Watch the Skies! - Schenectady

Saturday, 19 May 2018 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

10, North Jay Street, Schenectady, NY, 12305, United States

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General Admission Partial Approval - $30.00

If you wish to play with specific people, it is recommended you buy your tickets together. However, groupings are not guaranteed as possible assignments depend on total player count.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

MopCo Theatre, 10, Schenectady, NY, 12305, United States.

UFOs have been sighted in orbit around the planet. You, the leaders of the world, must decide what to do. Whether individually or together, you must act to find out what the aliens want and do what you can so your people will survive...



In Watch The Skies, you assume the roles of leaders of different countries reacting to the arrival of Aliens. You will have to navigate the political, social, and economic landscapes of the world while trying to make sure your country and its people survive. However, not everyone who walk through the doors are friends. A team of people will play the Aliens whose objectives are unknown. They will be working towards their own ends while the people of Earth scramble to make contact, discover what they want, and potentially stop them.

Want a more "visual" description? Check out Shut Up & Sit Down play in one of the first Watch the Skies games here:


What is a "MegaGame?"

- A MegaGame is a large game made up of teams of people working towards individual goals. It can be related to a large-scale RPG or LARP except that MegaGames have a structure to make each player and role important to the overall narrative. Furthermore, it has board game like mechanics.



Countries Include:

- China
- The United Kingdom
- Russia
- France
- Japan
- Brazil
- India

Each Country Will Have A:

- Head of State
- Foreign Minister
- Head Scientist
- Chief of Defense

There will also be two members of the Free Press who will report on the goings on of the countries, aliens, and the people of Earth. Don't underestimate them, they can change public opinion on it's head and cripple countries or force governments to acknowledge the existence of the Aliens.

The Aliens have no public roles, but they are a team of six.

For more game specific information, check out the game's website made by the original designer, Jim Wallman.



Do I need RPG, LARP, or Board Gaming experience to play?

- No! Newcomers are welcome. Watch the Skies is a very rules light and rules flexible game that is easy to learn.


Where can I find the rules?

- Rules can be bought from Jim Wallman's website, but that is not recommended unless your goal is to donate to Jim for making such an awesome game. It is not recommended you read all the rules because it has the unfortunate effect of making players think that's all they can do. This is not true. Watch the Skies is a "Yes, and" as well as a "Yes, but" game. This means that if you want to do something, but aren't sure how, you can just hail down a Control Member who will help you out. Furthermore, we are editting the rules some to make things easier for the players and us by adding in some more tactile rules for newcomers and veterans alike.


I see this is an all day game. Will there be a break?

- While you will likely find time for a break, there is no organized time for everyone to take a break together. A core part of the game is time and the lack of it. An organized break would be detrimental to the game running smoothly.


Will lunch be provided?

- Yes. Lunch as well as snacks and drinks will be provided. If you have a dietary restriction, please contact Kevin at after you register so accomodations can be made.


This sounds like there's a lot of moving pieces here. What happens if the game doesn't fill up completely?

- If the game doesn't fill up completely, there is a chance of cancellation. In that case, all tickets will be refunded in full. However, we will do what we can to make this event happen if the game does not fill up.

Cancellation policy

Due to the nature of the game, cancellations are detrimental to the planning and playing of the game. Furthermore, we are on a tight budget and too few tickets sold could mean cancellation of the event. A late cancellation could mean late night planning and meetings of the control team to figure out what to do. Because of all this, we have a cancellation fee of $15.

Schenectady MegaGames

Hi, I'm Kevin Bibicoff. I am an active member is a few local gaming groups and have been the GM to my friends for many years running many different types of games and numerous campaigns and sessions. I have recently joined the Schenectady Wargamers Association as a "Czar understudy" to Eric Paperman, the Game-a-thon Czar. This event has only been possible with Eric and the SWA's assistance.

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