Sales Objection Training

Sunday, 23 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Sunday, 23 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Training sessions are held across Australia, including in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.

It can be difficult to hear about objections to the product you are selling. You feel like you have to do everything possible to win that customer. The pressure builds on both you and the company. Too much of it can make you doubt your abilities as a salesperson. We understand that selling products is just as important as selling yourself . Therefore, we created a training session to help you improve your selling skills and overcome any objections.

You are likely to encounter objections as a salesperson. After all, the customer does not want to be treated like a robot. They want to make informed decisions. This is not something to be worried about. Our training session will teach you how to anticipate and minimize objections, and make you a more competent and authoritative salesperson. You can combine this training session with other sessions to help you become the sales superstar every company is looking for.

These skills will enable you to convert even the most skeptical customers into loyal customers. You may even find the challenge of dealing with objections fun and exciting. Contact us for more information or to book a training session.

For more information and to book your team's session, please contact us!

Find out the steps you can take to build your credibility

You can build credibility. The first part of the session will discuss credibility and how people define credibility. All staff will receive some support from our trainer to help build credibility and succeed in sales.

Identify the most common objections you encounter.

Participants are encouraged to share their common goals. We are able offer real solutions because we train professionals from many areas. This trainer will show you 10 strategies that can be used today to identify objections.

You can place the objection on the table, and you can also remove it (Control the objections).

You have the option to remove the objection from the sales process by bringing it up in the way that you prefer. When the client raises the objection, the real problems arise. It is still possible to resolve it. The trainer shows sales staff how to effectively bring up an objection and then remove it when necessary.

When Prospective Buyers Throw You a Curve, Develop the Right Responses

There will always be curve balls during the objections and negotiation stages of a deal. You will learn how to handle these curve balls, and you'll also find some scripted responses that can help you solve them when they happen.

Discover 10 objection handling systems that will overcome objections every time

These are 10 objection handling techniques that professionals use all the the time. To see the objection handling strategies in action, try to stump your trainer with an objection. It is interactive and fun.

Discover How to Disarm Objections With Proven Rebuttals That Get the Sale Back on Track

Selling will be easier if you can disarm objections. These objections should not be ignored as they can hinder your ability to make a sale. As you go through each objection one by one, it will be easier to disarm them.

How to recognize when a prospect is ready to buy

Understanding the sales process is just as important as understanding the signals. Many salespeople will not be able to recognize the signals and continue with their sales pitch or script. The trainer will guide participants in identifying the key signals clients/customers will send you during the sales process.

Learn how your sales team can help to make you a success

You can also benefit from the support of your sales team. Your team and you can work together to achieve better results. Participants learn how their coworkers can contribute to their success.

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