Sell!Your Sponsorship Workshops 2024

Multiple Dates

14, New Street, London, England, EC2M 4NQ, United Kingdom

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Priced to Perfection. Partial Approval - £175.00

If you want to establish a best-practice technique for valuing and pricing your sponsorship inventory then this workshop is the one for you! We review different pricing techniques, consider when and how to apply them, and do a deep dive into the audit technique. This is a robust mechanism for pricing and valuing sponsorship inventory that empowers negotiations and enables sellers to effectively manage their assets and inventory. Participants leave with an actionable strategy in relation to pricing inventory that inspires confidence and authority.

Building a Partnership Culture. Partial Approval - £115.00

This workshop recognises the challenges that many buyers and sellers of sponsorship face in getting internal buy in and support for their sponsorship opportunities and ideas. This hands-on workshop offers ideas and techniques for building a positive partnership culture, managing expectations whilst demonstrating opportunity, and creating a collaborative delivery framework.

Pitch Perfect: The art and science of developing a compelling sponsorship proposal. Partial Approval - £175.00

What makes the perfect sponsorship proposal? In this workshop we review and consider the essential components of an impactful sponsorship proposal. We’ll explore and consider how to build a proposal that looks the part and delivers the content to leave a lasting impression. Attendees will get tips and techniques around what to say and how to say it, programmes and tools to support the design/creation process, and assessment of their existing proposals. Ideal for those looking to create a new proposal, or to renew existing materials.

People Power: Identifying and Unlocking your Employee Engagement Opportunities Partial Approval - £175.00

In this workshop we explore and consider the role of employee engagement in a changing sponsorship landscape, questioning where and how it delivers value. Attendees will identify and unlock the power of their employee engagement opportunity, identifying new sponsorship assets. This session also considers techniques for pricing and valuing this inventory.

Cultivating New Leads & Building an Effective Pipeline Partial Approval - £175.00

If you’re embarking on a new prospecting campaign, then this is the workshop for you! This practical, hands-on session leaves delegates armed with tips, techniques, and strategies for running an effective, impactful business development campaign. We explore the who, how and when of reaching new contacts, consider the art of being both strategic and opportunistic when prospecting, and review tools and techniques that support a successful sponsor acquisition process.

Negotiation Skills 101 Partial Approval - £175.00

We get back to basics with our negotiation strategies workshop and offer the delegates the chance to consider the art of the possible! Our workshop is split into three sections as follows: - Interpersonal Skills – what type of negotiator are you, and where can your skills best be deployed? Are you a talker or a listener? How can you improve on both skills? - Techniques & Tactics – what are common negotiating tactics? How can sponsorship professionals drive the conversation from price to value? - Renewals – How to approach the renewal process, and drive more value from your property and association? This is an excellent workshop for both buyers and sellers of sponsorship, account managers and business developers. We explore the role of the Negotiation Plan and leave attendees full of ideas and tips that empower their next sponsorship negotiation!

Sustainable Sponsorship Partial Approval - £115.00

In this workshop, delegates will explore where and how sustainable sponsorship (social, economic, environments) projects deliver a win: win to sponsor, seller, and audience. What attributes bind good sustainable programmes and deliver authentic and impactful outcomes? How and when do we measure these initiatives and demonstrate a partnership with purpose?

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Multiple Dates

The Space - Liverpool Street, 14, London, England, EC2M 4NQ, United Kingdom.

Sell!Your Sponsorship Workshops 2024

Our live workshops are interactive and dynamic environments that supports skills and discussion-based learning.

We offer focussed and inclusive environments that faciliates dialogue and assures positive experiences for delegates of mixed experience.

We attract delegates from all sectors of the industry - sport, culture, entertainment, music, charity, environment, education, trade associations, business, and more! 

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