Speaking under Pressure Training

Wednesday, 12 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Wednesday, 12 October 2022 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Australia Wide: Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Canberra Geelong Gold Coast Parramatta

This session is for people who have to speak in front of hostile audiences. This material is suitable for new speakers, who need encouragement and training to make presentations for the organization. This course will help your team improve their skills and give them new techniques to make convincing presentations, answer difficult questions or present complex information.

Many of us have been to a seminar , training session , or public speaking event where the audience controlled the proceedings and made it difficult for the speaker to stay on the right track or communicate his/her ideas. This session is for those who are in a position or event where they may be subject to negative or controlling audiences. These public speaking sessions can be helpful for those who are already proficient in public speaking, but need additional tips to help them move up the ranks.

Do you want to be able to organize and communicate your thoughts and ideas in public speaking venues? You will learn how to communicate your message effectively and control the attitude and behavior of your audience. It is important to consider how you respond to your audience, what their questions are and what their attitude is. It is important to have control if you send a negative message. If individuals protest, large groups can be difficult for you to control. This session will help you to adapt, be goal-oriented, and use your judgment.


You can prepare quick and simple meals in a matter of minutes or a week.

Learn from professional speakers. This section will show you how to prepare for speaking opportunities or presentations instantly using the examples provided. This section is highly beneficial for anyone who needs to deliver a presentation at the last moment.

You can prepare for questions before they are asked.

When giving a speech or presenting a presentation, questions can arise. What can we do to anticipate which questions might arise? The trainer will give you insight into questioning techniques and prepare you for any question. You will also find quick answers that can be used to answer difficult questions.

What you can do to overcome nerves when speaking before a group.

Being in stressful situations can lead to you becoming more anxious. You can learn how to deal with nerves and negative people to help you become more confident, and get rid of any problems. The trainer will give you expert advice on how to handle these situations.

Presenting techniques that build your credibility and attract people to your side

Do you want your message to be more credible? Your credibility in carrying the message can have an impact on the message. To help your message reach its destination, learn how to make yourself more credible to your audience.

Confidence and control when under pressure

You can learn control. Learn to control your emotions, know when to stop and when to speak. Participants will be able to discuss these techniques and many more.

How to handle difficult people when speaking publicly

You will be able to tell how difficult it is to resolve a difficult person's question or problem if you have ever encountered one. A difficult person can impact your message if you speak publicly. This article will teach you how to professionally handle this situation and help you to achieve a positive outcome.

Proffessional Skills

What is it that makes a professional speaker? Find out more about the advanced techniques that professional speakers and experts use around the globe. A trainer will give you additional instruction on how to improve professional speaking skills.

How to finish strong and make your audience love your presentation

It is crucial to have a strong message. A strong conclusion is key to influencing your message and ensuring it is remembered by your audience.

Your Audience will follow your presentation and stay focused on specific areas of concern.

Structured speeches and presentations will share something in common. This will make it easy for your audience to follow and draw their attention to the main message or topic. Participants will engage in interactive activities with our trainers to learn more about professional public speaking.

Tailor Your Course

We can design modules, workbooks, and training sessions that meet your needs. We can provide qualified trainers who are both professionals and experienced in this field. International Motivational speakers can provide both advice and personal experience to enhance the training experience for your staff. This training is available in Gold Coast and Parramatta as well as Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra. Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. For more information, please contact us.

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