The Art Of Reading People/ Body Language Training

Friday, 24 March 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Friday, 24 March 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Ever wondered what it was like to see people's actions. What are they currently thinking about? What are they currently craving for food? The latter question is probably too hard to answer. However, the first two questions are the most frequently asked in social situations because we love knowing other people as much as we love acting certain ways .

Although we cannot hear the inside of someone's head, we can see some obvious signs. This is body language. This fact has enormous implications. We can tell if someone is genuine, can we trust them, and we can also put restrictions on each other based on our body language. This ensures that we don't offend one another's sensibilities when we speak to each other.

Body language Signs can range from the simple gesture to the subtler twitches and shrugs of your body. These signs help us gain insight into how we should behave towards one another and create an environment that encourages communication and business. The Art of Reading People is available in Adelaide and Canberra as well as Perth, Darwin, Darwin, Sydney, Parramatta and Gold Coast.

While it is possible to be successful in your life by following your own path, communicating with others is essential. Effective communication is the key to getting that dream job and negotiating your way to a better future. Communication can make the difference between a well-organized team with specific tasks and a feeling of unity.

But, it's not just about practical business solutions. Learning about others can give you insights into yourself. Unconsciously, you may reflect the behavior of others in certain situations. By learning more about these people, you can learn how to make yourself and others a better person. Learning about yourself is just as important. As Socrates stated, "The unexamined life does not make it worth living."

Reading People Outcomes

Understanding Cultural Body Language

You can find many body language videos online, but only a few cover basic areas of cultural body language. This session provides a deeper understanding of cultural body language and addresses many issues in cross-border communication. You will learn body language signals to help you build more relationships with people around the globe.

Questions and VAS (Visual Accessing Signs)

Visual Accessing Signals can be used to help you read people. This combination with questioning techniques can make it easy for you to read people. Find out how top experts can read what you think based on the signals and information you send.

Pay attention to your feet to determine direction

You can get a lot of information from a person's feet about their interest, change in subject and other signals.

To speak the language of your clients, mirror their behavior

You can build rapport with your customers by making simple adjustments to how you position, gestures, and other body language signals. Mirroring adjustments can help you speak in the language of your customer.

Extroverts VS Introverted Body Language

Do you want to learn how to read body language to determine personality? With the help of body language signals, we can give you insights and assistance in identifying personality styles and types.

Plus, Much More

Paramount has one of Australia's most respected Body Language Experts and can offer a training session. Contact us to learn more.

Tailor Your Training

For sessions that focus on customer service or sales, please contact our team to discuss how we can help you. Training sessions available throughout Australia, including Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.

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