Writing Powerful Stories for Learning (Even if You Don't Think You Can)

Wednesday, 12 January 2022 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CST

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Wednesday, 12 January 2022 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CST

Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways that L&D can use to influence, teach, and inspire.

However, just tossing a story out to the audience doesn't always lead to the best results. We all have the power within us to craft stories that connect people to learning, and most times it's a matter of knowing what not to do. 

As storytellers, none of us start the tale hoping for disengagement or boredom. What can we do to prevent disaster? The first step is seeing what exact problems can arise when using stories for teaching and training purposes. Only then can we ideate potential solutions to prevent it. Join this interactive chat as we build a story together and learn story-building lessons to help us write stories that bring power to our programs. 

In this "Learn Something New" Wednesday

Richard Fleming and Austin Welch from Sage Media will:

  • Walk us through the pitfalls that commonly arise when crafting stories for learning, how to overcome the risks, and ultimately create your "happily-ever-after".
  • Walk us through a special exercise to help you plan your own powerful stories.
  • Leave us with a list of things you can do right now to begin building your creative storytelling talents

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Shannon Tipton/Learning Rebels


Learning Rebels provides learning solutions for real business problems. Are you trying to move your instructor-led training to a virtual learning environment or trying to determine how to redesign your curriculum to incorporate microlearning? Trying to create onboarding programs that encourage engagement rather than zombies? Smart learning organizations need learning reinforcement that is effective and fits within the workflow. Creating less disruption and frustration. Learning Rebels can make it happen.

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Richard Fleming
Visual Story Teller
Sage Media

?????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ?????? ??????????. After watching Andrei Tarkovsky's "?????? ??????????????????" (1986), I was so moved by its cognitive effect that I devoted my life to make movies that would help people better connect to one another. In my opinion, the biggest impact we can have on adult learning and development is through corporate learning. We spend most of our time working; our jobs contribute to who we are; and how we grow depends largely on the skills we pick up during the times we are clocked in.


About Richard Fleming

Visual Story Teller
Sage Media
Austin Welch
Visual Story Teller
Sage Media

I produce story-based films to create inductive learning experiences that learners love and remember. I combine research from behavioral psychology, cognitive science, and adult learning theory to create films that change behavior. My process follows three main steps: 1?? LEARNING STRATEGY Most learning initiatives are reactive, often leading to high-risk failures. We mitigate risk by clarifying your learning message and determining which stories and emotions will have the most positive impact on your audience's behavior. 2?? STORY DESIGN Traditionally, corporate “stories” are predictable and preachy. We craft culture-specific narratives that engage emotional responses that both aid learning and change behavior. 3?? VIDEO PRODUCTION Most training films are either too artistic or too clinical. We perfectly blend creativity with cognitive and learning science to maximize learning and make your training really matter for the people watching.


About Austin Welch

Visual Story Teller
Sage Media