Time Management Training

Friday, 10 November 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Friday, 10 November 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

You're probably familiar with many schedules. Everything seems planned. All of us look for the sweet spot in our lives that allows us to forget everything and just be for a few moments. We believe that it is possible! You'll need all the relaxation you can get in a fast-paced environment where you have to address customers and work for your bosses. This session will help you become a more efficient worker , so you can spend less time on the important tasks and set goals to get the most out of your professional days.

Employees and companies feel the need to complete tasks in a shorter time and with greater efficiency. These skills are not only important for employees and companies, but also make you more competitive. It can also prepare you for long-term issues such as retirement, insurance, and other matters. You should think about all the opportunities that a more efficient schedule can offer. From a raise in pay to career advancements, and longer rest times, the benefits time management are unrivalled.

This training session aims to empower employees to be more valuable for their company and for themselves. It teaches them how to reduce distractions, plan effectively and make their work easier. Your training sessions can be customized to address any other skills your team may need. For more information, please contact us!

For maximum efficiency, organise your workspace and yourself better

Optimizing your work-life can help you achieve more goals and get more results. Our trainers offer practical guidance and show you examples of poorly or optimally designed work spaces.

Understanding the importance and best ways to set and achieve goals

Setting goals will help you motivate, plan and achieve your goals. You will learn new methods to achieve your goals. We will discuss the SMART goal setting tool, and then we will develop advanced techniques for those who are at a higher level.

Develop plans to do the right things and identify the right people

Many of us spend too much time doing the wrong things in the wrong way. To find areas for improvement and time-consuming tasks, we examine the areas in which we work every day.

Find out what you can delegate and how.

You will have more time in your day if you learn to delegate tasks and not micro-manage. This area is covered by our trainers.

You can take control of the things that could cause a crash in your workplace productivity

We discuss common pitfalls and problems surrounding time management in the workplace. Individual assistance is also offered by our trainers to anyone in the training session who feels they need it.

Further information about the course outline

The Power of Change

Participants will begin by using their pre-duty to identify areas that need to be changed in their time management approach.

Understanding Yourself

Participants will then discuss the right and left brain approaches to managing time.

Establishing Targets

Participants will learn how to set SMART goals that help them manage their time.


This session will cover different types of preparation tools and their use.

The Four D's

Participants will then learn how to do, dump, delay, delegate, and so forth. Participants will also learn how to remove the STING from feeling.

Arrange Your Workspace

Participants will be able to create a plan for organizing their work areas during this session.

How to organize your files

Participants will learn how to manage electronic and paper files, including email, in this session.

Managing Your Workload

Mary Incredible will be assisted by her participants. The participants will then complete a 168-hour strategy.

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