The Pro-Line FIX Enduro

Friday, November 03 2017 3:00 PM - Saturday, November 04 2017 10:00 PM [PST]

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Friday, November 03 2017 3:00 PM - Saturday, November 04 2017 10:00 PM [PST]

2017/18 The FIX Enduro

presented by

Pro-Line Racing

Sponsored by

PitBull RC - RC4WD - Tekin Racing -  Pull Pal RC - Die Rosterin - Wertymade -

The FIX Enduro is a one of kind endurance race that tests man & machine vs Mother Nature and Father Time. It doesn’t matter what endurance class you drive in, whether it’s the 3 Hour or the 6 Hour or the 12 Hour, your competitor is your ally if you want to finish The FIX Enduro.


What sets The FIX Enduro apart from other endurance style events is that drivers in the 12 Hour Endurance class have the ability to earn the RECON G6 Certification Stamp for the companies that they represent or have the faith in to use their products! The Course of The FIX Enduro is designed to test equipment & the drivers that use it. Great care is given to course design to achieve a course that realistically test product. Careful planning is put into the event to challenge every driver, team, & mechanic. Strategy, endurance, comradery, & perseverance is what it will take to finish.


No matter what class you choose to challenge yourself in, The FIX Enduro presented by Pro-LIne Racing is an experience that is as contagious as it is fun. Drivers of all ages, skill levels & experience, compete knowing that finishing is winning. Do You have what it takes to finish?


What – THE FIX 3 Hour, 6 Hour, & 12 Hour Endurance Event presented by Pro-Line Racing & RC4WD Prologue.

When -  November 3rd & 4th, 2017.


Where – Horsemans Center Park located in Apple Valley, CA.




  • 3pm to 5pm - Driver Check In

  • 3pm to 9pm Course open to pre-run.

  • 7pm - RC4WD Prologue race for 3 hour, 6 Hour, & 12 Hour Enduro Classes.


  • 8am - All 12 Hour Enduro Drivers & Vehicles to Start / Staging area.

  • 0830am - Group Picture / Drivers Meeting.

  • 0845am - National Anthem

  • 0900am - 12hr Enduro Start

  • 1130am - All 3hr & 6hr Drivers & vehicles to start/staging area

  • 1145 - Group Picture & Drivers Meeting

  • 12pm     - 3hr & 6hr Enduro Start


Objective - Have Fun & Finish.



  • 3 Hour Solo ($30) - Driving your rc car for 3 straight hours is more difficult than it sounds. Especially when the stage is designed to push you and your rig to the limits for every minute of those 3 hours.

  • 6 Hour Solo ($45) - It’s time to feel your adventure. That you will, after 6 hours of rc scale adventure driving designed to push you and your rig to new levels of fun.

  • 6 Hour Team ($90) - The Team Class consists of 3 drivers, each driving, their own scale adventure rig and helping each other endure 6 hours of endurance driving. Teams will face driving challenges & team challenges designed to test team cohesion and decision making; pushing teams to new levels of fun! . Teams are required to drive the course as a team.. No less than 2 team members on course at all times. Each team member must drive a minimum of 3 hours. An hour time penalty will be assessed to a team's overall time if a team does not.

  • 12 Hour Solo($75 - includes custom t-shirt) - It’s time to experience what rc scale endurance driving is all about. Designed to play on sleep deprivation, mental awareness, physical conditioning, driving ability, mechanical attrition, & a driver going beyond what he or she thinks they are capable of. The finishers of this class, will earn the companies of the products that they use, the coveted RECON G6 Certified stamp.     

  • 12 Hour Team ($150) - The Team Class will feature 3 drivers, each driving, their own scale adventure rig and helping each other endure 12 hours of  intense scale endurance driving. Teams will face with driving challenges & team challenges designed to test team cohesion and decision making and pushing teams to new levels of fun! Teams are required to drive the course as a team. Each team member must drive a minimum of 4 hours.

  • 3 Hour R.A.D. Class ($30) - For our handicapable rc endurance drivers who get their rc scale adventure from the driving seat of a wheelchair, this is the class for your rc scale endurance fun.


NOTE - The 3 Hour, 6 Hour, & 12 Hour Solo Classes will be divided into 3 different tire height classes. (TBA)


Online Registration  

***Attention*** Pre-Registration ONLY!!! There will be no registration available the day of the event.

THE FIX Enduro Details & Rules


-        The fix is a multi-lap endurance race. Drivers will negotiate a marked stage that will feature various types of driving conditions that will continually test driver and machine.

-        Drivers will be tasked with performing driver challenges.

-    A winch is not mandatory, but there will be a mandatory winch section. If a driver does not have a winch he/she must use the winch by pass route.

-    A tow strap is mandatory and will be used during the mandatory winching section & other special skills sections.

-    Sand ladders / ramps are mandatory and may be used is a special skill section.

-        Driver must check in at The Fix HQ after each lap is completed.

-        Pit area will be provided by Pro-Line Racing. First come, first serve in the pit area. Bring your own table and all necessary equipment you may need and set up in the Pro-Line Pro Pit.

-    12 Hour Solo Drivers are allowed a maximum of 4 lipo batteries for the event. 3 lipo batteries to power the car. A battery used to power the car, may not exceed 5000mah. One lipo battery to power the lights. This battery may not exceed 850mah. This battery can be used to power the car if needed.

-       12 Hour Solo Drivers will have a mandatory 30 min rest period during the first 8 hours. If a driver fails to take this mandatory rest period on their own, the driver will receive a 1 hour time penalty and be required to take a 45 min break at the completion of the current lap the the 8 hour mark expired on.  

- 12 Hour Teams will have a mandatory 30 min rest period for each driver in the first 8 hours. Only one team member at a time may take the mandatory break.

-  Solo Drivers, R.A.D. Drivers, & Teams are allowed one mechanic if they choose to. That mechanic is allowed to assist in every area except the “Driver Only” area.. A mechanic may not assist a driver in any non-designated areas. Doing so will result in a time penalty or disqualification.

-  Mechanics of drivers and teams will be performing a special skills task. If a solo driver or team does not have a mechanic, they will be responsible for performing the task.

-  A driver may carry tools and spare parts with them on stage for any repairs of any breakage while on stage. If a driver does not have what he/she needs to complete a repair in the “Driver Only” section, they must leave their rig on stage at the location of the breakage. The broken rig should be set just off to the side of the trail. The Driver may then return to their pits and get what they need to complete the repair. The Driver’s mechanic may help if the break occurs anywhere else. Drivers may receive help from other drivers in the “Driver Only” section only. No outside assistance is allowed in the “Driver Only” Section.

- Every driver checking in for the 30 minute mandatory break, must impound their scale adventure rigs for the duration of the break. The Mechanic nor the Driver may check or repair car while it’s impounded.

-        Tenth Scale RC scale adventure vehicles only. 4 wheel drive is mandatory. All vehicles must fit into the required tire height classes.

-        Tires must be a scale replica or licensed scale tire. The tires may be siped or grooved. CUT & SHUTS  are allowed in any class.

-        Scale Adventure Rigs must have an interior 2D or 3D, a driver, a first aid kit, side mirrors, a fuel cell or spare fuel can, a scale fire extinguisher, a scale cowbell, a scale gps or scale map, & one scale “drivers choice” item. The only exception is kits that are being certified that do not come with any interior.

-       For a company to earn the RECON G6 Certified Stamp for a vehicle, vehicle must be stock and/or upgraded with only the manufacturer available upgraded parts.

-  Drivers attempting to certify a vehicle. That vehicle must be stock and/or upgraded with only the available parts for the vehicle from the vehicle manufacturer. The stock rims and tires must be used. The stock servo must be used. The stock electronics must be used, unless the kit version of the vehicle is being certified, then it must be noted that it is the kit version.

- Broken parts and/or equipment failure will not be penalized. The time of the repair is penalty enough. ALL breakage must be written in the Driver's Log Book & initialed by the driver &/or the driver’s mechanic. All breaks and repairs in the 12 Hour Solo Class, must be reported when the driver checks in at the FIX HQ.

- ALL special skills challenges must be logged in the Driver's Log book. This includes Driver challenges and the results of the challenge.


Course / Skill Sections / Challenges

  • The course will be designed to test a driver’s ability and their scale adventure rig’s capability. There will be driver challenges during the stage. The course will feature natural terrain such as rock, sand, mud, clear dirt (water), and everything in between. Designed for fun, not failure, there is no other rc scale endurance experience like the Fix Enduro.

  • The course will be marked with ribbon, arrows, trail markers, and/or any combination of the 3. Areas will be marked for vehicle only sections. In the sections, no driver is permitted to walk in the area. If you have to aid your vehicle in these areas, do so with care and only in the allowed recovery ways.

  • Driver Challenge(s) - “Stop & Pop” sponsored by Pit Bull Xtreme RC. A driver will be required to inflate a balloon, attach the balloon their vehicle, drive the vehicle to as marked location. The balloon must “pop” before the driver can continue. The balloon can only be popped by supplied device. If it pops in any other fashion, the driver must start the challenge over.

  • Winching Challenge - a driver must attach his tow strap to the supplied anchor point, then attach his/her winch to the tow strap and winch up the obstacle. If you do not have a winch, you must drive the alternate route. 12 Hour Solo Drivers certifying a winch, must use the winch route every lap.

  • Driver Challenge(s) - A driver must stand at a marked location and navigate a set course. DO NOT ROLL OVER During this Challenge or you may have to ring the bell.

  • Team Driver Challenge(s) - One team member will be guided by his teammates through a marked course.  

  • Driving Challenge(s) - A driver may or may not have to pull / recover / or drag and an object a certain distance.  




Note - Intel may change. All changes will be posted. More intel may be added. All new intel will be posted before hand. Drivers may have to deal with course changes due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances.


* RECON G6 has opened up The Fix for promotional / sponsorship opportunities. Please email for details.


RECON G6 hosts several unique rc driving experiences. The founder, Brian Parker has been dedicated to Family Fun rc events since 2006.

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