True North Tactical Day - Co-Ed Pistol

Saturday, July 17 2021 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM [CDT]

170 CR 199 , Mullin , TX, 76864, United States

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Saturday, July 17 2021 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM [CDT]

True North Ranch, 170 CR 199 , Mullin , TX, 76864, United States.

Join True North Man for True North Tactical Days (TNTD) – Co-Ed Pistol.  


Co-Ed Pistol will be geared towards shooters of all levels, with a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of proper firearms handling and marksmanship. Safety is paramount and the speed of the class will be slowed or accelerated to the extent necessary to ensure that all participants are comfortable and competent with a handgun. TNTD helps to ensure that the skill set of each participant is sharpened and ready for real life scenarios that may arise. Marksmanship will be taught using dry-fire and live-fire drills to get you confident and capable of producing accurate and repeatable shots on target. Participants will have a deeper understanding of the details that help or hinder performance as well as be given tools to constantly refine performance on their own. 


Any male/female pair is welcome (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, etc.) to attend this event. You will learn how to challenge and communicate with each other so that you leave the event with a plan to remain safe in the home and/or in public, and leave with the steps to make sure that the plan is carried out.



Topics to be covered in TNTD – Co-Ed Pistol

-Defensive mindset and situational awareness

-The importance of a having a plan
-Sight alignment and sight picture 
-Trigger press and reset 
-Engaging multiple threats
-Working through malfunctions
-Moving off the "X"
-Firing from multiple body positions
-Trauma management skills and first aid
-Dry firing
-Moving while shooting
-Drawing from the holster
-Firing from the strong hand and support hand


The event will "officially" end at 1PM, but we will be leaving the range open until 2PM for anyone that wants to review/practice a topic listed above or just work through general practice.


Camping will be available at the ranch on Friday night for anyone that wants to spend an evening in the hill country. Water and electricity are present at the ranch. Fire pits are available as well.


Equipment requirements for Co-Ed Pistol:


-250 rounds of pistol ammunition (per pair of shooters, 125 rounds each person)

-Two pistol magazines (per shooter, if each shooter is using their own gun)

-Ear and eye protection



Optional requirements for Coed Pistol:

-Holster (IWB or OWB)

-Magazine carrier


**Arrival time for participants is set for 9:00AM. A safety briefing will begin promptly at 9:15AM. Any participant who misses the safety briefing will not be allowed to shoot. **


Please email any questions to



True North Ranch

170 County Road 199

Mullin, TX 76864