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Monday, 22 May 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Monday, 22 May 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Retail plays a vital role in today's business world. Retail is a way for sales professionals to directly interact with customers. Retail can also be very delicate. Businesses must make every effort to improve morale, as it can cause significant emotional strains for salespeople. Retailers can keep their customers loyal and their businesses afloat for a long time, giving them the opportunity to take a breath of relief whenever they need it. If you do not follow the rules, your customers might be reluctant to buy your products. This is a risky venture that requires careful, well-planned approaches to build loyalty and reduce emotional strain. This is exactly what our training session aims to accomplish. We teach you how to manage your emotions, mirroring techniques, and many other useful skills.

Retail sales training can seem daunting to anyone who wants to get into sales. But with our methods, you will not only have less to worry about and your profits will increase, but you'll also be able to have fun learning the basics of telephone techniques, body language , and even customer service. You can make retail customer service an unrivalled art. For more information, please contact us!

Retail Objectives

Mirroring techniques to build rapport with your customers

You can build rapport to improve your customer service and sales. You can connect more effectively with customers by using mirroring and similarities techniques. The trainer will show you how to connect with customers better.

Your leadership will make a customer YES.

Increase your leadership skills. You can make clients feel comfortable by leading the sales or customer service process. This will help you to get positive feedback and better sales.

The Best Methods for Handling Complaints The experts in Conflict Resolution share their techniques

We offer a variety of conflict resolution methods that are used across Australia. Participants will be able to see real examples from the workplace and learn how to solve problems better.

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Emotion and motivation: How they can change your interactions with customers

Every day, people act on emotion. It influences what we wear, how we eat, and what products we purchase. Find out how emotions can motivate you to purchase and use your products or services.

Use Questioning Techniques to gain more information and help customers faster

It is essential to understand your customers' needs in order to help them. Sometimes, clients may not be clear on what they need or want. You can use questioning to find areas where you can help and motivate your client to take action.

Telephone Techniques to Provide a Superior Service Compared to the Phone

Many salespeople use the telephone. To provide superior service to our clients and impress them, we offer a variety of phone techniques. Many telephone conversations can be converted into walk-ins. You can improve your call quality and increase your success rate by learning how to make the best calls.

Use Body Language Techniques to Help You Read Your Customers' Buying Signals

It is important to learn how to read the body language of your customers. You can identify if your service or sales are on the right path if you learn how to read and pick out the signals. You will be shown signals by our trainer to help you become more aware of your service and more efficient.

Provide solutions and problem solving techniques to improve ideas and options for customers

Clients will feel more supported if you offer them more options and solutions. Too many options can confuse clients. You will learn how to give the right amount of options to clients and improve your solutions to issues they may bring up. The trainer will help you to solve problems by creating and discussing a session.

Customer Service Training: Tools to improve customer service performance

This part of the training will help you improve customer satisfaction. The trainer will provide you with the foundation and advanced skills that you need to be a top performer in customer services.

Tailored for Your Retail Environment

You can also create a custom training session for your team using our other courses. Training sessions are held in all major cities, including Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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