Workplace Research Training

Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

The workplace is filled with innovative ideas and similarly-intricate research methods, much like academic areas. This is because it gives the business the edge and encourages them to innovate and offer the best customer service. Each approach requires the care and diligence that it deserves. When executed well, it can be the most rewarding experience for both the employee and the company. This can result in complex approaches being created, eliminating unnecessary items, or improving existing ones. It's not only about the approaches, but also how amenities and other facilities are improved that will ultimately lead to greater productivity. This is why we created this training course to help participants understand this aspect of the workplace. We will be focusing on topics like time management, critical thinking skills and de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats. Participants will be able to improve their company's scientific aspects much quicker than others by the end of this course.

Time Management

Set up clear limits and estimate the time and resources needed to achieve these goals . Time management is the greatest example of this. It's not just about planning. Things can easily go wrong if one focuses only on plans. This is especially true in the workplace, which is a dynamic environment. You might be affected by some of these things, such as a messy workplace. This could easily cost employees 5 minutes more. Other factors can also impact study time. Participants should learn time management to produce the best work and spend the least time.

Critical Thinking Skills

As in academics, workplace research requires a lot critical thinking in order to spot logic inconsistencies and the consequences of their methods. It is important to use coherence when judging, even if you are starting from scratch. These are essential for the quality of research and the company. A misleading survey could cost customers valuable profit. And wasting time and resources on a foolish venture can lead to a poor outcome. To be able to start a research project and maintain momentum, it is important to use critical thinking skills.

De Bono's 6 Thinking Hats

It is important to ask the question: What brings people together in a dynamic region of diversity? What do these people think? What should they think? There are many, different answers to these questions. But Edward de Bono's unique contribution to these philosophical questions lies in the fact that he invented a revolutionary method to get people to think together in an uniform way. The method of switching between "hats", so to speak, has revealed the six ways the brain thinks as well as the processes it takes to reach the most powerful ideas. This method is relevant to research because it maps your thoughts and allows for you to invent in ways that are otherwise impossible. Participants will gain this edge through our training course. We will teach them all about the "thinking hats" they can use and when to use each one.

Survey Techniques

Surveying is an important part of research because it allows participants to draw general conclusions from large groups. It can lead to better food products and improved company toilets. This particular research process has many possibilities. There are many ways to conduct an efficient survey. These include determining the right number, gathering statistics and getting together the right group of people. Our training course will spend a lot of time educating participants about these techniques in order to give them an edge in the research process.

Questioning Techniques

It is important to ask questions in order to gather the necessary information from participants, and the methods you will be using. It almost always starts with the last: What shall we study? What are we trying to achieve? What are we looking for? It is easier to ask yourself these questions without too much effort. But it might not be the same for an audience. Often, one must consider the tone and the way the question is written. Is it offensive to other cultures? Are you too intrusive? Are there biases and overload in the training course? These are just a few of the many questions that this training course will attempt to answer. Participants will be able to learn key techniques that will enable them to get as much information possible for productive research by the end of the training course.

Workplace research is essential, there is no doubt. This alone leads to endless innovations and fuels the company's success. It is important to discuss its benefits as well as the methods that facilitate productive research, such questioning and survey techniques. These things will also be discussed in the most engaging way possible: through interactive activities. Participants will learn critical thinking skills and not have to sweat. We also offer the ability to create customised training sessions that address specific needs with pinpoint accuracy. We are happy to provide more information about our services.


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