Sales Prospecting Training

Monday, 10 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Monday, 10 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Australia Wide Training: Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Sales professionals are dynamic and can attract potential customers directly from them. They even have the ability to reach out to potential clients. This can be difficult to grasp after being in mortal fear for five minutes. However, it is essential if you are a sales professional. We offer training sessions that will teach you how to prospect for leads better and give you an edge over other sales professionals. You can also customize your training sessions according to your requirements. We guarantee that your training will be fun. Contact us for more information.

This course is for professionals in sales who want to improve their profits and sharpen their skills through prospecting. You will also learn how to set a realistic pace before you call, how to build effective prospecting boards, identify targeted markets and much more!

Sales Prospecting Outcomes


Understanding the importance of expanding a client base through effective prospecting

The ability to expand your customer base is a key factor in any business's success. Prospecting is an essential part of this process. The session will be led by our trainer who will discuss the importance and rewards of prospecting.

Learn how to use a prospect board to make you more successful

Participants will be provided with a structured structure to document their prospecting efforts. A prospecting board helps salespeople stay organized and ensures that every lead is properly followed up.

With the 80/20 Rule in mind, you will be able to identify target markets and target companies.

Great prospectors will know where to look. It doesn't matter if you are prospecting for clients or gold, the key to prospecting is knowing where to look. Participants learn how to use a variety of tools to identify target markets and companies.

Learn and practice networking skills at every opportunity

A salesperson can benefit from having great networking skills. There's a big difference between spamming friends on Linkedin and Facebook and keeping in touch with potential clients. You can learn how to network professionally and effectively.

Cold calling: Develop, refine, and execute the art

Cold calling is another way to find prospects. This is an area that can be difficult for many people. We show participants how to calm down, make the phone more assertive, and improve their results by preparing beforehand.

Prospecting is key to your sales success

The right skills will help you grow your sales. This session will help you to improve your skills in any particular area. The trainer's goal is to bring everyone up-to-speed and to help the team prospect more effectively.

Plus, many more sales modules

We could add many more sales modules. For a group training event, please contact us to discuss our custom training options. It's FREE.

Tailored prospecting options

Other training modules are available for more specialized areas. Are you looking for more information on countering objections in sales? For maximum impact, you can also take our Sales Objection Training course. Our tailored training courses can help you improve your skills in many ways.

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