Taking Initiative Training

Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Saturday, 29 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Australia Wide: Covers Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide as well as Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Parramatta. Geelong, Gold Coast.

There are many parts to a machine that together can make something stronger and more powerful. What is unique about a human being facilitating the production of machines, is their innovation and initiative. In other words, initiative is the ability to take responsibility for your actions and not be told. In fact, companies often look for employees who show initiative. They are able to solve problems, prevent them from occurring, exceed quotas, be flexible and efficient, and have a perceptive mind that may allow them to gain more insight on problems their superiors might not see. We believe that initiative can be learned just like all other skills. Therefore, we invest a lot of resources in creating such participants. Participants will learn that initiative is a result of individuals' desire to excel, to be able work efficiently under pressure and to be able set goals.

Lesson One

Getting Started

  • Icebreaker

  • Housekeeping Items

  • The Parking Lot

  • Workshop Objectives

Lesson Two

What is initiative?

  • Definition

  • Personal and professional benefits

  • Why People Don't Require Initiative

  • Make initiative a priority

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Two: Review Questions

Lesson Three

Get to Know Your Customers

  • Keep an open mind

  • Be flexible

  • Making decisions

  • Take responsibility

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Three: Review Questions

Lesson Four

Measure in

  • Know your strengths and skills

  • Do the extra mile

  • Pay attention

  • Fill in the gaps

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Four: Review Questions

Lesson Five

When you can move beyond the Standard

  • Before you act, consider culture and values

  • Is it within the scope of your authority?

  • Communicate your ideas

  • Act Solutions

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Five: Review Questions

Lesson Six

The Consequences

  • Ask questions

  • Analyze Risk, Impact, and Cost

  • Is Authorization Necessary?

  • When the risks are too high

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Six: Review Questions

Lesson Seven

Good or Bad

  • The Fantastic

  • The Terrible

  • Develop Judgment

  • Avoid Acting on Emotion

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Seven: Review Questions

Lesson Eight


  • Are You Confident?

  • Building confidence

  • Positive thoughts

  • Visualization

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Eight: Review Questions

Lesson Nine

Find Opportunities

  • Internal Opportunities

  • External Opportunities

  • Use Core Competencies

  • Which Problems Are There and How Can They Be Solved?

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Nine: Review Questions

Lesson Ten

Be Persistent

  • Handle Setbacks

  • Manage Change

  • Modify Ideas as Needed

  • Moving Forward

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Ten: Review Questions

Lesson Eleven

Balance Initiative and Restraint

  • Take into account the work involved in an idea

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn the buy-in of stakeholder

  • Don't push all ideas forward

  • Case Study

  • Lesson Eleven: Review questions

Lesson Twelve

Wrapping up

  • Words from the Wise

  • Parking Lot Review

  • Lessons Learned

  • Completed Action Plans and Evaluations

Initiative strives to be an example of excellence in both action and mentality. This gives each participant an impetus - a reason - to achieve greater heights. The greatest mentors for them are those who have become role models in their own lives. This feeling of excellence can be maintained through various stress management skills. Actual Planning is a great example of this. With proper goal-setting and other organisational skills employees can achieve greater heights. We also offer customised training sessions that will allow you to concentrate on other areas. Paramount has many paths to becoming an outstanding employee. Our goal is to provide the best service possible for you and your team, regardless of which path you choose.

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