Speaking Skills Training

Friday, 20 January 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

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Friday, 20 January 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AEDT

Australia Wide: Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

The use of speech is a cornerstone of human social interaction. A collection of sounds made by our voices when they are heard by a receiver can be taken to mean something. Its effectiveness is valued from individual interaction among peers to large speaking events where one, two, or more people converse with hundreds of people, or even thousands of them, is often high regarded and even prized. They are often considered valuable resource persons in business because they can communicate information and motivate their audience to act on what they have to say.

It takes a lot to speak, whether you are speaking in small groups or to a large audience. It requires maintaining a calm demeanour, a steady stream of thought and the ability to find the right words to express your thoughts. All this is on top of having a pleasant, or at least a neutral voice, and adapting what and how one says it depending on the context.

It is easy to see why people struggle to communicate with larger groups than they can handle. It is possible to learn speaking skills, which is not impossible. Paramount Training and Development recognizes the need to train employees who want to improve their speaking skills through our Speaking Skills Training program.

Learn the fundamentals of communication

The art of speaking is a delicate balance of composure and retention. It also requires a good grasp of one's language . You must ensure that all three elements are present. Having the former two can cause your speech to be less effective and more meaningless. Having the former two can also make it less interesting and less memorable. Speaking Skills Trainees learn how to master these elements as they are the foundation of all speaking engagements.

Learn how to correctly use different styles of speaking

The speaking styles are endless. Some are completely spontaneous and speakers must speak directly to their audience. Others allow them to prepare and then they can go to work. These styles of speaking and strategies are all taught in Speaking Skills Training. This will help improve your ability to speak.

Adapt to their audience

Although it's not something most people notice, we can change our language to suit our audience. While most people are able to do this, very few, if any, actually know the process. One's 'language' when speaking with a baby is very different from the language used to communicate with their superior. The Speaker Skills Training program will help learners recognize and use the different language used by each party. They will also learn how to incorporate the differences into future speaking activities.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the role of body language in speaking

The language of words is more visible than body language. In more intimate and personal conversations body language can communicate many things. These include levels of engagement (from listening intently to totally disengaged), honesty and confidence in statements, as well as how easy it is to persuade. It is difficult and may take time to master the task of identifying these gestures, and understanding their correct meaning. However, the Speaker Skills Training program provides lessons and methods to help learners recognize these gestures and interpret them. By the end of the program, they should be able to understand the basic concepts and some proficiency in the interpretation and identification.

Engage with their audience

To be a good speaker, you need to have charisma. It is difficult to teach because it is a vague quality. Experts in psychology, linguistics and other related fields have conducted many studies that have helped to identify the key elements of charismatic people. These elements are easier to learn and mimic. Our Speaking Skills Training course provides materials and lessons that will help learners improve their skills. It is hoped these lessons will be passed on to our learners so they can become more effective after training.


It is difficult to speak in any capacity. It is difficult to master all three elements of speech. They must also be flexible and able to engage their audience with different methods. These and many other factors were taken into consideration when Paramount Training and Development developed the Speaker Skills Training course. Thankfully, these techniques have been refined to ensure that those who take it will be more effective in speaking than they were when they began.

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