Retail Sales Training

Friday, 21 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

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Friday, 21 April 2023 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM AWST

Australia Wide: Sydney. Brisbane. Adelaide. Perth. Melbourne. Canberra. Gold Coast. Geelong. Parramatta.

Employer Training Options This session can be customized to fit your industry and employees. Training objectives and requirements can be met by modifying pictures, questions, and materials. Contact our staff for more details.

Audience and Purpose
This Retail Sales Training Session aims to assist retail salespeople in understanding how to sell to clients. It also demonstrated how communication can lead to larger and more profitable sales. We can modify or add modules to meet your retail sales requirements.

Retail salespeople who understand the psychology of retail sales will be able to build trust faster, increase sales, and develop relationships more effectively. This article discusses how retail selling can be rewarding. We offer sales coaching.

Retail Sales Training Outcomes

How to effectively use questions

Retailers can count on the help of questions. Questions can help you gather information that will assist customers and motivate customers to make purchases. To improve your sales and customer service skills, learn how to effectively use questions.

How to correctly use probing techniques

Did you know that there are advanced skills in information probing? These skills can be used in your job by our trainers.

Mirroring is a great way to build trust

It is important to get along with customers when building relationships and repeat business. Mirroring can help you connect faster. Create similarities between yourself and your customer to bridge the gap.

How to read body language signals

You can help your customer navigate the retail process by learning how to identify which stage they are at. Your body language can help you identify potential problems, resolve conflicts and read buying signals. Paramount has one of Australia's top Body Language experts as its trainer. This gives you the best information about this communication tool.

Techniques for handling objections

This training is great for customer service representatives and retailers who want to improve their handling of objections. Participants will receive more information from our trainers and a list with objection handling techniques.

Closing techniques

Your customers will have a positive impression of you if you close professionally. This section offers a variety of options to help participants and teams close professionally.

Behavior Tools and Techniques

Understanding behavior can bring you closer to others. Find out more about the techniques and tools available to help us manage our behavior and that of others.

Value Added Sales

You will be able to sell more products and make more profit by building up their value. You may want to have more tools for increasing the value of your products in a highly competitive marketplace. Find out how storytelling, experience sharing, and value-adding skills can help customers see the value in your products or services.

Up selling & Cross selling

We also discuss the potential for a retail salesperson in Cross-selling their products and/or services. These two skills will give you an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Use your enthusiasm

Enthusiasm sells. You will be able to help clients reflect your attitude and motivate them. This will result in more sales. Participants will be shown by our trainers how emotions can be contagious, and how they can impact the outcome of a sale.

Create a YES customer

Do you want all of your clients to be more supportive of your approach and your work? You will learn how to be a great leader for your customers and build trust. The trainer will show you how to make your customers more positive.

Follow these sales strategies to succeed

Here are some sales strategies professionals use. What is the secret to how brands can become so successful overnight? How did their team and staff approach this? Find out about the top brands across the globe and how they were created by simple sales strategies.

How to deal with price-shoppers

Many salespeople fear the price shopper. These customers are the most difficult to deal with. Learn how you can interact with them and get to know them. These are great tips from experts to deal with price shoppers.

Meeting Expectations

A positive image and impact will be created by meeting the customers' expectations. Find out how to exceed customers' expectations while still being able to satisfy them.

Tailored retail training

You can customize and tailor our training content and modules to meet your needs. Professional training is available in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne as well as Sydney, Parramatta Gold Coast, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. Contact us for more information and a custom outline.

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