Understanding Others Training Course

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Tuesday, 10 January 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Ever wonder why certain people seem to be able to communicate with everyone ? What does it mean to be a " People Person?" This session will discuss the characteristics of a "People Person" as well as how to learn the skills and tools that they use to build trust and connect faster. This session will help you and your team become more flexible and understand the relationships people have in the workplace.

This session will help employees to build relationships with clients and their co-workers . It will also help them adapt to different styles and communication . Ever wanted to teach staff and participants how to work together in the workplace? This training session will bring people together and help them or their participants to learn more about themselves.

People Skills Training Objectives

Mirroring is a way to build rapport

Sales professionals, as well as others who are aware of the value of mirroring, often use this technique. You can learn how to adapt to build rapport and improve the three communication channels.

Communication of the same language using word usage

People value words. It can help you communicate and soothe if you use the right words at the right moment. The wrong word could lead you to an emotional customer in other areas. To assist in any situation, you need to be able to effectively use a variety of words.

Sharing commonalities and developing conversations

People can connect with others who share similar interests. Many people can connect with other people who share similar tastes in music, live in the exact same area, or have similar living arrangements. Understanding each other is a key ingredient in connecting. Find out how to build relationships with customers and colleagues at work.

Use body language to increase communication

You can improve and increase your communication skills by using body language techniques and learning a new language dictionary.

Leadership Qualities

Inspiring others and being a leader are two traits that can help you build a following. Find out how to increase trust in others' actions, direction, and abilities.

Personalities and the interaction styles

The trainer will discuss the four main types of interaction personalities or styles that are used in the workplace. We learn about others and set the stage for personal development.

Tailored Training to Tailored People Skills

Create a course that suits your team. This course can be customized to suit groups in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. We can offer a training workshop in-house or via webinar across Australia. Contact us for more information and a custom outline.

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