Smile Syllabus Mini Residency

Mon, October 28 2019, 8:00 AM - Thu, October 31 2019, 5:00 PM [EST]

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Smile Syllabus Alumni PARTIAL APPROVAL - $11,995.00

Registration closes on 10/31/2019

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Mini Residency with Lecture USB PARTIAL APPROVAL - $13,995.00

Registration closes on 10/31/2019

For those who have not previously attended the two day course will receive the full lecture on USB

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Mon, October 28 2019, 8:00 AM - Thu, October 31 2019, 5:00 PM [EST]

Course Objectives

Learn the scanning process-Receive hands-on training with TRIOS and Medit scanners


Watch live scanning- Visit the 3Shape HQ in Warren, NJ to master implant studio and digital wax-ups


Watch live surgery- Experience the XCell Implant Process during full arch surgery


Learn Professional Zirconia Finishing- Sit with a master dental technician for an entire morning to learn specific finishing processes like carving green state zirconia


Hands on Milling and Sintering- Mill and sinter your own design with expert guidance


Master the Printing Process- Print your own temporary hybrid denture and night guards


Set Up Your Own Project- Utilize Exocad and 3Shape Implant studio software to prepare your design


CAM Mastering- Learn HyperDENT software to master the CAM process


Get scripts to answer phones- and other practice management tips


Watch Live Consultations- Discover how to motivate patients to move forward with treatment and improve case acceptance




Printers that you will have access to:

Formlabs form2

Nextdent 5100

Microlay dental fab

Anycubic photon

Projet 3500 Max


Mills that you will have access to:


Roland 51d

Roland 52d

Axsys versamill 5x400

Jonathan Abenaim

Discover the revolutionary approach of digital dentistry in this four-day workshop, where you will learn every step of the full digital workflow and how to implement it into your practice. You will have access to the most advanced scanners, printers, and mills available in digital dentistry today. You will see live surgery, mill and sinter your own designs, finish green state zirconia, and more. Along the way, we will empower you to bring digital dentistry to your own practice and equip you with the knowledge to motivate patients to move forward with treatment. **If you wish to NOT register through Eventzilla, you can to a bank wire or send a check within 5 BUSINESS days of registration. Any questions please email

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