Wilderness Solo Immersion

Friday, 20 October 2023 1:30 PM - Saturday, 28 October 2023 11:00 AM AEDT

Wilderness Location, Grampians, Victoria, 3385, Australia

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Friday, 20 October 2023 1:30 PM - Saturday, 28 October 2023 11:00 AM AEDT

Wilderness, Wilderness Location, Grampians, Victoria, 3385, Australia.

Either you will go through this door, or you will not go through.

If you go through, there is always a risk of remembering your name.

Things look at you doubly, and you must look back and let them happen.

If you do not go through, it is possible to live worthily 

to maintain your attitudes, to hold your position, to die bravely, 

but much will blind you, and what cost who knows?

The door itself makes no promises. It is only a door.

-Adrienne Rich

Within our society, and in the way most of us live, we have lost the connection to soul initiation.  Soul initiation as a doorway through to something else…. it transforms us; within and without, micro (at the cellular level) and macro (life path/style), in a way that cannot best be described with words. It must be experienced, as it is truly an embodiment pathway.   

This is an invitation to say “Yes” to a path that will carry you across this threshold. Yes, to digging deeper.  Yes, to opening further. Yes, to surrendering even more.  Yes to trusting the unknown… 

We invite you in, to a community of women, a place of storytelling, on ancient land, in reciprocity, for the purpose of re-wilding (re-membering your wild intuitive Self).  A time to adorn your wild skin; reconnect, and know what it is to truly belong at the core of your being.  

Is your Wild Soul calling you Home??


Event Details:  

This gathering will officially commence on country at 1.30pm on Friday 20th October. You will be met and fully welcomed. 

We will spend the first 2.5 days in ceremony, intimately connecting to the land, and preparing you for your solo immersion. You will be held and witnessed through the process of refining your personal intentions (distillation for increased potency!).  

You then embark on 3 days and 3 nights of ‘wilderness solo’ (a.k.a. vision quest); communing with the land on your own whilst fasting and without worldly distractions.  During this time, and throughout the gathering, we at base camp, will be holding and supporting you. On the morning of the third day you will pack up your solo camp and return to base camp.  We will be there to welcome you back with love.

There will then be a further 2.5 days of integration and celebrating together as a community, before returning home on the final day at around 11 am.  (Please note: self-responsibility is a must when embarking on this type of journey. This includes your preparation, during the gathering itself, and beyond – this includes further integration and seeking additional support if needed).

Food: All food is vegan and gluten free with sides of animal and vegetable protein; e.g. tuna, dairy and eggs etc. for those who want it.

Sleeping and gear: All sleeping is under a tarp or in a tent.  You will need to provide all your own gear for this.  An extensive list will be provided for you once you book, and it will include items such as tarp/ tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, extra blanket, wet weather jacket, warm clothing, walking shoes/ boots, thermal underwear, large trekking back pack, small day backpack etc. (Please note: you will need to be able to carry all of your solo camping gear to your chosen site and back again yourself).

Toilets: We will be providing sheltered and private compost toilets.  There will be no running water or professional long drops.  While on solo you, will be taking your own trowel and toilet paper with you. 

Safety: We take great care in preparing you for this time on solo.  This is not a survival challenge.  We will know where each participant is residing, and will have a map to find and support you if need be. You will be given a walki-talkie to take out with you, which you can use to contact us 24/7.  We will not be far away and can be with you quickly if need be.  This is a  deeply held and sacred time for you.  It is your journey, and we do everything we can to support you in receiving what you need from this immersion.

Fears: When we decide to step through the doorway and say 'yes' to a journey like this, it is natural that fears may arise.  For some it might be snakes, for others its the dark, or being alone, or fasting.  Whatever it is, this is a great opportunity to reflect and feel more deeply into what this is actually about for you.  Its a moment in time where we get to move through the fear and meet what's on the other side, in the safely held, loving arms of Artemis, Yonke, Natasha and Evonne.  We are fully aware of what fears can arise for each participant, and we are there to midwife you through what ever arises.  You are not alone in this process.


9 Day Wilderness Solo Fee: $1900

Payment Plans incur a $50 admin fee

Please note:  We have a scholarship position available which is a place at a generously reduced price.  To protect genuine enquiries, we will require some evidence and a phone chat before we announce the successful applicant.  Applications via email: wildmagickdreaming@gmail.com  Please address 1. Why you would like to do this immersion and 2. How you feel it would nourish your life afterwards.

Please note - there are only thirteen (13) places for this workshop. 

No previous experience is necessary.




Cancellation Policy: Wild Earth Magick has the right to cancel, reschedule, and change the location, date and/or fee of the Immersion without penalty or prior written notice in the event of reasons beyond our control.  All attempts to notify participants will be made and refunds will be given if a new date is made and attendance is no longer possible for each participant if this happens.  We realise that events occur beyond your reasonable control and there may be circumstances that arise in your life that make attendance no longer possible. If this occurs, a clarification call to discuss your circumstances will be required. Extraordinary circumstances will be considered.

In this instance:

-For cancellations made more than 4 weeks prior to the gathering: a refund minus $350 will be made. 

-For cancellations made between 2-4 weeks: 50% will be refunded.  

-For cancellations made within 14 days of workshop: no refund will be made (but attendance can be transferred to a friend or family member for the same dates).   

Wild Earth Magick

Wild Earth Magick is the creation of Evonne Wildheart, Natasha Colchester, Yonke van Geloven and Artemis WS House; women who have walked the path of beauty and land connection for decades. Each of us feels a bone-deep yearning for being on country, connection and ceremony, and now we are dreaming this wild magick into physical reality, something that can be shared with other women who hear/ feel/ sense a similar calling. Together we are offering the experience of deep holding, sacred ritual, immersive connection and transformative potential. Individually we have all been a part of solo immersions, both in groups and on our own, over countless years, and within a multitude of experiences. With this collective experience woven into the fabric of our beings, and the fecund soils of the land that will hold and nurture us … we know in our bones the power and potential of these sacred threshold crossings, making us - ‘Wild Earth Magick’

Contact the Organizer

Evonne Wildheart
Priestess of Transformation
Evonne Wildheart

Evonne is a warrior mother of four, land guardian, cosmic lover, priestess of transformation, optimist, and soul alchemist. Her intention for this journey is for metamorphic transformation, wild wild magic, fun, laughter, and for us all (including our more-than-human community members) to feel deeply safe, held, heard, connected, loved, and woven by the multi-dimensional matrix that is everything. Evonne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the practical 'chop wood carry water' element, and the deep emotional & spiritual space holding that is required for such a journey. It's her belief that when we say a full YES to the God & Goddess in this way, that the ripple effects of wellness are so great, that it will be felt across lifetimes, and heal the generations that have gone before us, whilst creating a future for all beings to thrive. In "professional" terms, Evonne is counsellor, birth educator, astrologer and the mother & space holder of programs such as the Invoking Inanna Journey and the Temple of Nuit astrological study group, as well as co-parent of Red Thread Healing with Natasha Colchester, and Scared Birth & Mothering with Elizabeth Maloney. She also holds a B.A (Social Sci/Psych) and Postgraduate Dip (Psych), and is a graduate teacher of the School of Shamanic Womancraft's Four Season Journey & other programs.


About Evonne Wildheart

Priestess of Transformation
Evonne Wildheart
Natasha Colchester
Shamanic Craftswoman, Alchemist, Therapist
Seek Balance

Natasha Colchester is a cosmic soul, a child of this universe, a daughter of this beloved planet. Natasha feels that many (if not all) of the answers to our modern life challenges can be sourced directly from nature (above and below) and the robust ways of living WITH Mother Earth, as practiced by our ancestors and the ancestors of the lands on which we now walk. A bone deep knowing of this truth, from her own lived experience, is what calls her heart to this space of re-wilding. As an alchemist, she loves immersing herself in the wild magick of creating vibrational essences and tinctures as well as shamanic medicine tools such as frame drums and rattles; all-ways seeking inspiration and direction from the natural world, and her own inner knowing. Natasha is an energy healer, kinesiologist, past life regression therapist, shamanic craftswoman, spiritual midwife, sacred space holder, teacher, student, daughter, sister, friend, lover and caretaker. Together with Evonne Wildheart Natasha also facilitates deeply transformative Shamanic Drum Making workshops as @red_thread_healing.


About Natasha Colchester

Shamanic Craftswoman, Alchemist, Therapist
Seek Balance
Yonke Van Geloven
Re-Wilding Facilitator
La Fleur de Soul

Yonke is a mother, teacher, farmer and re-wilding facilitator. She facilitates community gatherings on her honeybee permaculture property ‘La Flyer de Soul’ in Central Victoria. Her gatherings include seasonal celebrations, moon gatherings, olive harvest festival etc. She facilitates vision quest/ nature immersions and nature connection with Nature’s Apprentice. She is passionate about deep listening to the sacred wild for healing. Always in wander and wonder, she is co-learning the crafts and rituals which bring us into deeper relationship with nature and the more then human world.

About Yonke Van Geloven

Re-Wilding Facilitator
La Fleur de Soul
Artemis WS House
Shamanic Craftswoman, Bodyworker and Weaver of Sacred Space
She Awakening

Artemis WildSnake House is a Shamanic Craftswomen, Sacred Bodywork 1:1 practitioner, and Weaver of Sacred Space. Weaving presence, deep listening, and space holding, she bears witness and supports women to conect to the Feminine, and their body, as they unfold on the path of life transitions, personal transformations, and rites of passage. Using her bodywork practice she reconnects women with the divine feminine, nourishes deep centredness, releases trauma and provides pain relief and rebalance. She has been working and training in the fields of healing and transformation since 2002 and is a graduate, and was an apprentice, of the School Of Shamanic Womancraft. Alongside the Sacred Drum-Making Workshops, she facilitates Sabbat Women's Circles, the She Awakens Journey, Celebration Day for Girls workshops, and her private practice of Sacred Bodywork 1:1 (3-hour deep immersions into the feminine) in the portal space of the Moon Lodge on her land in the Adelaide Hills. Artemis experienced her first Wilderness Solo 20 years ago. Since then her heart has been called in this direction. She has participated in further Solo Immersions of her own, and supported others to do the same both privately, and within the School of Shamanic Womancraft.


About Artemis WS House

Shamanic Craftswoman, Bodyworker and Weaver of Sacred Space
She Awakening