Vital Living Arts School of Yoga 200/300-Hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program with Roberto Lim, Shiva Rea and Special Guests

Sat, January 12 2019, 8:30 AM - Sun, January 13 2019, 6:00 PM [EST]

132, Charles Street, 3rd Floor, Newton, MA, 02466, United States

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200-Hour Program - Full Tuition PARTIAL APPROVAL - $2,700.00

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Sat, January 12 2019, 8:30 AM - Sun, January 13 2019, 6:00 PM [EST]

Modern Mystery School Boston, 132, Newton, MA, 02466, United States.

The human body is the temple of god.
One who kindles the light of awareness within gets true light.
The sacred flame of your inner light is always bright.
The experience of unity is the fulfillment of human endeavors.
The mysteries of life are revealed.
Rig Veda
Activate and align the energies of your divine embodiment with Roberto Lim, Shiva Rea and special guests in the Vital Living Arts School of Yoga's 200/300-Hour Prana Vinyasa(R) Yoga Teacher Training Program. This intimate program has a capacity of ten students and is designed for those who wish to live a more joyful and awakened life through the application of spiritual principles in one's living yoga, and through service by guiding others in movement meditations.
You will engage in the sacred study and practice of yoga over the vinyasa of the year in a monthly weekend format beginning January 2019. Over the course of your training, you will integrate yogic philosophical principles, from recognizing the self as divine to living with the cycles of life to experiencing the solar and lunar aspects of the subtle body, with embodied practices of yoga such as asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, other contemplative arts, and dinacharya (daily rituals) from ayurveda. Your study and practice will be supplemented with: experiential anatomy training through hands-on adjustments; teaching laboratories to hone the art of guiding a Prana Vinyasa(R) class; a Life Activation healing session; and a Vedic astrology reading. With dedicated effort, you will embody greater resiliency during periods of change; be more attuned to your inner state; develop wellness inside and out; and connect to your inner truths and dharma (life path).
For students from other yoga schools who are certified at the 200-hour level can pursue a 300-hour certification in Prana Vinyasa(R) to reach Yoga Alliance's 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher level, you will need to complete the first five weekends (January through June except May) of the 200-hour program, and will then create a program plan with guidance from Roberto combining required modules and electives (see table below) to reach 270 contact hours.
The Prana Vinyasa(R) yoga system is an evolutionary system which was created by Shiva Rea based on her 25 years of practice and teaching. It offers a creative, full-spectrum approach to the art of living and embodying the flow of yoga. Students learn to embody and teach yoga with connection to the roots of yoga and evolution of the Prana Vinyasa System of Practice. In this training program, you will learn: the ritual of a Prana Vinyasa class; movement meditations; Surya and Chandra Namaskar, and Prana Vinyasa Dancing Warrior Namaskars; five foundational sequences with their solar and lunar versions; and Prana Vinyasa "three-part vinyasa technique" and "multi-dimensional wave sequencing" which provide you the skills to be able to offer these sequences to yourself and students of all levels. For students in the 300-hour program, you will learn an additional sequences with their solar and lunar versions in the required modules, Elemental Vinyasa, Chakra Vinyasa, and Rasa Vinyasa, and elective modules such as Soma Prana Vinyasa.   
Prana Vinyasa(R) is rooted in Traditions of yoga with emphasis in Krishnamacharya's yoga, Tantra, Bhakti, Ayurveda, and other movement and healing modalities. Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training offers a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of living and embodying yoga. Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training emphasizes practical and experiential studies which are transformative, inspiring, and in rhythm with the realities of our lives as householders and teachers. As a global community of practitioners, we seek the balance of being a grounding force for teachers to develop a body of integrated knowledge while leaving freedom for each teacher to follow their own path of evolution as they continue their studies with Shiva and other teachers.
Your training program with the Vital Living Arts School of Yoga is supplemented with the following:
  • Life Activation Healing Session with Roberto Lim to bring more balance to your energy body and more Light
  • Vedic Astrology Reading to illuminate your dharma with Somya Devi
  • Online membership to to register for specific modules and experience practice and meditations with Shiva Rea
  • Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training manuals
Successful graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and to be listed as a Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher. The requirements for graduation are:
  • attendance and participation in all training weekends including one program with Shiva Rea
  • embodiment project
  • teaching demonstration
  • svadharma project (300-hour students)
  • completion of final exam
Vital Living Arts School of Yoga is an official affiliate of Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, and a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School at the 200-hour and 300-hour level.
200-Hour Program
Jan 12-13; Feb 9-10; Mar 9-10; April 6-7; May 4-5; June 8-9; July 13-14; Aug 16-18*; Sept 7-8; Oct 5-6
300-Hour Program
Sept 7, Sacred Expression with John de Kadt (E) (8)
Oct 5, Bhakti Yoga with Jaishree & Kalanidhi (E) (8)
Nov 9-10, Elemental Vinyasa, Part 1 of 3 with Roberto and Helena Zera (R) (16)
Nov 23, Vedic Astrology for Living Yoga with Somya Devi (E) (4)
Dec 7, Svadharma with Roberto (8) (R)
Jan 11-12, Neelakanta Meditation with Julie Dohrman (12) (E)
Feb 22, YTT with Roberto (8) (R)
March 21-22, Elemental Vinyasa Part 2 of 3 with Roberto and Caitlin Marcoux (16) (R)
April 26, Yantras & the Divine Feminine with Sarah Tomlinson (8) (E)
May23-25, Shiva Rea Retreat on Cape Cod (E)
June 21-21, Elemental Vinyasa Part 3 of 3 with Roberto (16) (R)
July 17-19, Yoga Trance Dance with Jeffrey Duval (18) (E)
Sept 19, Sacred Expression with John de Kadt (8) (E)
Oct 17-18, Goddesses of Navaratri: Myths, Mantras, and Mudras with Guest Teacher (TBA) (12) (E)
Nov, Rasa Vinyasa with Shiva Rea (TBA) (R)
Dec 5-6, Soma Prana Vinyasa with Roberto (16) (E)
Jan 23-24, Chakra Vinyasa Part 1 of 3 with Roberto (16) (R)
Feb 20-21, Chakra Vinyasa, Part 2 of 3 with Roberto (16) (R)
Mar 20-21, Chakra Vinyasa, Part 3 of 3 with Roberto & Caitlin Marcoux (16) (R)
April 17-18, Graduation Weekend with Roberto (16) (R)
(TBD), Rasa Vinyasa with Shiva Rea (R)
Meeting times on both Saturday and Sunday are 8:30am to 6:00pm with a lunch break. Students in the 300-hour program are required to select their elective modules with Roberto to ensure they achieve 270 contact hours.
(R) Required for 300-Hour Program | (E) Elective for 300-Hour Program
*Dates of weekend retreat with Shiva Rea at Kripalu in Lenox, MA.
Lead Teacher Trainer, Roberto Lim, eRYT500,
Shiva Rea,
Caitlin Marcoux,
Helena Zera,
Physical Anatomy & Biomechanics, Alecia Dayger, MPT, LMT, CYT-200
Ayurveda, Kate O'Donnell, 
Creative Expression & Storytelling, John de Kadt, 
Bhakti Yoga, Jaishree Dow-Spielman & Kalanidhi Dow,
Vedic Astrology, Somya Devi,
Neelakantha Meditation, Julie Dohrman,
Yantras, Sarah Tomlinson,
Modern Mystery School Boston, 132 Charles Street, Auburndale (Newton), MA
Deposit - $500
200-hour Program
Total Cost - $2700*
300-hour Program
$4000* (varies dependent on electives selected)
If placing deposit, pay balance by January 12, 2019. Contact Roberto for payment plans and/or payment by check.
*Additional costs are: tuition, room & board for Kripalu retreat or Rasa Vinyasa module (required for 300-hour program students) with Shiva Rea; teacher training manuals; supporting online program ( to module; and other books.
Deposit and/or tuition is refundable before start of program or module.
Held at the Modern Mystery School Boston, 132 Charles Street, 3rd Floor, Auburndale (Newton), MA
  • Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life by Shiva Rea
  • The Splendor of Recognition by Swami Shantananda
  • Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad
  • Your Life's Great Work by Stephen Cope
  • The Sacred and Profane by Mircea Eliade
  • The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale
  • Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yogaby Sally Kempton
  • Tantra Illuminated by Hareesh Wallis
  • The Key Poses of Yoga by Ray Long
  • Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • Prakriti by Dr. Robert Svoboda
  • Daring Greatly, Brene Brown
  • Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte
  • Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation by Joseph Campbell
  • Rumi's Little Book of LIfe translations by Mafi and Kolin
Roberto Lim / call or text (617) 285-6153 /
What I appreciated about the program was you guys had us practice teaching from day one.  No one was left out and it was very detailed.  Each day of the weekends we were together we practice taught and then you lead us to teaching in front of a group.  I cannot tell you how valuable this was and still is to me. -Mina Kashani, Nashville
I really enjoyed the teacher training.  I feel it went at a very good pace and was given to us in perfect sized increments so there was time to digest the information. The training seemed thought out with purpose. I have heard of other trainings that did not have much time focused on practice teaching.  I thought there was a wonderful balance of practice teaching, science, and philosophy. It was great to have both you and Molly as instructors so that when one of you were teaching the other could go around and do hands on assisting.  - Leah Laws, Nashville

Cancellation policy

Please contact Roberto to discuss your situation and the need to cancel.

Vital Living Arts School of Yoga

Vital Living Arts School of Yoga was founded by Roberto Lim and hosts Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training programs in the Boston area. Roberto has been a curious student of yoga since 2001 and a devoted student to Shiva Rea since 2005. He has apprenticed with Shiva Rea since 2006 assisting her in California and overseas in London and Kerala, India. Roberto has taught workshops and teacher trainings in the US and Europe. In addition, Roberto is a healer and initiate in the Modern Mystery School. He is certified to offer energy healing sessions in Life Activation, Full Spirit Activiation, EnSofic Ray Healing and Aural Healing. He lives in Somerville, MA with his wife Ariana and their puppy Sandy.

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