Writing Effectively at Work Training

Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Writing can be one of the most essential skills in any society. This is especially true for businesses. Contrary to popular belief, business writing can be considered an art. It's the art of presenting yourself in written form . People who write at work should dress up in a professional manner to make a lasting impression. Great e-mail customer service agents are not known for their speed in responding to customers . Technology can handle that part, but a creative mind is the only thing you cannot copy and past. This includes being able write clear sentences, master grammar, and knowing how words work. These skills will eventually lead to your own unique writing style. This training course will teach participants how to properly write memos, emails and reports, and how to return to form.

Discussion of Basic English

Many professionals take it for granted that English is their first and most familiar language. There are actually two. You get extra points if you spot both of them. But that doesn't necessarily mean your team has the same abilities. Even more, spelling is only one aspect of English language. This training course will focus on basic grammar rules and sentence structure. Participants will be able to maintain their linguistic muscle and prepare for advanced business writing.

Not impress, but express your thoughts.

The temptation to brag about one's superior vocabulary and write a long paper is a common problem for budding business writers. Bosses and coworkers can't afford to read a 30-page paper about the company's Monday meeting. Although this would be acceptable, it is not appropriate. Written works should be concise . It is important that we help participants understand how to write concisely without being too proud of their craft. Participants may view it as a challenge. "How can I appeal to people with only 300 words?" We show participants.

Use business standards to write

As universities have academic writing, so do businesses. Just as universities are focused on knowledge and businesses focus on efficiency and speed of work, so is business writing. Our goal is to assist professionals in creating professional email, memos, and letters. We also help them to adapt to these formats by providing constant writing exercises. There will be plenty of room for scheming: they can create addresses or use any name they like. For maximum laughter, they'll be able to read the letters out loud. Our ultimate goal here is to demonstrate to participants that proper writing can easily be done in groups, and in an interactive way. They will be able beat any APM in writing speed, and still maintain the high quality standards for which companies are known.

Learn the "force" behind your words

Sometimes, some words are more appropriate than others. Sometimes the joys of writing can be made more clear by using powerful words. Words like "glorious," or "luxurious" are words that have been used to send us to other planets. We are not sure how these words were used in relation to space travel. But we are serious. Some words are more effective and appropriate than others. This can vary depending on the context. Business writers who are skilled in the art of writing must be able to recognize when striking words might be appropriate. Word choice is often a key factor in how effective an advertisement will work. Participants will be able to recognize correct and appropriate words by the end of the training session.

Create their own writing styles

Participants must have the ability to create their own writing style in order to become more efficient business writers. If they wish to communicate effectively in the workplace, this means that they will need to have their own "Instinct for Words", signature phrases, sentences, and even scripts. There are endless opportunities for creativity and improvement in our discussions and activities. Participants are guaranteed to leave with a smile and a desire to help others and companies through their amazing use of words.

It is often difficult to transform business writing into an art of efficiency and elegance , even though it is a skill that is often overlooked. Professionals may use incorrect words or make mistakes in their rush to get the job done. While some professionals may write more carefully, it can lead to grammatical errors and inappropriate words. Business Writing is an art that balances conciseness with detail. Through various activities, our training course will help participants keep this balance and allow them to seamlessly incorporate what they have learned into their own unique writing styles. You can also combine this training course with other courses to create your own customized training session. Contact us to learn more about our services. We are more than happy for you to receive all the help that you need.


All courses are available Australia-wide in Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.

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