#SaturdaySweat Fitness Party: SELF-LOVE Edition

Saturday, 15 February 2020 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

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This pass grants access to three (3) premiere fitness classes (the Zumba by Jorré Hip-Opening Warm-Up; GoddessFit Bootcamp; and a rejuvenating Yoga + Crystal Healing Session!) session delicious treats, freshly made juices AND the Wellness "Pretreat"!

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Saturday, 15 February 2020 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

 We’re coining February as Self-Love Month and with Love on the Brain and the New Decade in mind, it’s time to put ourselves first. Join GoddessFit and Friends for a perfect mixture of fun, sweat and zen at the upcoming #SaturdaySweat Fitness Party (#SSFP): Self-Love Edition on February 15, 2020! 



We've set the foundation, and now it’s time to enhance our self-care practice. We’re delving deep at #SSFPas we explore the first pillar of self-care…SELF-LOVE. 



The Self-Love Edition of #SSFP will include fantastic features galore, including the exclusive info about the Beta launch of the 30 Days to
GoddessFit Wellness Challenge!

Various vendors, fun wellness activities, Bonus Giveaways - Oh MY!

This is your opportunity to engage in a fun and energizing workout, 

while recharging and realigning your physical and mental selves 

You won't want to miss this!




What is SaturdaySweat Fitness Party (#SSFP)?


#SSFP is a recurring community event that implements baseline preventative measures for improving health and wellness, while preserving our mental, physical, and spiritual selves through activities based in self-care: fitness, sweat, zen, and a whole lot of fun.


This staple event includes a fun and energizing workout session, along with a rejuvenating Yoga class, pre-workout mindful stretching, various vendors and other lit wellness activities!


This year, we’re taking a different approach. We’re kicking off the transition of each season with a specific theme. FOUR #SSFPs for FOUR beautiful seasonsFOUR pillars of Self-Care. We’ll begin the #SSFP series with some much needed self-lovin’ to set the foundation for our self-care journey while having some fun with fellow Goddesses and Gods! 


Jorre Jackson

GoddessFit by Jorré was created by founder Jorre K. Jackson. GoddessFit is an integrative wellness initiative that implements wholesome and holistic activities to elevate overall health, while advocating for happiness & well-being. We foster a comprehensive and integrative approach to elevating the wellness and health preservation of our mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual selves through various means. GoddessFit by Jorré found its beginnings in Summer 2018 at the Kickoff #SaturdaySweat Fitness Party Series. What was initially, Zumba by Jorré (Zumba classes based in hip movement and cultural authenticity) expanded and took shape in its new identity, GoddessFit, an advocacy group for wholesome and holistic health and wellness initiatives. Through vast research and exposure to health disparities in her community, this aspiring revolutionary, Jorré decided to implement the early beginnings of her plan to not only treat these disparities on both individual and societal levels, but also reverse their onset.  In promoting the importance of health and wellness in the community, we look to do so by fostering a comprehensive and integrative approach through elevating the wellness and health preservation of our mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual selves through various means: exercise, realignment, diet, self-awareness, etc. For more information, visit www.goddessfitbyjorre.com.

Contact the Organizer

Jorré Jackson, Founder and CEO
Lead Instructor at GoddessFit, LLC

Jorré completely fell in love with Zumba after her 1st encounter and was certified in 2013. Her love for music & years of dance experience further fed her passion for the unique workout experience. With a tailored style like no other, she started Zumba by Jorré (classes based in hip movement and cultural authenticity) The brand expanded and became GoddessFit, the integrative wellness initiative providing wholesome and holistic activities and services that elevate overall health, happiness and well-being. Prepare yourselves for an invigorating Zumba warm-up and fat-burning, muscle-building GoddessFit Bootcamp.


About Jorré Jackson, Founder and CEO

Lead Instructor at GoddessFit, LLC
Tasman W.
Yoga, Shakti Yoga

Tasman is owner at Shakti Yoga based out of Upper Marlboro, MD. Shakti’s goal is to help you restore, breathe and to reconnect to your deeper self. Shakti Yoga offers a variety of yoga, meditation, mind body fitness, workshops and retreats designed to tap into your vibrant self, your unique energy, and release your amazing potential! Self-love is defined as “regard for one's own happiness”. Tasman will be focusing on showing how we can use yoga and crystals to practice self-love everyday.

About Tasman W.

Yoga, Shakti Yoga