The Business of Broadway: Producing 101 (Feb. 25) - Playbill Selects

Thursday, 25 February 2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

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Thursday, 25 February 2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

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“Producing 101: The People and Finances"


The Experience:


Playbill is proud to share an exciting and informative discussion on how the business of the business operates. The aim of the Business of Broadway’s work is to demystify the process of creating and producing a Broadway show, and to offer theatre makers - and all those interested in the process - valuable insight into the world of commercial theatre producing at large. In this session, the BoB founders will examine how a show is produced and examine the underlying business model that fuels that process. Following the class, there will also be an opportunity for Q&A with these theatre professionals.  


Instructor Bios:


Erica Rotstein - theatre producer, talent manager, and educator


Heather Shields – award-winning producer and theatre manager.


Rachel Sussman - Tony Award-nominated producer and a co-founder of The MITTEN Lab.


Dana M. Lerner - Tony Award-nominated theatre producer and founder/CEO of Red Pelican Creative.


About “Business of Broadway”:


The commercial theatre industry relies on a marriage of art and commerce. And yet, within the industry, there is often an unacknowledged iron curtain between those who identify first and foremost as artists, and those who make the business decisions.  BoB recognized this divide and saw space to illuminate how the business of the business operates in order to transform the way artists and producers collaborate. And the Business of Broadway was born. The goal is to pull back the curtain and democratize the business knowledge that has so often been withheld and therefore perpetuated a hierarchical system with producers situated at the top. By empowering you with deeper insight into how the artistry and economics interplay, our aim is not only to lay the groundwork for more effective and nonhierarchical future collaborations, but also allow you to urgently challenge the ways in which the business has historically operated and consider how we can build a better industry model that serves everyone when we can gather again.

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Ticketing:          $19.99


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