Tracy City Dinner and Ghost Hunt With TWC

Saturday, 8 September 2018 5:00 PM - Sunday, 9 September 2018 10:00 AM EST

109 Main Street, Tracy City, TN, 37387, United States

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Saturday, 8 September 2018 5:00 PM - Sunday, 9 September 2018 10:00 AM EST

Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe, 109 Main Street, Tracy City, TN, 37387, United States.

Join GHW as we return to Tracy City, TN as part of Ghost Hunt Weekends' Wraith Road Tour.

Once again Tracy City, TN has extended their welcome for this return event where we will have exclusive access to FOUR locations not open to public investigations.

The Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe, The Tracy City Cemetery, The Abandoned Camp Mountain Lake Cabins, and the Historic Coke Ovens will be the host locations for this extraordinary return event.

Your evening will begin with event registration at the Camp Mountain Lake Campground, where those who choose to stay the night can set up. Then it's a full dinner at the Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe where you will be welcomed by the GHW Crew along with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers Mike Goncalves and Brannon Smith from Travel Channel's Haunted Towns and Ghost Asylum.

During your Dinner, Ghost Hunt Weekends President, Chad Morin will share experiences and evidence from the previous Tracy City Ghost Hunts!

After Dinner, we will head to all of the locations for a full night of Ghost Hunting with Brannon, Mike, Chad and the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew!

Dutch Maid Bakery and Cafe - The oldest family owned bakery in Tennessee, built in 1902. The location of a tragic death from a possible poisoning and a known dismemberment. Today, workers hear the sounds of footsteps, the front door opening and closing, items moving and feelings of being watched.

The Tracy City Cemetery - The oldest cemetery in the county, strange lights were seen at the last event as well as voices, whispers and a possible shadow person.

The Abandoned Camp Mountain Lake Cabins - These cabins in the woods near the Camping Grounds are full of local legends and stories of ghostly apparitions and spiritual encounters.

The Historical Coke Ovens - Used to turn Coal into Coke by Prison Labor, several incidents of Prisoners being thrown in and burned to nothing by other Prisoners. Many locals have seen full body apparitions of old prisoners near the Ovens, and disembodied yelling and talking coming  from the woods behind the Ovens.

There are 16 Campsites available if you wish to camp near the Abandoned Cabins. This is where the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew and Celebrity Guests will be staying. The $89 Ticket does not include the lodging, so after purchasing your ticket add on a campsite area for $35


3:00pm - Registration and Camp Set Up if camping at Camp Mountain Lake Retreat [ 587 Lakes Road,Tracy City, Tennessee 37387 ]

5:00pm - Registration/Doors Open for Event at the Dutch Maid Bakery [ 109 Main Street, Tracy City, TN 37387 ]

7:00pm - Dinner, Presentations, Celebrity Meet & Greet, Photo and Autograph Session with Mike and Brannon!

9:30pm - Ghost Hunt of Tracy City

Ghost Hunt Weekends, the premier brand in Paranormal Events, bringing you "The Ultimate Paranormal Fan Experience"

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