WSTC Birth to Three Institute 2020 - Virtual!

Mon, April 20 2020, 10:00 AM - Sat, May 30 2020, 11:00 PM [PST]

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Teaching Parents to Play; 4/28 & 29, 1-2:30pm PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Great for Home Visitors. Presenter: Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

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Parent Coaching Strategies for Home Visitors; 5/5 & 6, 2-3:30pm PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Presenter: Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

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What Does Attachment Have To Do With It? 4/30 & 5/1, 3-4:30pm PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Home Visitors or Classroom Teachers. Presenter: Renee Hernandez Greenfield, M.Psych.

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They dumped that out again?! Supporting cognitive and physical development in infants and toddlers; 5/4 & 5/5, 10-11:30am PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Presenter: Renee Hernandez Greenfield, Tacoma Community College

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Enhancing Puppet Play/Supporting Social Emotional Development; 4/30 & 5/1, 10-11:30am PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Presenter: Patty Jo Wilson, Lakeshore

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Three session package PARTIAL APPROVAL - $210.00

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Six Session Package PARTIAL APPROVAL - $390.00

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Nine Session Package PARTIAL APPROVAL - $500.00

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Bonus 90 minute session - Healing & Resilience after Crisis for Staff, Children, & Families in Center Based Infant Toddler classrooms PARTIAL APPROVAL - $12.00

Date TBD, week of 5/4/20

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Bonus 90 minute session - Healing & Resilience after Crisis for Staff, Children, & Families in Home-Based programs PARTIAL APPROVAL - $12.00

Date TBD - Week of 5/4/20

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Supporting Infants' and Toddlers' Physical Development Milestones; 4/20 & 21, 10-11:30am PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

All courses are two 90 minute sessions on consecutive days. Presenter: Elda Perez, Lakeshore

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Building Steam Throughout the Day, & Born to Explore: Marvelous Math for Infants and Toddlers; 4/23 & 24, 10-11:30am PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Presenter: Patti Jo Wilson, Lakeshore

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Emotional Regulation for Parents and Children; 4/22 & 23, 1-2:30pm PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Great for Home Visitors. Presenter: Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

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Infant and Toddler Language and Literacy; 4/27 & 28, 10-11:30am PARTIAL APPROVAL - $75.00

Presenter: Elda Perez, Lakeshore

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Mon, April 20 2020, 10:00 AM - Sat, May 30 2020, 11:00 PM [PST]

We're partnering with Lakeshore Learning among other fabulous trainers to provide some really great information for those of you who work with infants and toddlers, whether it is in a classroom, home visiting, or elsewhere.

Each mini-course will consist of two 90-minute sessions on consecutive days, and after the course you will have access to the recording.

You can register a la carte for individual classes, or for all of nine of them!  STARS credit available for everything.

Limited scholarships available too!


Supporting Infants' and Toddlers' Physical Development Milestones  

Presenter:           Elda Perez, Lakeshore

Date/Time:         April 20 & 21, 10-11:30am

In this session, we will define and describe key physical development milestones for children ages 0-2.  We will look at how caregivers/teachers can support children’s perception, fine and gross motor development, as well as, promoting healthy behaviors.  We will explore how outdoor play can contribute to children’s overall development by giving them opportunities to practice their fine motor and gross motor skills through intentionally planned learning activities.  In addition, we will reflect on our current practices for supporting children's emerging understanding and knowledge of safe and healthy behaviors. 


Emotional Regulation for Parents and Children

Presenter:           Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

Date/Time:         April 22 & 23, 1-2:30pm

This workshop explores theories and practices around emotional regulation, including different models and approaches such as trauma-informed coaching, supporting families in crisis, culturally responsive ways to teach the concepts to parents: strategies and tools that can be used at home, online resources, emotional regulation visuals. A focus is on supporting the emotional regulation of the parent and how to address and support the parallel process, and how to coach in a trauma-informed way. 


Building STEAM throughout the Day / Born to Explore: Marvelous Math for Infants and Toddlers 

Presenter:           Patti Jo Wilson, Lakeshore

Date/Time:         April 23 (STEAM) and 24 (Math), 10-11:30am

Early exploration is key to STEAM and building future success for infants and toddlers. Throughout this webinar, we will explore the basics of implementing STEAM, as well as dive deeper into how to integrate STEAM throughout your infant/toddler classroom. From literacy and blocks, to music, we will explore how to build STEAM throughout the day!

In Born to Explore, we deepen our understanding of math concepts appropriate for our infants and toddlers to understand developmentally appropriate skills and how to support infants and toddlers in developing and mastering these skills.  We will discuss how to utilize materials in our classroom intentionally to support the development of the children in our care. As well, we will focus on providing effective facilitation of learning and development


Infant and Toddler Language and Literacy 

Presenter:           Elda Perez, Lakeshore  

Date/Time:         April 27 & 28 10-11:30am

In this session, we will define and describe the stages of language development for children ages 0-2 and show how caregivers/teachers can support the children’s language development and literacy skills. We will explore strategies for extending children’s vocabulary through storybooks and daily routines.  Finally, we will review the benefits of teaching and using sign language in the classroom and develop a language rich environment that includes singing, reading and environmental print.    


Enhancing Puppet Play with Infants and Toddlers/Supporting Social Emotional Development   

Presenter:           Patti Jo Wilson, Lakeshore

Date/Time:         April 30 & May 1, 10-11:30am

Puppet play can be magical with early childcare education.  Learning through play is essential for the social and emotional development of infants and toddlers and puppets can help. However, using puppets in the classroom can be intimidating.  Puppets can be used for intentional lesson planning, helping children handle emotions, and to lay the foundation for conflict resolution. Through modeling, both social skills and emotional development is supported by stimulating imagination as well as encouraging creative play.


What does attachment have to do with it? – Exploring attachment and the infant and toddler dynamic learning system. 

Presenter:           Renee Hernandez Greenfield, Tacoma Community College

Date/Time:         April 30 & May 1, 3-4:30pm

Infants and toddlers are supported by a dynamic learning system rooted in a triangle of relationships. What is this dynamic system and how does attachment fuel this? What is attachment? What is attachment versus personality or temperament? What role does attachment play for the adults who are supporting the infants and toddlers in their care?  This workshop dives in to reflective teaching practices, and where we as the adults support the dynamic learning system of our infants and our toddlers.


Teaching Parents to Play

Presenter:           Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

Date/Time:         April 28 & 29, 1-2:30pm

Having a hard time engaging parents during your visits? Wish they would do more with their kids, delight more in what their child is doing? How can you support parents you visit with less often, with low or inconsistent attendance? Learn simple ways of assessing the different play and engagement styles of children and their caregivers and how to support the development of both. Learn some strategies to support parents at a distance or  virtually  when visits are not possible. This workshop will include Progression of Play development, Play "Styles" (Parent & Child), Engagement Styles (Parent & Child) and Strategies for parent engagement. 


They dumped that out again?! – Supporting cognitive and physical development in infants and toddlers. 

Presenter:           Renee Hernandez Greenfield, Tacoma Community College

Date/Time:         May 5 & 6, 10-11:30AM

This workshop will dive in to what is going on inside the building brain, and how we as educators can support healthy development. This workshop will also explore developmental challenges, what they look like and present as in group care, and what our role can be to bridge in partnership with families around all areas of development, including when there is developmental concerns. 


Parent Coaching Strategies for Home Visitors

Presenter:           Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.

Date/Time:         May 5 & 6, 2-3:30pm

Quality home visiting requires staff to both understand child development AND how to work with the grown-ups! This workshop will teach home visitors about how to be more effective parent-teachers and coaches, using technology to improve and enhance communication and service, deepen learning about adult learning theories, models and understanding how to change behavior, and culturally responsive ways of coaching that should result in more significant and meaningful learning and positive changes for the parent. Learn alternate ways of communication and supporting families when in-person visits are a challenge or minimal.  This will include the basics of teaching adult learners, behavior change, and the cultural aspects of learning. 


Descriptions of Bonus Sessions, "Healing and Resilience After Crisis for Children, Staff and Families", coming soon!


Katy Warren

Our first (hopefully annual) Birth to Three Institute! This is a great training event for staff of all kinds of 0-3 programs. We've moved this conference online, and hope you join our great presenters!


Patti Jo Wilson
Lakeshore Professional Development Specialist

As a former education director, deputy director for education, and teacher—with more than 25 years of educational experience in Head Start, UPK, child care, and elementary and middle school programs— Patti Jo has an uncanny ability to connect with others in the field from parents and teachers to directors and more. Patti Jo has three teacher certifications in the state of New York and was on the board of directors for the New York Head Start Association for four years. Patti Jo is certified reliable in CLASS and has been trained in ECERS-R, ECERS-3, ITERS-R and ITERS-3. Patti Jo is QRIS-approved in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Minnesota, and she is master-level registered with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS). Patti Jo has a passion for validating and respecting children, regardless of age, developmental progression or ability, and this is evident in her professional development sessions. Patti Jo leverages her numerous years of experience to provide thought-provoking and engaging content designed to inspire educators. She focuses on putting play back into learning by supporting teachers to guide and facilitate learning. Patti Jo believes in the quote by Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research,” understanding that children not only learn through play, but that teachers can also assess children’s learning during play.

Elda Perez
Lakeshore Professional Development Specialist

More than two decades of firsthand experience have provided Elda Perez with precious knowledge about what works—and what doesn’t—in early childhood programs. From designing and planning new programs to implementing quality improvement criteria for existing ones, Elda has done it all. Eager to share the fruits of her experience, Elda embraces every opportunity to help others benefit from her deep understanding. In her role as professional development specialist, Elda draws on her knowledge to provide relatable advice that targets the specific needs of her audience. Whether she is speaking to program directors, classroom teachers or parents, Elda offers practical support that addresses their most pressing concerns. A true team player herself, Elda emphasizes the importance of cross-collaboration in meeting essential program goals. In addition to a bachelor of science degree and a master’s degree in early childhood education, Elda holds multiple certifications—including as a CLASS trainer and observer. Elda also relies on her considerable bilingual skills to support English-language and Spanish-language audiences alike. With a strong focus on program management, quality improvement and school readiness, Elda enchants her audiences with an unmistakable passion and commitment to early education.

Teniel Sabin, M.Ed.
Teniel Sabin Training and Consulting

Teniel has a Masters in Education from the University of Washington and a long career in Early Learning. She is a STARS trainer and consultant, has worked as an Infant-Toddler coach/consultant through Child Care Resources, and started her career as an Early Head Start family educator with Puget Sound Educational Service District. She has served as the Hispanic Liaison for the City of Federal Way and leads a Spanish Facebook group focusing on infant mental health. Teniel is also the parent of an Early Head Start graduate.

Renee Hernandez Greenfield, M.Psych.
Tacoma Community College Childcare Center Director and Adjunct Instructor

nee holds 15 years of experience in early learning, prenatal to school age children from home visiting, center based and before and after school settings. Her experience includes working in tribal communities, within the military communities and among immigrant populations. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with focus on Education and a Master’s Degree in Psychology with focus in Infant and Toddler Mental Health. She has two certificates in Early Childhood Education. She is presently the Director of the Annette. B. Weyerhaeuser Early Learning Center at Tacoma Community College. She is also an Adjunct Instructor for the Early Childhood Education Program with an emphasis on Special Needs, at Tacoma Community College.