Wild Heart Retreat, May 2023

Saturday, 20 May 2023 3:00 PM - Tuesday, 23 May 2023 3:00 PM AEST

Rosebank, Rosebank, NSW, 2480, Australia

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Wild Heart Retreat: Super Early Bird - Twin-share Partial Approval - $1,690.00

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Saturday, 20 May 2023 3:00 PM - Tuesday, 23 May 2023 3:00 PM AEST

House of Moons Retreat & Spa, Rosebank, Rosebank, NSW, 2480, Australia.

Ignite Your Magic & Feel Joyfully Connected Over 4 Special Days




Designed for men and women who are interested in a somatic healing experience, this unique immersion creates space for your untamed essence to have a nourishing environment in which to reveal its true nature. 


Wild Heart is different to other retreats in that we know that for the WHOLE BEING to come alive, we need to target the needs of the WHOLE INDIVIDUAL.


So we bridge daily movement/embodiment practice with 1:1 zen dyad sessions, nature immersion, group process, cold therapy, deep connection, nervous system down-and-up regulation, rejuvenating spa-time... and so much more.




This immersion is not your 'average' retreat.


“I’ve been in many, many groups all over the world, facilitated by internationally renowned leaders in transformational work. The standard of Wild Heart was the highest with the best I have experienced. Our immersion has cracked me so open to my fullness and life. It was an amazingly heartfelt, real, natural weekend of family being seen, in their fullness. It was divine. Thank you. Your ability to create and maintain a container strong, and safe enough, for all of us to lean into, blows me away. I am so very grateful.”



At Wild Heart, we target one of the greatest sources of our innate wisdom, power and freedom - the body.


As we move the body, and meditate deeply on truth through self-inquiry, the mind is soothed and decades of conditioning, baggage and stagnancy naturally unravel and release, bringing us home to our true self - wildly embodied, luminous, and deeply connected to our authentic beauty, sovereignty and power. 


Say YES to all of yourself and free up a tonne of energetic space so your inner badass can shine.


We do this joyful work in deep communion with the wild natural world. Swimming in the sacred lake, bushwalks, fire ceremony, healing touch, outdoor dancing, new friends, late-morning starts & delicious organic catered nourishment for the body, all lay a nurturing foundation for both your spirit & nervous system to rejuvenate.


ACCOMMODATION: You will fall in love (and never want to leave!) the truly incredible House of Moons Residence held in the Byron Hinterland. Designed with a stunning Mediterranean feel, there are 100-acres to explore the incredible sunrises, Turkish steam room, incredible pool, tawny owls, sacred labyrinth, green tree frogs, ceremonial fire pits and majestic views. 


Your stay includes delicious organic, catered nourishment for the body - mostly vegan and gluten-free. All meals included.


“Like the sea itself, the unconscious yields an endless & self-replenishing abundance of creatures, a wealth beyond our fathoming.” – C.G. Jung




Come home, within. 


BYRON HINTERLAND  |  Saturday May 20, 3pm - Tuesday May 23, 3pm - 2023



“My cup is overflowing. At 48 years of age, I’ve been on many retreats – yet Wild Heart is the one that touched & uncovered parts of myself that are allowing me to feel truly & deeply liberated. I can honestly say I feel into my bliss now with a deep sense of grace. Petra holds such a safe space for vulnerability to arise, which meant that together we connected & blossomed in a way I have not seen before on retreat. If you feel the call, if you want to take time out to remind yourself what makes your spirit come alive - attend a Wild Heart retreat. It’s changed my life.” Lisa


"I went on this retreat, because it had been far too long since I had immersed in my body and spent time in nature. Between the glorious views, the space for my own thoughts and the full immersion into practices which awoke my senses and helped me release stored and stuck emotion, I feel deeply satisfied and met. I have left retreat feeling nourished, grounded in my body and re-charged to meet the demands of my family and work life. Thank you Petra, for holding beautiful space. I appreciate you." Renee


"Attending Wild Heart gave me back my lust for life. I'm now the type of man I always hoped I would be. I learned that my work was not to learn something new, but to unlearn so much of what I had taken as truth. The more I shed, the lighter and more joyful I became. I was welcomed into a truly supportive community, whose subsequent friendships have meant more than I can say.  And Petra, I have to admit as a teacher - you're the GOAT. You walk your talk, and that in my experience, is rare. You're a true Elder, and so, so sorely needed today.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. My wife thanks you. My family thanks you and my friends thank you. The ripple effects will cascade for the rest of my life." Craig


"To do a retreat with Petra is to feel as if you are being held with such a loving energy that even the parts of you that you've been hiding forever feel safe to come out and be seen. This powerfully healing immersive process helped me come back home to myself... to who I truly am... to my essence. I feel whole, empowered and free. There are no words to describe how precious it is to feel this level of freedom and joy. I now have more confidence knowing I have skills to navigate the challenges of the day to day, that will always bring me home." Michele


"Wow, 3 weeks on. What a unique experience! Being a man, husband, Dad, son, uncle is challenging at the best of times; this retreat allowed me space to see myself - for who I am, what I'm fighting for. Attending Wild Heart with my wife has deepened our relationship & taken it to a new level, we treat each other with more respect and loving-kindness, which has a flow-on effect for our kids and all we are in connection with. I am more relaxed, less frustrated, more easeful; flowing in the drivers seat of my life, for maybe the first time in 54 years! I have the utmost respect for Petra and the work she does, and the amazing woman she is. I highly recommend attending anything she facilitates." John


"Wild Heart (and its Wild Facilitator) give you simple, tangible tools to drop layers of conditioning well beyond the time you spend on retreat. If you let it, this immersion can be a gift of liberation to yourself - to all the selves you have been, and all the selves you are becoming." Annie


"There is a warm fire burning inside me. Every cell in my body feels shinier - like there's communication at play, everything is networking together so that my mind isn't my MIND, it's part of my whole being. Mind-body-soul is one thing, there's unity, which is the best part. Thank you soul family, and thank you Petra for creating the Wild Heart Retreat. I came to you as blossom, and left as fruit." Beth


** Spots are limited & this immersion has consistently sold out **


INVESTMENT: Payment Plans available - see info below


Super Early Bird Price: 

Twin-share: $1,690.00


Early Bird Price:

Twin-share: $1,890.00


Payment Plan

$450 deposit then x 3 $450 payments, spread over 4 months, or by private agreement with Petra - email to organise: petra@petralane.com


You have questions. I have answers. Have a question before you join?



M: 0401 107 187

E: petra@petralane.com


Imagine what life could look like if you show up in your life with a fully-powered heart, soul, mind and body?


BOOK NOW to secure your spot on this magical retreat.


** This is a 3-night immersion and a pre-requisite to the 5-night 'Deepening' Wild Heart 2.0 in August 2023, in which we immerse more deeply in the nature rewilding technologies and introduce stronger plant medicines (optional).

*** Please note the start time of retreat is 3pm May 20th, finishing 3pm May 23rd - NSW time. 

Petra Lane

PETRA LANE Known for the wisdom, integrity & authenticity she embodies, Petra creates a safe container for people to explore the wisdom and joy of embodied freedom and empowerment. Having studied the Science of Psychology at Uni with a minor in Counselling, Cert III in Psychosomatic Therapy, and trained with world-class teachers of embodiment Steve James & Michaela Boehm, she is also an apprentice in the Rainbow Lineage of the Paqo's (shamans) of the Andes. Committed to practice only methodologies that facilitate integration at a cellular level, she combines somatic (body-based) process, contemporary psychological application, shamanic methodology, neuroscience and practical heart-centered action as agents for transformation. Specialising in trauma healing, embodiment, intimacy, nervous system regulation, and the empowerment that comes from taking radical accountability as the masters of our own healing process, Petra holds a powerful space for those that join her in workshops, 1:1's and the retreats she leads around the world.

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