Stress Management Training

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Wednesday, 30 November 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Australia Wide Training: Brisbane and Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth. Canberra. Parramatta. Geelong. Gold Coast.

Current workforce suffers from high levels of job burnout and stress. Workers at all levels feel stressed, anxious, misunderstood and overwhelmed. Many feel overwhelmed by work and home due to Covid-19 and other global issues. This workshop will discuss the causes of stress, and provide strategies to manage stress each day.

You will come across situations in your life that make you feel stressed or anxious at some point. It is normal, especially since we live in a digital age that allows us easy access to email, phones and social media. We are constantly bombarded daily by the world around us. Stress management is a critical issue that must be addressed worldwide, particularly in the corporate world.

Many employees could be dealing with stress in every day life. This includes meeting deadlines, managing heavy workloads and dealing with different types of people . Employees will be more productive if they know how to handle stress and can manage it. This will allow an individual to be more motivated to complete a task or project, and increase their productivity and performance.

How this Stress Management Training can Help


Paramount Training and Development's Stress Management Training is well-known for its ability to teach different methods of dealing with stressful situations. This session is for you if you want to empower your employees to react positively to stressful and emotional situations . Our facilitators will discuss stress and provide advanced stress management techniques to increase resilience at work.

The Stress Management Training Course Results:


Lesson One


  • Icebreaker
  • Housekeeping Items
  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives


Lesson Two

Recognising Stress

  • What is Stress?
  • What is Eustress?
  • Recognizing the Triple A Approach


Lesson Three

Living a stress-reducing lifestyle

  • Proper eating
  • Exercising Regularly
  • Good Sleep


Lesson Four

Changing The Situation

  • The first A
  • How to identify the most appropriate situations
  • Effective Actions


Lesson Five

Avoiding the Situation

  • The Second A
  • How to identify the most appropriate situations
  • Effective Actions


Lesson Six

Accepting the Status

  • The Third A
  • How to identify the most appropriate situations
  • Create Effective Actions


Lesson Seven

Routines to Reduce Stress

  • Plan Meals
  • Organising Chores
  • To-Do Lists


Lesson Eight

Environmental Relaxation Techniques

  • Finding a Sanctuary
  • Utilising Music
  • Humor:


Lesson Nine

Physical Relaxation Techniques

  • Relaxing Stretches
  • Deep Breathing
  • Relaxing and Tensing
  • Meditation


Lesson Ten

Dealing with Important Events

  • Setting up a Support System
  • Create a strategy
  • Know When to Get Help


Lesson Eleven

We challenge you

  • How to create a Stress Log
  • Week 1: Recording Events
  • Week 2: Identifying Stressors, and Creating a Strategy
  • Week Three: New Habits
  • Evaluation and Review


Lesson Twelve

Wrapping up

  • Words from the smart
  • Parking Lot Review
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion of Action Plans and Tests

Your Stress Management Course can be adapted to your needs

Other training sessions are also available in areas such as workplace safety, management and health. You can even create your own training sessions by choosing the objectives and modules that you think are most appropriate for your team. Our editing team can create modules for you if we don't already have them. For more information about the customized training sessions, please contact us or send us an email with your requirements. Paramount Training and Development will also be happy to provide a sample workbook and show you why we are the best choice.

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