WSA Fall Association Meeting

Tue, October 22 2019, 10:00 AM - Thu, October 24 2019, 12:00 PM [PST]

10 South Post Street, Spokane, WA, 99201, United States


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Event Information

Tue, October 22 2019, 10:00 AM - Thu, October 24 2019, 12:00 PM [PST]

About the Event


Our WSA Fall Association meeting is coming up soon! It's October 22-24 in Spokane, WA at the Historic Davenport Hotel. We have a great lineup!

We have a lot going on in both Olympia and DC that affect all our programs and parents, and you'll get the latest and be able to provide some meaningful insight as we move forward on many exciting initiatives, including ECEAP expansion, new licensing requirements, and the potential for a new Early ECEAP 0-3 program and universal pre-k for families beyond ECEAP eligibility level.

The agenda includes:

  • Keynote from Tim Harris, Founder of Real Change Newspaper.  Tim has been devoted to providing opportunity and a voice for low income and homeless people for decades.
  • Keynote from Kim Ratz, motivational speaker and musician.  There’s always SOME -- thing …” .It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do -- there’s always a change, challenge or conflict to slow or knock you down.  Your work in Head Start & ECEAP is SO important; we need you to succeed!  So you need to be resilient and able to reframe situations so you can inspire yourself to pick yourself up and get going again!  Through songs, stories, and strategies, Kim motivates you to reflect on how you can be more congruent and resilient, manage your own morale, and inspire yourself and those around you to do your best!
  • Rx for Members of Boards, Councils & Committees. Even a lot of smart, talented, skilled people, when combined together into a group, will have some challenges in being able to have a thorough discussion, or make a decision, or resolve differences and conflict.  So this workshop helps you review several ways to view the sometimes mystical continuum of responsibilities, relationships, roles and “rigamorals” inherent in your work as a member of a board, council or committee. We also review some of the common “style differences” you experience as you interact with different people, and learn ways to “flex your style” so you can better manage the style differences, build trust and cohesion, and effectiveness. 
  • The Pits and Perils of Parenting. As a parent, is it more frenzy than fun? Get frustrated sometimes over the different ways you and your partner approach parenting and interact with your child?  This workshop explores the unique contributions parents bring to their children, as well as some of the challenges, barriers and other reasons why many dads don't get more involved with their children. The goal is to identify ways to encourage dads to get more involved with their kids, and help dads and moms find ways to work better together to improve communication with the child, help kids succeed in school, and raise kids with positive self-esteem.
  • Playing Nice in the Sandbox. In your people-intensive work in Head Start and ECEAP, sometimes lines get crossed, toes feel stepped on, and peoples’ buttons get pushed. This workshop helps you better understand “what’s really going on” (or Reframing) by looking at some common style differences among people you interact with -- coworkers and customers, of all ages! You'll identify some of your own styles and traits, and learn about ways to flex your own style so differences with other styles are more manageable, and your “sandbox” is a great place for you to work, and and to serve your students and coworkers!
  • The Future of Early Learning in Washington.  Wow, huge topic! There are big plans brewing for 2020 and beyond.   How do we ensure that ALL children who need high quality services get it and are ready to succeed in kindergarten?  How do we partner with parents to strengthen families and connect them to needed resources?  How do we FUND all this?  Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig will be here to fire us up for 2020, and you can help us guide this process and learn how to advocate for our kids!
  • Racial Equity Professional Learning Circle (All day 10/23).  We all know this is important, but how do we deepen the conversation with our staff and parents, and how do we create an equitable and supportive environment in our programs, classrooms and policy councils? Rekah Strong, Executive Director of Educational Opportunities for Children and Families in Vancouver, wowed our directors this summer and will dig deeper for this day-long training for parents, staff and directors.
  • Serving Children with Special Needs.  Head Start and ECEAP are seeing more and more children with special needs.  We’re working with several people to provide information about inclusion, navigating the IEP system, and more.
  • Keynote from Frank Ordway & Genevieve Stokes, Department of Children, Youth and Families.  What’s new for Early Learning in 2020?
  • Strengthening Families training for parents and staff, with Victoria Hilt
  • Parent (and staff and director!) advocacy and how together we can change the world for young children and their families

·         Deep Dive on Federal Budget and Policymaking with Yasmina Vinci from the National Head Start Association

  • Trauma Informed Care with Chris Blodgett, WSU
  • The latest on our exciting ECEAP legislative agenda

And much more!  See the Full Agenda Here!


October 22:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm (lunch included)

October 23:  9:00 am - 5:00 pm (lunch included)

October 24:  9:00am – 12:00 pm


Registration cost:

Full Conference:  $260 WSA member, $310 non-member (includes 3 days, 2 lunches)

One Day:  $120 WSA Member, $140 non-member (includes lunch)



The Historic Davenport Hotel is all booked for the conference! There are still rooms available at the Davenport Tower across the street.

Click here to reserve a room at The Davenport Tower!

Rates:  $108 single, $118 double, $128 triple

Address: 111 S Post St, Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: (509) 789-6965

Book today - deadline is September 27 to guarantee!

Event Location

About the Organizer

Our WSA Fall Association meeting is coming up soon! It's October 22-24 in Spokane, WA at the Historic Davenport Hotel. We have a great lineup!