Social Media Day 2018

Friday, June 22 2018, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM [CST]

620 McKinley St, Lafayette, LA, 70503, United States


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Friday, June 22 2018, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM [CST]

About the Event

Organized by Rally Marketing, Opportunity Machine UL Lafayette's PRSSA Chapter and a collection of agencies in the Acadiana area, Social Media Day Lafayette provides marketers and businesses around Acadiana a forum to join together and educate the community—while honoring the media that connects us. Social Media Day welcomes beginners and experts for a jam-packed day of presentations and workshops from accomplished speakers and professionals. The third annual Social Media Day Lafayette will take place on Friday, June 22, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Union and will feature a lineup of seminars and networking activities—all of which will be free of charge and open to the public.

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About the Organizer

Rally Marketing offers custom digital solutions that drive qualified leads so their clients can focus on what truly matters to their business.


Event Speakers

Rodney Hess
Vice President at Rally Marketing

Linda Solley Hurd
Owner of Adeline Clothing

Allison Staub
Digital Media Manager at Bond Moroch

Ryan Cazares
Owner of Scott Eye Care

April Courville
Marketing Strategist at Acadian Companies

Evan Daniels
Creative Strategist at Magicbird Creative

Mary Cormaci and Kimberly Wooten
Project Manager and Account Manager at Rally Marketing

Katherine Nebel
Marketing Coordinator at Accelerate South

Shawntell Lewis
Director of Communications at Bayou Vermilion District

Kristyn Shay
Social Media Specialist at Stuller, Inc.

Patrick LaBauve
Marketing Strategist at USA Today Network

Destin Ortego
Executive Director at Opportunity Machine

Nicholas Comanici
Marketing Director at Carney Co.

Patrick Hardey
Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Waitr

Liam Doyle
Disability Affairs Coordinator at Lafayette Consolidated Government

Megan Gonzales, Tera Flakes and ...
Social Media Team at Matthew Aaron Agency

Devin Cochran & Sarah Koller
SEM Strategist at Rally Marketing and Freelance Social Media Specialist

Maggie Stokes
Media Buyer at BBR Creative

Event Sponsors


Cristy Ross

Andrea Burkenstock

Amol Desai

Allison Doucet

Angie Doyle

Adele Sprague

Kiely Arceneaux

Allie Rittet

Annette Fruge'

Asia Hebert

Johanna Castille

Aimee Cotter

Alanna Young

Alexandra Laggner

Alia Franklin

Aline Morrow

Alix Walker

Allison Dickerson

Alyssa Bordelon

Alyssa Soileau

Amanda Ramer

Amber Geesey

Amy Lemoine

Andre Faulk

Anna Campbell

Annette Breaux

Annette Porter

Anu Desai

April Courville

April Guillote

April Buteaux

Angela Scott

Ashley Trahan

Ashley Dauterive

Ashlyn Doucet

Allison Staub

Alex Tozzolo

Austin Green

Jacob Authement

Ava Hill

JeLlyn Morvant

Bonnie Boullion

Brittany Bowie

Britlyn Duplantis

Sabrina Benazzouz

Bevi Jimenez

Briana Garlow

Blake Lagneaux

Blair Suire

Bong Chounxaymeuangdy

Boyer Derise

Brandon Amos

Brenda Joubert

Brittany Kilgen

Brooke Benton

Bryan Olson

Bria Wheeler

Cheryl Bryant

Caitlin Russo

Caitlin Smith

Sandra Gonsoulin

Callie Laviolette

Cameron Norfleet

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Casey Ardoin

Caroline Draughon

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Connie John

Chris Lofstrom

Caroline DiBenedetto

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Christina Schubert

Chad Lege

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Cheryl Hidalgo

Cheryl Dohmann

Canaan Frederick

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Christophe Pilut

Cali Mitchell

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Courtney Bergeron

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Event Schedule

  • June 22, 2018
07:30 AM
09:00 AM
Track : All Levels

Social Media Breakfast – GDPR: How a New EU Regulation Could Cost Your Company Millions

The Forum

Have you been hearing a lot about an ominous EU regulation called GDPR or even know what it stands for? (General Data Protection Regulation, btw). Have you been ironically inundated by a massive wave of email spam from companies talking about respecting your personal data? Rodney Hess has combed through the legal jargon of the GDPR regulation so you won't make a $400 million mistake.

Rodney Hess

09:15 AM
10:15 AM
Track : All Levels

Audience of One (or: It's Not You, It's Me)

Pelican Room

It's not about you and your business, and it never has been. It's about me, your target audience, and it always will be. The era of having a one-size-fits-all marketing message is long gone. It's time for a micro audience movement, on a massive scale.

Patrick LaBauve

Track : Intermediate

Creating Content that Never Runs Out

The Forum

By using lateral thinking, you can begin to create content that never runs out, AND separates you from other accounts - in this session, Evan Daniels from Magicbird Creative will break it down for you.

Evan Daniels

Track : Beginner

No Time to Waste: Implementing a Crisis Communication Social Media Plan - Workshop

Magnolia Room

In today's fast-paced society, we are constantly bombarded with duties that must be fulfilled in our professional and professional lives before it is too late. Unfortunately, while operating at warp speed, a simple misunderstanding, delayed delivery, unassuming encounter, misstep or catastrophic event can wreak havoc for you, your organization, your business or your product(s) – especially on social media. Since social media reaches the masses, instantaneous, how do you handle a crisis when public opinion spreads like wildfire, often, void of facts? In a New-York minute, you find yourself or your organization in a crisis; you are under attack! There is no time to waste in order to recover. Join Shawntell Lewis, Director of Communication for Bayou Vermilion District (BVD), as she unveils her Crisis Communication Social Media Plan – step-by-step - that saved BVD’s reputation in less than 24 hours. This veteran, Communication professional holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern State University with a plethora of experience in public relations, marketing, advertising, leadership and brand awareness.

Shawntell Lewis

Track : Advanced

From Storytelling to Social Selling: Using Who You Are to Sell What You Do

Bayou Bijou Theater

Social users are tired of perfectly curated feeds. They are saying NO to staged, stuffy stock photography and YES to real and raw content … and so should your business! In this session, Kristyn Shay from Stuller Inc. will teach you how to use trendy content types like stories, live video and User Generated Content (UGC) to authenticate your business, create genuinely engaged customers and drive more sales.

Kristyn Shay

10:30 AM
11:30 AM
Track : All Levels

Facebook Advocacy: Using Social Media to Further Your Cause

Pelican Room

As the present Disability Affairs Coordinator for Lafayette Consolidated Government, Liam Doyle works every day to improve experiences of local citizens with disabilities. Before he landed that gig, Liam regularly took to social media to identify and address accessibility issues in Lafayette. Liam will discuss with us how to use social media as a tool for change and to reach a new audience, as well as how he successfully rallied support using Facebook to get two very popular Lafayette businesses to become accessible for patrons with disabilities.

Liam Doyle

Track : Intermediate

Stop Sleeping on LinkedIn

The Forum

Have you logged into LinkedIn lately? Please say yes. Please. If not, then you NEED to attend this session. Join Mary Cormaci and Kimberly Wooten from Rally Marketing to learn how LinkedIn can become a lead generating powerhouse for your business.

Mary Cormaci and Kimberly Wooten

Track : Beginner

Picking Your Platform

Magnolia Room

Is your brand struggling with engagement? Making posts that seem to go nowhere? Does the word "Snapchat" keep you up at night? Join us as we teach you the basics of social media marketing, along with tips and tricks to ensure you're making the most out of your social media channels. We'll cover four major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat) and best practices for leveraging each for your brand or business, including visual formatting, post length, timing, frequency, tagging and more. Perfect for beginners and those looking for key insights, we'll make sure you walk out of this session with the confidence to make your brand stand out from the pack.

Allison Staub

Track : Advanced

Social Media Analytics & Measurement: Proving Value and ROI

Bayou Bijou Theater

Reach. Likes. Engagement. Impressions. Conversions. Metrics everywhere! Maggie has the latest scoop on how to determine if your Facebook strategy is bringing a return on investment. From implementing tracking methods to interpreting the data, we've got ya covered.

Maggie Stokes

01:00 PM
02:00 PM
Track : All Levels

Question Everything: How to Find Out What Content Your Target Audience Actually Wants

The Forum

As Executive Director of the Opportunity Machine, Destin Ortego definitely has a knack for putting ideas to the test. Join him in this session to learn how to find out what content your target audience actually wants before you waste too much time on what they don’t!

Destin Ortego

Track : Intermediate

Social Media for Nonprofits: Small Budgets, Big Return

Pelican Room

This session is perfect for nonprofits, schools and churches in the area on how to maximize their social media fundraising campaigns and content. Through South Louisiana Giving Day, Katherine Nebel and team have recruited and identified over 130 nonprofits, schools and churches in the Acadiana area. Majority of these organizations are struggling with strategic fundraising initiatives and how to develop basic social media content to keep those who are interested in their cause informed. Through this session, we will teach best practices and ways to optimize outreach on a low budget.

Katherine Nebel

Track : Beginner

Small Business, Big Presence

Bayou Bijou Theater

Join Linda Solley Hurd from Adeline Clothing to learn how to to earn a big presence for a small business. She will teach you the nuts on bolts on how they achieved their massive organic growth and the answers to common pitfalls that small business owners often make when managing their social presence.

Linda Solley Hurd

Track : Advanced

Instagram Stories: Are you IN?

Magnolia Room

Discover how to cook up Instagram Stories that will engage and connect with your customers and increase your business.

Devin Cochran & Sarah Koller

02:15 PM
03:15 PM
Track : All Levels

Our World is Flat: The Omnipotence of Social Media & Leveraging Creative At Scale

Magnolia Room

Social media provides revolutionary power to businesses today, and the savvy user can impact every department positively (or negatively) wielding a mouse and a few keystrokes. Through cross-promotion, storytelling, content planning & recycling, integrating social & search, or just plain talking with customers there's always a lot left on the table for business owners to capitalize on. Marketing on social media is just as much about philosophy as it is practice. Patrick will walk you through his journey through the lens of his experience at Waitr and provide tips, tools, and a colorful content planning spreadsheet to help fuel your timing. If you've ever wondered about paid Facebook marketing, how digital media algorithms work, or how to use your different channels this is a chance to capitalize on his team's wins & losses.

Patrick Hardey

Track : Intermediate

5 Types of Content You Need to Stand Out on Social Media

Bayou Bijou Theater

In this session, you will learn the 5 categories of content needed for a successful content strategy on social media. Each category will be broken down into easy directives that can be applied to multiple types of industries.

Megan Gonzales, Tera Flakes and Hannah Johnson

Track : Beginner

Top of the Newsfeed to You, Sir

The Forum

How to market on Facebook using your most important marketing tools: your current clients and your friend list! Without being spammy, of course. Learn how to appear at the top of your friends' and clients' newsfeeds with tried and true tactics.

Ryan Cazares

Track : Advanced

When Tragedy Strikes: Managing a Crisis on Social Media

Pelican Room

Crisis management is a critical part of managing social media accounts. In 2017, a shooting/ death occurred an hour after the last act performed at Festival International. In this session, you'll learn how April Courville, then-Marketing Director at Festival International, crafted their official statement, handled negative comments on social media channels and addressed belligerent followers.

April Courville

03:30 PM
05:00 PM
Track : All Levels

KEYNOTE: How to Build a Loyal Tribe on Instagram

Bayou Bijou Theater

Nicholas Comanici has been creating and nurturing brands since the early 2000’s and has grown two online businesses—Seneca Creek and Seneca Press—by leveraging social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Nicholas is now the Chief Marketing Officer at Carney—a dynamic digital agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—where he works with a team of designers, developers and marketers. His most successful creation is The Daily Carnage—a daily email newsletter that has quickly become a go-to resource for thousands of marketers. Join him to learn how Instagram can take your business to the next level.

Nicholas Comanici