Workplace Health Training

Monday, 4 December 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Monday, 4 December 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Do you want a happy workplace? Do you want to give a great training session to your team to increase performance? This training session is for you if you answered yes to these questions. This Workplace Health Session was created to help individuals and groups understand the importance of proper lifting, sitting, healthy diet and health in the workplace. You can use games to illustrate these points. Motivation and staff productivity will increase if they are healthier and more fit. This training is available in Parramatta and Darwin, Gold Coasts, Canberra, Sydney/Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Perth, and Brisbane.

This Workplace Health training session can help your team become a high-performing team. We will highlight many benefits, but we will also provide real-life examples and case studies of healthy and unhealthy workplaces. You will see your team perform better and achieve greater results when they recognize the importance of a healthy workplace. A happy workplace means a happy team , a stress-free team, and a motivated team that is high performing.

Health options for employees

Healthy eating: How it can change your outcomes

Any organisation can benefit from a healthy workforce. Participants will be given a guideline on how to adopt a healthy eating mindset. Healthy eating can improve your performance and motivate you.

Environmental Changes in Your Desk Environment

Healthy eating is not enough to ensure a healthy workplace. The trainer gives examples of unhealthy workplace environments as well as some tips for creating healthy workspaces.

Lifting and other health issues

Do you have to lift for your job? You could be moving paper to the photocopier. You might be sending postal packages or simply moving your chair. We provide safety information and a guideline on how to lift heavy objects.

Health issues at work

Participants may have a variety of workplace health concerns that they want to discuss with their trainer. We offer real-life workplace solutions that will help you create a healthier workplace.

Healthy Work Scheduling & Stress Management

This segment will teach you how to better manage stress and schedule your workplace.

How to manage unhealthy habits

Many of us might have unhealthy habits. Our natural behavior can have a significant impact on our performance and results as humans. Learn more about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Technologies) and other behavioral techniques that can help you manage unhealthy habits and improve your performance.

Are Natural Behaviors Good for Us?

We will discuss the reasons why our natural behavior may be ineffective. While we learn to perform actions automatically, our feelings can vary at different times of the day. Find out how to prepare for your natural behavior and how you can adapt it to meet your needs.

Specialized Workplace Health Training

This session can be customized to meet your goals and training needs if you want to improve the performance or health of your workplace. You can have it delivered as an one-time training session, or an ongoing package to keep your team on the right track. We can create a workbook or session that suits your needs using a variety of training modules and workplace performance areas.

This workshop will create healthy people and teams. Your organisation will experience a change in motivation, stress levels and productivity.

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