WEBINAR: Breaking the Cycle of Dependency

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Multiple Dates

Increasingly those who seek to help individuals, families and communities through charity or mission trips are realizing that even great intentions can create dependency and new challenges. How can those who seek to help ensure their efforts will make a lasting difference? We'll dive into what drives dependency and how we can follow unsung leaders using quiet but deeply powerful models so that those we help go further, faster. 


In this FREE webinar attendees will learn about how well-intentioned initiatives have actually increased poverty, and will discuss some ways this trend could be changed.


This webinar is designed for leaders of non-profits, churches, and other charities that work in developing nations. If attendees want to dig deeper into the subject, they can register for an hour-long presentation or an in-depth class. 

Emanate International


Emanate International is dedicated to helping international missional organizations execute their work in a way that leads to sustainable human flourishing rather than perpetuating a cycle of dependency.

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