Technical Development for Brass and Woodwind Players 1

Tuesday, September 22 2020 8:15 PM - Tuesday, October 27 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

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Tuesday, September 22 2020 8:15 PM - Tuesday, October 27 2020 9:15 PM [MST]

This 6-week program is appropriate for players of wind instruments (brass and woodwind). Percussionists and keyboard players are most welcome, with the understanding that “air flow” concepts will be part of the offering.


We will approach technical development from multiple perspectives based on skill “mastery” leading to “automaticity”. Materials will be provided. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own interests and materials to the experience.

We will attempt to balance the content between “technical” work (scales and related exercises) and repertoire development utilizing etudes and solo repertoire.


The format will be “Masterclass” based. Participants will be encouraged to demonstrate individually so that positive reinforcement can be offered to each individual enhance their own understanding and performance, regardless of level of experience. The pace and full scope of topics will be based on the mastery of concepts by participants.


Consider pairing this course with Jane McLauchlin’s pitch-based Music Theory courses(particularly for those at the Green/Blue/Bronze levels and/or A Comprehensive Approach to Time-Keeping and Rhythm 1.



Westwinds Music Society

Westwinds is a not-for-profit adult community organization in Calgary operated by and for its members. Started in 1988, we have around 400 members from all walks of life! We have had to postpone our in-person rehearsals but are offering various online, interactive courses for musicians and singers of all levels.

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