Telemarketing Training

Saturday, 3 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Saturday, 3 December 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Telemarketing can be both rewarding and fun. Telemarketers will get better results if they have more skills. Telemarketing training can be beneficial for those who use the phone as a primary component of their job. You will learn how to build rapport in seconds, how to end conversations effectively and how to make a YES client. This Telemarketing Training session is for you and your team.

Telephone is an effective communication medium which, if used well, can lead to a lot of leads. Telemarketing can be done using the telephone. It is both personal and direct marketing. This training session will help employees to approach a marketing phone call and build trust and loyalty from customers .

The motivation and productivity of your employees are key factors in business growth. Managers and business owners are well aware of the importance to improve sales and train staff to use the phone more effectively to generate leads. You use the telephone to sell or provide customer service. Sometimes, even dealing with difficult customers can prove to be difficult.

Telemarketing Training Outcomes:

Learn new ways to build trust & respect

Building trust and respect without a face-to-face presence can sometimes be difficult. Use psychological techniques to build trust and respect. The trainer teaches you how to use psychological techniques to build trust and respect over the telephone.

Learn how to increase sales by warming up to lessen your fear of cold calling

If you are afraid of the answers, cold calling can be difficult. The trainer will show you some simple techniques that will help you think more positively about the role and get warm calls going faster.

Find ways to make a positive impression

First impressions are the most important. You must make a good impression quickly. This is essential for cold calling or roles that require you to quickly get customers on your side. You can become a great communicator and build relationships with people quickly.

Find strategies that will help you reach the decision-maker

It is amazing to have your call transferred directly to the decision maker. Do you feel like your phone is being cut off and not reaching the right person? The trainer will show you how to get through to decision makers by using different examples.

To maximize your efficiency while on the phone, create a script

Your script can make a big difference in your results. Your script can make you a high-performing call operator. A professional training specialist will help you to perfect your script to achieve the best results.

Find out how to make people interested, manage objections and close the sale.

It is important to be able to adapt to the phone. The trainer will give you more information and help on how to have more control over the phone. Close the sale or call efficiently with closing techniques.

Further information about the course outline

Building trust and respect

Participants will then discuss ways to build trust and respect.

The discussion will continue using the Johari window to discuss trust and esteem.

Participants will now have the tools they need to create a script for any sales call.

While we don't believe that a call can be canned, we believe in a planned conference call. This session will help you understand the differences between these types.

Participants will then discuss ways to get the most out of voice mail. Participants will discuss ways to prevent missed opportunities, such as following up on calls and monitoring them.

Participants and their customers will be able to explore the current status quo in this session.

Participants will share some wisdom words from Earl Nightingale.

Participants will improve their listening skills and questioning skills during this session.

Participants will learn how to close the sale and what to ask for.

Telemarketing courses tailored to your needs

Selling over the phone is different than selling face to face. To be more successful, your team will need a specific skill set. We can tailor the content to meet your telemarketing requirements, as you might have specific challenges. Australia-wide training options are available in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne as well as Adelaide, Darwin, Adelaide and Sydney.

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