Workplace Abuse Training

Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Workplace abuse can affect any company. This happens most often within the company's top positions, but it can also happen in other roles, such as with coworkers who may use sexual harassment or psychological warfare to make themselves feel superior to the bullied employee. However, workplace abuse can have a devastating effect on employee morale, productivity, and company loyalty. This can lead to high employee turnover and a significant decrease in profits if it is done on a larger scale. Some companies may even lose their reputation. Workplace abuse can sometimes be a broad term, so it is important to distinguish between ethical and unethical methods. This training course is designed to give companies and teams the tools to deal with workplace abuse both to prevent it and deal with it appropriately if it does occur.

Psychological tools can be used to help

Workplace abuse can have a profound impact on the psychological and emotional well-being of the victim. Even more frustrating is the fact that their closest friends might not be able or willing to help them. They may become disoriented and even unable to concentrate without feeling angry at being unable to do anything. This is the first sign that someone has been abused. It is important for colleagues and companies , to be able identify the signs and provide support to their fellow members. This can lead to increased productivity and loyalty within the company, even when there is a lot of stress.

Pay attention to the key mechanisms that deal with abuse

You can also use the shield to protect yourself from workplace abuse by learning about your fundamental rights both within and outside the company. This includes knowing all the laws that apply to workplace abuse and all your rights as an employee, including what conditions must be met and how to file grievances or cases. This will help teams understand that they won't be the only ones who are being abused. There are mechanisms to reduce the power of the abuser.

Differentiate between abuse and disciplinary actions

Although abuse is more common in high-ranking positions of power than it is among subordinates, not all actions imposed upon them can be considered abuse. If an employee does something that is detrimental to the team effort, it's only right to give them criticism and/or punish them according to the severity. It is ultimately the employee's responsibility. The legislation recognizes this and allows for certain disciplinary actions , whose severity is determined by the level offense. This helps employees to become more productive in their respective fields, and thus help their company and their teams.

You should be prepared for certain situations that could lead to abuse

The workplace is full of endless competition. Employees may do whatever it takes to gain power, and others might be affected by this feeling of power. Companies know this is more than a matter of individual ambition. Are they rewarding top performers too much? Are they allowing their direct superiors too much power? These are some of the questions that could arise when workplace abuse is actually occurring. This isn't a matter that can be solved by the entire team. If there are any instances of abuse, the company must intervene. Participants will be exposed to all possible abuse scenarios and given options.

Learn how to deal with stress

stress is a precondition for abuse. Stress can lead to increased anxiety and make it more difficult for people to work with. Sometimes employees can become so angry that they can scare entire teams with one glance or with their actions to the point of causing them to lose their job. Negative vibes can spread to other members of the team, putting an end to their potential for success. Even if the employee doesn't know it, it could be considered psychological abuse on teammates. This can cause damage to teamwork and loyalty over time. Participants must learn how to manage stress and control their emotions. This will enable your team to shine with the power of teamwork by simply knowing how to do it.

How to be disciplined correctly

As we have already mentioned, abuse and disciplinary actions are two different things. This distinction can be very blurred in certain cases, particularly when disciplinary actions are applied more loosely and bureaucratic processes aren't immediately available. For example, a superior might believe they are providing appropriate and fair discipline to their subordinates but the latter could harbor feelings of resentment or discontent at being abused. This is why teams must be able to see the fine line between fair and inappropriate discipline. This will enable teams to implement appropriate team-wide discipline without stepping on the feet of anyone (both literally and metaphorically).

Workplace Abuse is a problem that many workplaces face every day. Many of these cases may not be known to the perpetrators. Workplace abuse can manifest not only in terms of rank but also in other ways that can impact the emotional well-being and productivity of entire teams. This course is designed to give participants the tools they need to prevent abuse from occurring , deal effectively with emotional abuse and maintain just and fair discipline. This training course will help companies and their teams to improve productivity and morale, and create a conducive environment at work. This training course can be embedded into a customized training session to help you and your team address specific needs . Contact us for more information on this training course and the customized training package.


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