and loss and to build a culture of hope and belonging. I am married with nine children and ten grandchildren. I love to mountain bike, hike, rock climb and take all the children outside with me!