Talimena Rally Cruisin for St.Jude Research Hospital

Thu, May 21 2020, 3:00 PM - Sat, May 23 2020, 12:00 AM [CST]


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Advanced Registration Partial Approval - $80.00

Guaranteed Tshirt

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T-shirt Only Partial Approval - $20.00

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Men's Bandanas Partial Approval - $15.00

Bandanas By Rachel Munoz with Turtle Bandanas

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Women's Bandanas Partial Approval - $25.00

Bandanas by Rachel Munoz with Turtle Bandanas

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Late Registration Partial Approval - $100.00

No guaranteed t-shirt. Limited sized and availability.

Donation for St. Jude Hospital

Registration closes on - 05/23/2020

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Event Information

Thu, May 21 2020, 3:00 PM - Sat, May 23 2020, 12:00 AM [CST]

About the Event

This Event has Two- Group Rides,  Two Terrific Bands,  Five Places in a Points Run,  Four Meals,  Silent Auction,  Rally Shirt  and lots of Prizes to win. 

About the Organizer

This Rally is for Everyone to Enjoy. Everyone is Welcome to attend with a Motorcycle or Car. This Rally is All About The Kids


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Albo Haley

Alicia Vollmer

Amanda Carter

Amy Laughary

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Billy Stone

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Dale Mcpherson

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Dewanna Hopson

Diane Eades

Dickey Thompson

Don Moore

Donald Buster

Donald Johnson

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Doug Blankenship

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Enon McNease

Erica Mcnease

Frankie Lee

Gene Gandy

George Faulk

Gina Frederick

Greg Williams

Heidi Theroux

Henry Brignac

Henry Webre

Jackie McDonough

Jacque Lindsey

Jaelynn Armes

James Armes

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Jamie Paulette

Jana Boltz

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Jim Dalrymple

Jim Harris

Jimmy Cochran

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Lisa Thornton


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