Workplace Employee Hygiene Training

Thursday, 15 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Thursday, 15 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

workplace employee cleanliness should be a top priority in the workplace. This shows professionalism and concern for his coworkers. While hygiene is a sensitive topic, many people find it difficult to discuss. However, it can be helpful for participants to have a more open discussion about the subject in a group setting. Our trainers have the knowledge to help employees improve their personal hygiene. This training session focuses on hygiene in the workplace. This training session is for employees in work areas with low standards of professionalism or who have issues with personal hygiene.

These issues will arise in any environment where you interact with others. These issues can be minor in some cases, or a major concern for everyone. They could also be caused by a lack of training or inconsideration.

Our trainers can provide the guidance and tools necessary to help your employees bring professionalism to their work place. This is especially important when issues arise due to lack of training or lack of consideration. Our trainers can integrate individuals with hygiene issues into group sessions, so that no one feels embarrassed or singled out. This will serve as a reminder and also provide additional training for those who perform at an acceptable level. Those who are not performing well will be able work their way up to meet company needs.

Results for Employee Hygiene

Tough issues: How to talk to employees about personal hygiene

  • Recognize the benefits of having difficult conversations
  • Discuss the components of a successful behavior modification conversation
  • Your company can help you deal with hygiene problems
  • When it comes to hygiene, get over the barriers workers set up
  • Hygiene issues such as bad hair days, inappropriate piercings or body art, poor clothing choices, bad breath and excessive gas can be resolved
  • Poor hygiene habits should be avoided in the bud
  • Find ways to encourage good hygiene in your workplace


Course Overview

The first day is spent getting to know each participant and discussing the workshop. Students will have the opportunity to identify their learning goals.


Let's talk about it!

Participants will begin the day by looking at the personal and professional benefits of investing time and energy in challenging conversations.


Guidelines to Facilitate Difficult Conversations

Participants will be able to create a framework to help them navigate difficult conversations and to play out ways to get started. Participants will also be provided with a list of business policies they should know.


Overcoming Objections

Next, participants will play the role of the worker if they get offended, refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem, or fix it temporarily. Or if they claim that disability is the cause.


Bad Hair Days (And weeks...and months

This session will discuss options for untrained hairstyles and dandruff.


Body Art and Piercings

Participants will learn great techniques for resolving any issues related to body piercings or tattoos.


Helping workers dress for success

Next, participants will be taught how to deal with violations of dress code, including a section that addresses topics that may be considered gender sensitive. Participants will also learn some tips to help workers who don't have the right tools to dress appropriately.


Bad Breath

This session will discuss the causes of bad breath, also known as halitosis, how to fix it and how to share it with your employees.


Body Odor

Participants will then brainstorm ways to deal with poor personal hygiene, body odors from medical conditions, and employees who are too perfused. We'll also look at what to do if an employee is displaying signs of alcoholism or drug abuse.


Gastrointestinal Issues

This session will discuss incontinence or flatulence with a worker.


Bad Habits

Participants will then create a list of their worst hygiene habits and brainstorm solutions.


Putting It into Practice

Participants will be asked to role-play a difficult hygiene situation in the last session. They will also receive feedback about how they dealt with it.


Workshop Wrap Up

Students will be able to ask questions and create an action plan at the end of each module.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Paramount's trainers are highly qualified and have the ability to facilitate these training sessions. In every session, they can give out useful tips and pointers that can aid workers to become more professionally-ready. Our program can be tailored to meet your company's requirements and preferences. We will use case studies, details and questions to help employees understand why this topic is so important . This training is perfect for those who feel like their workplace is experiencing this issue.

This training is offered in Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast, Darwin, Parramatta and Melbourne.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our Workplace Hygiene Training Sessions and how we can tailor our sessions to your needs.

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