Monday, July 17 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM [MST]

2851 South Parker Rd.,, Aurora, CO, 80014, United States


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Elements Workshop Partial Approval - $89.00

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Lock yourself into this amazing workshop, get 3 Core Competency CCEUS and bonus stuff, too.


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Lock yourself into this amazing workshop and save. This offer is available for the month of June.

ELEMENTS WORKSHOP Early bird (and special Book package) Partial Approval - $95.00

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Attend the full workshop and take home a copy of the 197 page workbook that corresponds with the event. (An additional $29.95 value)

ELEMENTS WORKSHOP FULL PRICE (With book package) Partial Approval - $105.00

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Get the full day's workshop, 3 CCEUs and bonus stuff PLUS the 197 page workbook that corresponds with the course (and offers even more. a $30 value)

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Event Information

Monday, July 17 2017, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM [MST]

About the Event

Take a look at your coaching.  We all have some skills and areas where we’re strong and confident, and there are always places where we need to strengthen and grow.  Typically, the feedback we hear is, “you need to get better at this.”  But how do you get better at something that you’re struggling with?

This interactive and fun workshop has wowed coaches throughout the country with the amazing Periodic Table of Coaching Elements--a simple yet extremely powerful new way of looking at your coaching fundamentals that will target each and every weak spot you have in your coaching and tighten them easily and automatically.

It’s like using science to get a super tune up for your coaching.

And once you get tuned up, then your coaching runs much more smoothly and powerfully.  Your clients will notice results instantly.  Your fellow coaches will be amazed.  This is the tool that every coach should have.

Coaches who attend this workshop will:

1.      Discover a simple formula for strengthening any coaching skill you desire.

2.      Experience your already powerful skills growing even stronger.  With deeper awareness of how you coaching really works. 

3.      Create a simple recipe to understand and master ALL coaching skills and qualities.

4.      Invent new and exciting skills that were originally never a part of their coaching and now get to add to their coaching crayon box (more colors.)

5.      Watch your Coaching Confidence grow quickly, right before their eyes.

6.      Really?  Do you need more outcomes?  How about this?  With this tool, you'll never have to feel lost in their coaching again.  It’s like having a coaching GPS (Hm, maybe that should be the title of this workshop.)

7. Not only that, but you'll expand your toolbox with new and exiting insights to your coaching power.

8. You'll build a solid and reliable platform to help you handle ANY client, with ANY situation, at ANY time.

This is the workshop that works for ALL coaches.

BEGINNER COACHES will easily grasp this and feel even more clear about their coaching power.

INTERMEDIATE COACHES will thrive on how this deepens and expands your coaching skills.

EXPERIENCED COACHES will also discover something new. 

THIS is the class that coaches are calling "brilliant", "a masterpiece", "a playful and profound exploration", "It made the Core Competencies come alive" and "exceeding our expectations".

THIS is the workshop that has been featured at over 10 ICF chapters, as well as the 2015 ICF-Midwest conference in Kansas City and at the upcoming 2017 ICF-global conference in DC.

THIS is the workshop that has helped hundreds of coaches access their full coaching confidence and power.

THIS in the workshop that will truly make a difference in your coaching.

3 Core Competency CCEUs are available.
Free Bonus stuff, too
And you can even get the accompanying almost 200 page workbook. *(Additional purchase)



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About the Organizer

Ben Dooley is one of less than MCC coaches, and specialized in transforming good coaching into "HOLY-PINK-PAJAMAS-AND-PUPPY-DOG-TAILS-HOW-DO-THEY-DO-THAT?" Coaching.

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