Women of Truth X Factor: Conference and Expo Cyprus 2019

Sat, 14 September 2019, 9:00 AM - Sun, 15 September 2019, 6:00 PM [GST]

Promachon Eleftherias 2 Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Limassol, 3507, Cyprus

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Participant - 2 days PARTIAL APPROVAL - €119.00

As participants you will have access to all seminars, workshops and expo, Networking sessions. Includes Lunch and coffee, refreshments both days. Register after 15.08.2019 date and have lunch option at €20 per person per day.

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Participant - FIRST DAY PARTIAL APPROVAL - €57.00

Join us for one day - on Saturday 14th September to all seminars, talks (lunch is not included)

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Join us for second day - 15th September for seminars, networking (lunch is not included)

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Womens Organisations (Cyprus 2019) PARTIAL APPROVAL - €147.00

Get a table at Expo: Cyprus 2019. Your social media links, contacts and location are listed in our package to the women of Cyprus with the most influence

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Solo Entrepreneur (Cyprus 2019) PARTIAL APPROVAL - €247.00

Get a table at Expo: Cyprus 2019. – Womens Organisation package – Includes full attendance for two full days at the conference listening to the expert speakers – Enjoy luxurious conference facility garden balcony plus sea view venue! – Limited to 20 tables so you have specific significance among few

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Women owned Businesses (Cyprus 2019) PARTIAL APPROVAL - €447.00

– Womens Organisation package – Enjoy luxurious conference facility garden balcony plus sea view venue! – 1 m table - Advertising on our newsletter and in our group on facebook - Full participation in the festival - 8 minute speech or presentation in break times - Seminars on advanced business training, financial management and Technological support and digital marketing - Personal growth and Life work balance - Exclusive access to guests as limited to 15 -20 tables.

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Volunteer (Cyprus 2019) PARTIAL APPROVAL - €49.00

Join organising team – Get experience – Have access to seminars – Be a part of the network

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Only for 10 Expert Women – your headshot + 3 sentence bio advert in the Business Fit Magazine (€699 value) – present 15min breaktime at our events and have an exclusive 1.5 m table (€494 value) -we promote your interview and brand on our video monitor promotion at events and in our group (€147 value) -we offer you priority listing to co-publish with us -we can invite you to teach retreats, summits, and or mentor (priceless! ) as a revolutionary luminary female leader

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Sat, 14 September 2019, 9:00 AM - Sun, 15 September 2019, 6:00 PM [GST]

Crowne Plaza Limassol, Promachon Eleftherias 2 Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Limassol, 3507, Cyprus.

Join us on the upcoming Conference 14-15 September 2019 at YinAltihea Women of Truth - Crown Plaza Hotel, Limassol Cyprus. 


This is the third event of its kind founded by Women of Truth group. We have run these events in 2015 and 2016 with developing the women of Cyprus in mind and now have international collaborations to strengthen our reach and collaboration.


Join workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, networking sessions and find out your own truth.


At the 2019 Conference you will find:

·      International Speakers

·      Practical Workshops on entrepreneurial empowerment and personal development for women in business

·      Networking Sessions



Nowadays with online options many need to upgrade your skills and services. This is why we have numerous collaborations to strengthen entrepreneurship and service and product development for entrepreneurial women. Our seminars in the afternoons are also open to men and so we are supporting locals and international participants to become entrepreneurial with international experts.  


We have 3 components to our event: 

1. Conference with expert speakers

2. Business EXPO with tables for entrepreneurs

3. Training Seminars


HERE preliminary PROGRAMME 


We have 4 groups involved:

1. Expert Speakers

2. Business owners

3.Potential Entrepreneurs 

4. Sponsors /collaborators groups exist 




EARLY BIRD until 31.07.2019


For more information or if you need any assistance, please contact us: womenoftruthxfactor@gmail.com


Follow the event on: https://www.facebook.com/events/510927132766667/

Panagiota Loizidou

Heleniq Argyrou - Clinical Psychologist, Drum therapist and Naad yoga teacher based in Cyprus and the Netherlands. YinAlithea is a conference that empowers, educates and elevates the women of Cyprus to create a breakthrough in their personal and professional lives and creating new narratives and pathway for a respected and reverence for the feminine principal. Our mission is to touch, move and inspire Women to greatness by providing examples of powerful and inspirational women, sharing their success stories as well as providing a forum for the collaboration synergy and growth of all attendees. At our conferences, women gather momentum to eliminate limiting beliefs holding them back as well as breaking through cultural myths, enabling attendees to create new beliefs to expand their personal and business potential.

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Cutting edge holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetirician

Dr Sabine Wünschmann is a cutting edge holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetirician in private practice with over 30 years serving women internationally. She also is the founder of Hormone Harmony TM , an online 1:1 program and Hormone Harmony TM Booster helping women worldwide in Menopause and Perimenopause heal naturally from symptoms related to hormonal imbalances by addressing the root cause without taking medication. GIVAWAY: Sign up to get the 3 part video series on Hormone Imbalance, where we define all the symptoms, the risks and more.


Cutting edge holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetirician
A pioneer in digital marketing

A pioneer in digital marketing, Elena Jnr. Andreou has an experience of 18 years in Marketing with the focus in the last 3 years entirely on digital marketing. She started her journey in Digital as the Marketing Executive of Great Deal Global Europe, an annex of R&D Products LLC the American company. She studied Law and Marketing and later on she specialized in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Growth Hacking and Personal Branding. Now she is continuing her specialization in Social Media Analysis through Programming language (R programming and Phyton) and sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence, Google algorithm and ranking factors. Her last tree projects and research papers: - “How smart an AI can get?” (Aw. Pub.) - “Google: A Responsible Innovation, Or An Algorithm: Which Hijacks Our Brain?” (Aw. Pub.) - Identifying Patterns to Achieve Competitive Intelligence Using R Programming Through Social Media and Web (Aw. Pub.) - Socio-Economic Challenges In Building a strong online presence- Case study Micro Businesses in Cyprus


A pioneer in digital marketing
Performance coach, consultant, entrepreneur coach, life coach

As a British born Cypriot raised both in the UK and Cyprus, Maria knows first-hand the struggles of a strict upbringing. Freedom was always a theme in her life as she didn’t have much of it growing up. Deemed the shameful and rebellious one of the family due to her grit and passion, after much turbulence and cultural expectation, and once she began to recover from her experiences with various eating disorders, she married a Cypriot guy aged of 21. Despite the story fed to her that her life would be perfect if she married a Cypriot, after eight years, she found herself a divorced, bankrupt single mummy of two. Maria’s work ethic, knack for motivating and helping others and entrepreneurial abilities kept her going through some extremely low and bleak times. In 2014 she courageously stayed true yet again to her life purpose and hearts desires and moved with her two teens to Tropical Goa, India to avoid the British winters, further her professional and personal development and immerse herself and her son and daughter in an international, freedom based like -minded community. Maria helps people all around the world to upgrade through coaching, speaking, teaching and consulting both online and in person.



Performance coach, consultant, entrepreneur coach, life coach
Consultant on trading, financial management

After her husband got ill, Noëlle Martin had to find other ways of alternative income. Not having a fortune to start with, she was looking for a way to make money on the stock market. Buying stocks was too expensive; options were a viable alternative. She discovered while trading that the mental side was more than challenging, especially for people who had no trading experience and that sort of pressure and uncertainty. The next three years, she developed a strategy to simplify options trading by reducing it to 2 basic strategies. The strategies were not enough on their own to be successful, so an understanding of the mental demands became a vital ingredient of her philosophy. Deciding to make it available for all women who have limited resources and time, she opted to write a book which goes in great detail how to trade options and offering the tools to improve life. She developed videos and introduced weekly online meetings to take part in a trading community for women, learning keeps going and being able to share your highs a low is a vital guide to a safe and productive lifestyle.


Consultant on trading, financial management
Theta healing expert

Eliana is a lover of the Way of Truth and light. The love for the Creator, humankind, herself and her passion for the Truth of life lead her on the path of transformation. She has been a spiritual seeker for all her life and self-enhancement through spiritual creation. She has been trained in different energy healing and spiritual modalities, beginning at the age of 12 with a Shaolin Kung Fu Teacher, Meditation, Pranic healing, Bert Hellinger Family Constellation and Theta Healing. She has been travelling to ancient sacred places, Cyprus, Greece, England and Peru receiving teachings and initiations from teachers and indigenous people. After experiencing the miraculous results of Theta Healing, healing her shoulders and spine at a critical state needing to be operated immediately, she was so impressed and decided that Theta healing was what was missing from her life. From then on, life has invited her to offer her skills as a spiritual teacher and healer to assist people in opening their heart, activate and reconstruct their DNA and break free from all limitations to get where they want to go. Eliana has abandoned a successful business carrier, as General Manager of a Hospital to study Theta Healing and assist people to heal their bodies and souls. Eliana is already very well known in Cyprus and in other countries through her weekly appearance in the most successful radio show, talking on spiritual issues, with interviews in local magazines, other appearances on TV shows and enact activity with workshops and seminars all over the country. Eliana is fluent both in Greek and English Languages conducting the Theta Healing seminars in both languages. She graduated from Universities in France and the United States and she holds the following degrees: • Masters’ in Strategic Management • B.A. for small business • College Degree in Hotel Management • Pranic Healing • Bert Hellinger Family Constellation practitioner’s degree (4 years study) • Sacred activations Mastery & teacher’s certificate Theta Healing Certificates Instructors’ Certificates • Basic DNA • Advanced DNA • Soul Mates • Manifesting and Abundance • Body Rhythms • Intuitive Anatomy • Game of life • Rainbow children Practitioners • Basic DNA • Advanced DNA • Soul Mates • Manifesting and Abundance • Intuitive Anatomy • Disease and Disorder • DNA 3 • Sour Mates • Body Rhythms • Game of life • Rainbow children



Theta healing expert
MD, MSc, PhD, International Associate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)

Dr Spyridi has been actively involved with clinical research as Research Fellow at the Psychiatry Department, University of Thessaloniki, Greece, as Honorary Psychiatrist at the Neurosciences Department, Cambridge University, UK, as peer reviewer and author at the Cochrane Library and also contributing to a number of NIHR research projects as part of her NHS role. Her research work has been presented in international psychiatric conferences and published in scientific journals. Dr Spyridi has special interest in the management of anxiety and depression in working age and highly functioning population. Her special interests are also the interface between physical and mental health as well as the early intervention in psychosis including Bipolar Disorder and psychotic Depression. Dr Spyridi provides psychiatry consultations at her private practice in Limassol and online consultations (telepsychiatry) through Psychiatry-UK for UK residents. Website: www.psychiatry-cy.com LinkedIn: Stella Spyridi (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stella-spyridi-60237364)



MD, MSc, PhD, International Associate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK)
Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic therapy practitioner

Effie studied French language and literature in Paris and went on to study applied foreign language translation in Athens. During her travels to India she has been exploring Yoga and Ayurveda studies since 1992 training with various traditions and going deeper layer by layer in self-study. Effies' main passion apart from art and travelling is to aid people connect to their true glowing centre but also to other like-minded souls. She coordinates training programs for yoga methodology philosophy meditation and ayurvedic therapy and cooking skills at Santosa Yoga and Ayurveda in Cyprus and runs holistic retreats in Greece since 2006. At Women of Truth she will introduce a new passion a revival and birth of women’s house healing groups - women gathering together to aid in supportive attitude and open hearts for blessing houses, homes, offices with new energy involving mandala art invocations and ritual creating sacred space and optimum vibrations for strengthening foundations, helping the tenants or owners internally and externally. Effie fervently believes in selfless service karma yoga as a means for spiritual advancement and a way to a happier life. Keeping busy, being of service and loving the simple things, cultivating the magical habit of union with nature and seeking beauty within, developing acceptance, forgiveness and oneness with all and striving always to move forward and beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind.



Yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic therapy practitioner
Assistant Professor in Health Psychology and Clinical Communication at the University of Nicosia Medical School

Dr Theano Kalavana is an Assistant Professor in Health Psychology and Clinical Communication at the University of Nicosia Medical School and holds an honorary appointment with St George’s, University of London. She holds a BSc degree in Psychology from the National and Kapodistrian University in Athens, Greece, MSc degree in Health Psychology and a PhD degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus. She is currently leading the Clinical Communications skills and the Community Visits for the St George’s, University of London medical programme. She was the National Delegate on behalf of Cyprus at the European Health Psychology Society and she was the Chair of the Organizing Committee for the Annual European Health Psychology Conference held in Sept 2015. Previously, Dr Kalavana was a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Health, Cyprus University of Technology (2007-2012) and a visiting lecturer at the Department of Psychology University of Cyprus (2012-2013). As a Fulbright Scholar she was trained within her Post Doc on Self-regulation at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and at the Wellness Institute of the Memorial Hospital of the Northwestern University in Chicago, US. She has been awarded two research grants from Republic of Cyprus and EU Regional Development funds (300.000euros).Her research work has been published in international conference proceedings, refereed academic journals, and book chapters. She recently became Professional Certified Coach. Theano is a mother of two children Orpheas (15 years Old) and Sofia (7 years old). She is an active member of the Society. At the moment Theano is the Secretary General of OPEK –an Association for Social Reform. Since 2003 she has been involved in voluntary base, in many bi-communal programmes and activities under the UNDP Act. Her vision is to create a better and safer world for everyone and especially for the new generations.



Assistant Professor in Health Psychology and Clinical Communication at the University of Nicosia Medical School
Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, Journalism, Theories of Communication, PR and Sociology of Education

Born in Famagusta (occupied by the Turkish army since 1974) Cyprus. Grew up in London. Education. Graduate of London University (Bedford College for Women). BA (HONS) in Psychology. Attended Clinical practice at Guy’s Hospital York Clinic and Middlesex Hospital. Postgraduate education. (i) Sorbonne, Paris I Philosophie (Esthetique). Master’s with Distinction on Hegel’s Philosophy of Art. Doctoral Studies at the Sorbonne. (ii) Capodistrian Uni of Athens. CAREER. In Education, Diplomacy and Journalism. Worked in secondary and tertiary education, Public and Private in Cyprus, at the Pancyprian Gymnasium for Girls, the Pedagogical Academy in Cyprus, where she taught Psychology and Philosophy, and at Frederick College where she taught BA Journalism, Theories of Communication, PR and Sociology of Education. Diplomacy: International Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education and Joint-Secretary of the Cyprus Commission for UNESCO. Attended General conferences and National Commissions Consultations in Paris where she was elected vice-chair. Served as Cultural Counsellor of Cyprus Republic, in Greece and the UK where her work was deemed as distinguished. JOURNALISM/PRESS/DOCUMENTARIES. Pursued a career in the Mass (and Social) media all along her other career. As member of the Editing committee of Literary Reviews, in Cyprus, she became Editor-in- Chief of COSMOPOLITAN in Athens (trained at the NY International Hearst Publications in NY). She also worked as Managing Editor of Vogue, Greece. She was a regular contributor with a Page on Culture and Social Issues on almost all Cyprus newspapers and magazines. Regular contributor on Radio and Television at ERT (Greece for 13 yrs) and at CyBC (radio and TV for decades) on the Arts, and Social Matters. She was one of the founding members of the “Women Walk Home Movement’’ took part in the organization and in all the “Walks’’ breaking the Turkish military line dividing Cyprus (1987-89) and represented the Movement at missions such as the Occupation of Parthenon to the European Parliament, Brussels and Strasbourg, Women’s Organisations and women’s conferences in France, Greece, the then FYROM, Thailand etc. Public Office. She was appointed on the Board of Theatre Organisation of Cyprus (THOC) and its Arts Committee. Appointed as Chair of the Committee of Theatre Prizes of THOC and other Juries for Cultural Prizes. For more information: https://cutt.ly/owdZVq8


Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, Journalism, Theories of Communication, PR and Sociology of Education
Serial entrepreneur, training expert and a business consultant

Simona Simulyte is a serial entrepreneur, training expert and a business consultant with over 20 years of practical experience. “People are telling that the best part of me is not my skill set but the ability to inspire people around me.” Working with the leading organizations in the private, public and social sectors, she brings exceptional thinking to organizations and Simona is fully committed to every customer, helping them to achieve maximum results. Moreover, Simona is a mentor of a variety of impact driven start-ups. Her responsibility is to help them develop, grow and take root in the market. Her unique approach to people and creative thinking brings astonishing exceptional results. Simona is a director of European social entrepreneurship and innovate studies institute (Institute) and Head of Administration in Lithuanian service business employers’ association. Also, is an engaging Lithuanian training expert, business consultant and the head manager of European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute. Her PhD studies based on research of success of service business, 15 years of practical experience in sales & marketing and more than 7 years of training resulted in becoming the source of inspiration for many clients. She has provided training and consulting to the blue-chip companies, such as Jaguar / LandRover, Lukoil, Statoil, Baltic Petroleum, Sorbum Group, Beola (Bang & Olufsen), Ramada Hotel, Europa Royal Hotel and others. She is regularly hired by the companies to share her expertise.



Serial entrepreneur, training expert and a business consultant
Psychology counsellor managing the Care Counselling and Psychology Center.

Maria Afrodisi-Charalampous is a psychology counsellor managing the Care Counselling and Psychology Center. Her work focuses on empowering couples and individuals to overcome obstacles and improve themselves and therefore their relationships. Maria is regular guest of health and psychology related TV shows where she discusses various relationship and self-care topics. She also conducts several psychology-related seminars which promote self-improvement and empowerment in relationships. Research shows that unhealthy relationships can cause both emotional and physical stress, whereas healthy relationships can enhance and improve overall well-being, Maria offers relationship counselling and individual counselling for anxiety, depression and relationship issues. As a psychology counsellor, Maria is focused on an individual’s personal growth and happiness.  Her passion and her inspiring and positive attitude allow her to help people to turn their aims and objectives into realities. Mostly, Maria enjoys seeing people succeed and providing constructive feedback to ensure that they never stop pursuing their dreams. Maria previously worked in the media sector. She successfully produced and presented series of TV programmes on health care and psychology and was editor in chief of several magazines. She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) with a bachelor’s degree in Literature. She also holds an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Leicester (UK) and she has recently acquired an HND in Counselling and Psychology from the University of Derby (UK).


Psychology counsellor managing the Care Counselling and Psychology Center.
Entrepreneur and herbalist

Miranda Tringis is a Dutch born entrepreneur and herbalist, living in Cyprus for 30 years now. She studied Traditional Western Herbalism and French Aromatherapy. Miranda and her husband Adamos are the founders of Cyherbia Botanical Park in the village of Avgorou, where visitors can see and learn about the herbs of Cyprus in 9 different herb gardens, witness the extraction of essential oil in the distillation room and go on a green adventure in the maze and woodland walk around Cyprus. In the woodland there is a fairy village to discover, and a witch’s cottage where the door to childhood imagination is opened once again. Cyherbia project started out as a wild dream, a vision for a place where people can reconnect with nature and learn about local plants for health and wellbeing, the knowledge of which had almost become lost in Cyprus. A vision for a place for families to enjoy a day out in nature, sharing fun moments in the maze and recover their sense of wonder at the natural world in the woodland fairy village. A vision for a barren field to become a green oasis and a place of refuge for migratory birds. A vision for the next generation to learn about local flora and fauna and how to nurture and protect it, through educational programs for schools. It took 8 years of blood, sweat and tears to create the park, holding fast to the vision in spite of all obstacles. The park opened in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Miranda has created a large variety of herbal products at Cyherbia, ranging from tea blends to essential oils, tinctures and cosmetics, available at the botanical park and online. Cyherbia now employs 10 staff and has won several business and environmental awards.



Entrepreneur and herbalist
EU funded project manager, youth worker and mentor

Justina Pluktaite is a Lithuanian who is at the moment working and living in Czech Republic. She is international project’s manager, youth worker and mentor. From 2009 for several years she was coordinating volunteers’ youth organisation activities in Vilnius Gediminas Technical School (ESN VGTU) in Lithuania. During that time, she also was coordinating international internship, study programmes and projects (e.g. LLP, Erasmus Mundus), was supervising interns at International Relations Office at university, teaching classes, supervising final thesis, delivering trainings for students on career development, preparation to labour market. Justina has been delivering trainings on soft skills, social media tools, coaching and mentoring young people for 8 years. She is passionate in supporting young people and had facilitated and delivered trainings for young people on teamwork, personal development, youth active participation, project management, social media. She continues mentoring young people during their internships, took part in youth projects as trainer, facilitator, manager, youth worker (e.g. job shadowing in Africa 2015), supports organising youth conferences. For the past 10 years, she prepared, managed and implemented international projects at adult education, youth education, Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education Institutions levels. Part of her life she was also working in companies in Portugal and Cyprus related to environmental protection and healthy living. Justina is part of YinAlithea – Women of Truth initiative and supervise website. She is interested to share her knowledge and support young women.


EU funded project manager, youth worker and mentor
Clinical psychologist

Born in Australia to Cypriot parents, Dora Georgiou moved back to Cyprus at age 15, only to leave again for the U.S. where she completed undergraduate studies in sociology and psychology from Roosevelt University, Illinois. Concurrently involved in activism and social justice, Dora was trained and certified with the title of 'Community Organizer', and upon her return to Cyprus continued her activism in the field of human rights, mainly in the field of sexual and reproductive rights. Dora Georgiou remains active in civil society with the goal of promoting wellbeing at an everyday level. Dora Georgiou is a recipient of the Roosevelt Scholars Fund & Untermyer Fund Scholarship for her undergraduate studies, and the Cyprus Government Scholarship (IKYK) for her graduate and postgraduate studies. Dora has also received the Kristia Rossidou Ernst & Young Award (2017) in recognition of her activism towards gender equality. Dora Georgiou went on to acquire a Master’s degree in Social and Developmental Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Cyprus. Her doctoral dissertation was on the psychophysiology of intergroup anxiety, examined under laboratory conditions using methodology of experimental psychology. Her research interests include issues related to gender, sexuality, inter-group and inter-personal relations and the psychophysiology of emotions, particularly anxiety. She has taught clinical and social psychology courses at the University of Cyprus and Neapolis University. Dora Georgiou has published her work in international peer-reviewed journals and has presented her work at conferences in the field of clinical and social psychology. Dora Georgiou is a registered clinical psychologist with the Cyprus Registry of Psychologists and practices cognitive behavioral therapy.


Clinical psychologist
World-renowned intuitor

Zlatko Kanda is a world-renowned intuitor who has inspired many people in organizing, managing, and balancing their careers and personal lives. The unique, simple, yet much expanded way of his approach has assisted many people in remaining effective, efficient, and focused on their goals and priorities. His passion for consulting has brought him to numerous countries around the world where he has had the opportunity to give workshops, seminars, and one-to-one sessions. He appeared on Dutch and Romanian TV, besides several radio-stations in Holland, Cyprus, and the United States. Zlatko is dedicated to helping you no matter which process you are in, in order to reach the maximum of your potential and bring forth the best version of yourself and your company. Mainly, he provides a set of tools to help people with social skills, behavior patterns, and emotional intelligence. Although he is considered to be a world-citizen, he lives mostly on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and travels almost every month. Learn more about Zlatko: www.zlatkokanda.com



World-renowned intuitor
CEO of Ecastica Business Centers

Elisa Solea is an “all in one” type of woman. Elisa started her career in Advertising. After spending two decades in the advertising world, creating campaigns and brand awareness for some of the biggest companies in Cyprus as well as start-ups, Elisa co-founded and is the CEO of Ecastica Business Centers. Ecastica is a rapidly growing office provider of stylish and inspiring office spaces. Elisa holds a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from UK, as well as a diploma in Holistic Therapies. Last but not least Elisa has published 4 novels two of which were best sellers in Greece and Cyprus respectively.



CEO of Ecastica Business Centers
Clinical psychologist, Sound & Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer

Heleniq Argyrou M.A. (Clin. Psych.) Clinical psychologist, Sound & Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer. Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential. She is a clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Beyond her unique style of self-development she provides revolutionary, non-invasive programs for adult and child related disorders and conditions; including attention challenges for children. Having presented her work in over 9 countries, her international repute is informed by collaborations with the Association of Sound therapy, Spain, United Religions Initiative, San Francisco and The Strong Institute, New Mexico, The Ministry of Education, The N.G.O. Support Centre, Cyprus, Sri Ramanujah Trust, India.



Clinical psychologist, Sound & Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer
Author of the book ‘Unveil your Intimate Self’

Elena Georgiadou is the author of the book ‘Unveil your Intimate Self' - The Secret to Freedom and Extraordinary Living. Her Greek Book: ‘’Woman’s Essence-Harmony and Balance’’ is dedicated to every woman to recognize that priority of life is life itself! She is the founder of ‘’SHE RISES’’, an integrative approach to total wellbeing, designed to free the feminine in every woman and ''Awaken to a new Self'' to experience personal harmony, health and freedom from fear and limitation. Elena gives lectures round the world spreading a powerful message of ‘’The feminine rise as agent of change and transformation ‘’ She is specialized in personal lifestyle transformation and the new definition of health that embraces body, mind and spirit. Her educational programs are designed to help you embark on the journey to freedom and gradually gain full mastery in all aspects of your life as you experience clarity, health and transformation. After her initial education in the United Kingdom and a successful career in the corporate world, she embarked on her own spiritual journey to find her true identity and understand the mystery of our existence. The journey took her around the world, exploring nature, religions and cultures. Moreover, she extended her studies in the United States and Australia, in natural healing modalities such as Naturopathy and the Science of life Ayurveda with emphasis in the teachings of ancient traditions and philosophies of the wonderful field of human consciousness and spiritual awakening. Her work has been deeply influenced by world renowned pioneers in integrative medicine, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, the late David Simon and other influential thinkers such as Dr Jean Houston, Rupert Spira, Dr. Vinod Verma and others. Their wisdom has inspired her to lay down the road map for self-discovery, vitality and growth.



Author of the book ‘Unveil your Intimate Self’
Founder director of “Future of Learning”

Nira Satguru is the founder director of “Future of Learning”. She is an educator with over 30 years of experience in the UK and in International Education. Nira defines herself as a business strategist. She has consulted & managed diverse protects in Europe and the USA. Her qualifications include BSc (Hon) Physics, Postgraduate in Education from the University of Bristol and an MBA from the University of Liverpool. Nira’s research has focused on developing the Leadership Competencies. As an entrepreneur (“Solopreneur”), Nira has crafted her vision through real estate. Nira is working on a “Wholefood” concept & healthy spice mixes; Taste of Sri Lanka to be launched in Amsterdam. She is a British citizen with Sri Lankan routes working and living in the Netherlands!



Founder director of “Future of Learning”
Producer, presenter of her own programme ‘SaskiaUnreserved’ for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation’s Classic Channel.

Saskia Constantinou is the producer and presenter of her own programme ‘SaskiaUnreserved’ for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation’s Classic Channel. Following the completion of her BMus(Hons), she joined the National Symphony Orchestra, South Africa as a violinist where she played under conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Victor Yampolsky, Yehudi Menuhin, Enrique Batiz, Efrem Kurz, Carlo Franci and soloists such as Kiri te Kanawa, Vanessa Mae, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Sarah Brightman to name a few. Her entrepreneurial spirit and love of travel led her to open a tour operating company with its own aircraft and a cargo department. Due to continuing violence in South Africa, Saskia moved to Cyprus in 2000, and joined the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation developing her own daily, classical music programme, PM Classics. She continued to further her business studies receiving additional qualifications and in 2012 attained her MBA from Aspen University, USA. She is at present a PhD candidate. Saskia has also worked as a music critic in Cyprus, and had her own column in local newspapers, the Cyprus Mail and Cyprus Weekly. In 2010, she was awarded the accolade Cyprus Business Woman of the Year for the launching of an online ticketing system and the children’s gardening programme, Green Fingers which over 7500 children have attended. With the formation of Apollon International Connections, Saskia launched a chamber music festival in Paphos – the Apollon International Arts Festival which in 2017 was awarded the EFFE Label for European Festivals. She has also presented successful and sold-out concerts in New York’s Carnegie Hall, London’s Cadogan Hall and South Africa and in November 2016, launched the first Cyprus International Food Festival. In 2018, the ‘no-holds-barred’ programme - ‘SaskiaUnreserved’ was launched on the newly formed Classic Channel of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. As producer and presenter, she interviews high profile, erudite speakers across a broad spectrum of subjects – people whose voices must be heard. In April 2019, her book, SaskiaUnreserved: IN Print was published by Armida Books. She is also a regular jury member on the Enkor International Music Competition and a member of AIPFE – Women of Europe. Saskia is passionate about social issues such as the environment, animal welfare and in her free time, loves gardening, basketball and travel, and takes every opportunity to do so with her 16 year old daughter, Sandra.



Producer, presenter of her own programme ‘SaskiaUnreserved’ for the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation’s Classic Channel.
Psychologist – Integrative Psychotherapist

Experience is personal, but it can also be collective. Socrates Panayi is the psychotherapist that will help you explore your experiences and develop, so you can live a more fulfilling life. He has a profound interest on “the other side of reality” as he calls it. That’s the side of reality where experience is perceived within the context it is developing. This holistic approach integrates both the external and internal elements that construct our partaking in an experience. These ideas are derived from a diverse range of psychotherapeutic approaches. As an Integrative Psychotherapist he was trained in Body-Centred Gestalt Therapy, Person-Centred Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Attachment Therapy. He is also well familiarized with other approaches, psychotherapeutic and spiritual. Socrates is experienced in working with delinquency, trauma, anxiety, mood disorders, bereavement, palliative care, couple communication, parenting and more. His experience is not limited to his private practice, but it is extended in working with institutions such as schools, health associations, prisons, homeless services, and other. Moreover, he utilizes the same experiential methodologies to train businesses in managing their time and stress, to communicate effectively, to develop a happy and productive work environment and many other topics that can be approached by psychology. He’s hoping that his efforts will become the seed for a positive change in a society that constantly goes off balance.



Psychologist – Integrative Psychotherapist
Business Consultant

Erato Aristotelous studied Information Management at Rhodes University, South Africa where she subsequently became specialised as a SAP Consultant, Business Process Manager and Project Manager. She has worked her way through Europe as a consultant/project leader, over a period of 19 years and has consulted at over 8 global companies, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Accenture, CAP Gemini, XEROX and more. Erato’s work has allowed her to live in 5 countries within the borders of Africa and Europe. Erato was raised in an entrepreneurial family in South Africa where business and innovation were an integral part of her upbringing. She has always had a passion for new business ideas and has already had two failed start-ups, of which one, won the MTN Innovation Challenge in 2014. Erato is also speaker at various events talking about Systems in Business and Women in Business. Currently Erato is the Chief Operations Manager at a Fitness Business Education company that delivers on-line business education programs to Fitness studios in Europe. She is currently managing a team of 7 people, from 5 countries, running daily operations and ad hoc projects within the on-line business. Erato’s true passion lies in helping stressed out and overworked business owners to find more time and more profits by building systems for them. She is specialised in the ‘Work The System’ Methodology that supports the implementation of systems, removing bottle-necks and helping business’s run on automation. She is also specialised in the ‘Profit First By Mike Michalowicz’ system where she helps business owners prioritise the level of profit they want to achieve. Erato will be explaining the ‘Profit First’ system in more detail at the WOMEN OF TRUTH CONFERENCE, how it can be implemented, how it is aligned with human psychology and how it will benefit your business.


Business Consultant
Transcultural Psychotherapist, Mentor, Business Consultant and Breathwork pioneer

Viola Edward is a multi award winning Transcultural Psychotherapist, Mentor, Business Consultant and Breathwork pioneer with over 25 years of experience in those fields. She is a social entrepreneur who works internationally with individual and corporate clients in sustainable management and leadership. She also specialises in Stress Management, Feminine Energy, Breathwork for Recovery and in Training Professional Breathwork Mentors. She is the co-founder and owner of KAYANA International, a company active in training and consulting and the ‘Feminine Capital Forum’. Viola is an author of two books: Breathing the Rhythm of Success and Who Makes the Bed?, as well as co-author of Transformation Lessons -ATL Europe. She also contributed to five more books in the last three years. She started her working life at the age of 13 when her family emigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela. For 21 years, she worked in small, medium and large businesses, the last 10 years being in the insurance sector. In 1993, she started her own business in Personal Mentoring and Business Consultancy. Viola has counselled, mentored, coached or trained over 10,000 people in 20 countries to unlock their hidden possibilities to live boundlessly. As a Business Consultant, one of Viola’s major strengths is going to the root of the problems together with her clients, and in that process encouraging them to take actions that value integrity, intuition and creativity, while keeping profitability and competitiveness in focus. She calls it “Sustainable Productivity.” She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. She is highly recognized for her work internationally winning many awards including a Doctorate Honoris Causa for her humanitarian work and leadership by the AUGP, under the affiliation of the United Nations in July 2018 and in 2019, she got the “Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring” from National Mentoring Awards UK. Love was the calling that moved her to Cyprus in 2003 where she lives with her husband and business partner Michael De Glanville.



Transcultural Psychotherapist, Mentor, Business Consultant and Breathwork pioneer
Holistic Business & Legal Consultant, Trainer and Author. Artemis is the Founder and Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting

Artemis Evangelidi is a Holistic Business & Legal Consultant, Trainer and Author. Artemis is the Founder and Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting. As a Conscious Business change agent, Artemis is pioneering the field of Conscious Leadership and has developed the tools needed to help people integrate and innovate as they expand their consciousness in the world of business. Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Artemis graduated from Monash University with Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Science degrees. With over 20 years’ experience across 4 continents and working with some of the world’s largest investment companies, CEOs and governmental bodies, she has seen first-hand how successful businesses thrive. Her mission is to bring about global change by creating successful, sustainable, ethical, transparent and empowered Leaders and Businesses.



Holistic Business & Legal Consultant, Trainer and Author. Artemis is the Founder and Managing Director of Aipeia Consulting

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