Sales Presentation Training

Wednesday, 5 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Wednesday, 5 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Training sessions Australia Wide are held in Canberra, Gold Coast and Sydney.

Presenting to an audience can be a scary prospect. We have all been there. How many times have we reacted to the idea of being able present to them a idea? We worry about them laughing at our words, getting ideas wrong and, perhaps most importantly, having mental blocks. This is something we understand. These fears can be very real, especially in business.

Sales Presentation may seem daunting but it is possible to master it and influence people and improve business results. This includes knowing how to use the correct body language and voice pitch. This course was specifically created to address all three of these fears. This course will teach you how to make first impressions that last, present proposals more assertively, and improve your memory in both verbal and sales presentations.

Sales Presentation Objectives

Identify the Key Elements in a Quality Proposal

The trainer will begin by discussing the importance and key elements of a strong sales presentation. These key elements will be provided to all participants so that they can create a quality future proposal.

Learn How to Write a winning proposal

After discussion with participants, our trainer will give information about "What makes a winning proposition" and then we discuss the key points for how to write one.

Make a good first impression with your dress and handshake

Your first impression can make or break your message. Your first impression is crucial. Learn how to be more calm, less nervous, and more effective. The trainer will discuss the most common problems and offer solutions.

Enhance your personal presentation skills

Many skills are required to present. We will highlight the many skills that make a great presenter, and offer advice for participants on how to improve each one.

Learn how to make a powerful presentation

Writing a presentation is not the same as making one. This session will cover a variety of points on how to present professionally.

Presenting Face-to-Face makes you feel more professional and comfortable

Some people find Face to Face presentations difficult. This module contains information and advice that will make it easier for participants to feel at ease and improve their body language and face-to-face communication skills.

To increase motivation and audience participation, improve the wording

Words can make images more tangible, give color to your message, and motivate your listeners. We engage with participants in an activity to get them to think of words that they would like to hear in a presentation. The trainer will then show how the words can influence the message.

Presenting Skills that Enhance Your Presentation's Effectiveness

Here are some tips and tricks from top presenters all over the globe. Learn from the pros how to make great presentations.

How to Use Visual Presentation Methods Effectively

Visual sales presentations are useful for people with different learning styles. These presentations can help you improve your presentation. Visual presentations can help you become more professional.

Involving your Audience

Your audience is your best friend and will make you a better presenter. If you present visuals, your audience can view the information and watch it anytime. You need to offer them more. Interaction is key to being a great speaker, and making your sales presentations more effective.

Improve your memory for delivery, reduce your need for notes

This session is designed for people who want to improve their memory. You may have to give a longer presentation or you might need to recall your presentation. The session will help you to build a memory for your presentation.

Tailored for Results

You can also have this session complemented with modules from our training manual to create a customized approach. This can be combined with the Confidence and Esteem training session for increased confidence. You will improve your presentation skills, and maximize your potential in sales, marketing, and product sales. Contact us for more information.

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