Reproductive Grief Care (Virtual Workshop)

Thursday, April 22 2021 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM [EDT]

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Thursday, April 22 2021 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM [EDT]

Vision 30


Patrick Henry Family Services

is excited to bring you

Reproductive Grief Care Training


Broaden your understanding of grief and loss after miscarriage and abortion 

Explore how to be a safe place for hurting men and women 

Provide healing resources to help those in your community 


Disenfranchised Grief & Reproductive Story 

A. Impact on Men, Women and Families 

- Reproductive loss in the United States 

- Perinatal Grief Scale Studies 

- Stories from men 

B. Disenfranchised Grief [Doka] 

- Grief not culturally acknowledged 

- Impact on grieving process 

- Impact on helpers 

C. Reproductive Story [Jaffe & Diamond] 

- Bonding begins before conception 

- Meaning of Loss 

- Depth of Loss 

Reproductive Grief & Loss  

D. What Grieving Looks Like 

- Healthy grief [Jaffe & Diamond] 

- Tasks of grieving [Worden] 

- Find enduring connection 

E. What Healing Looks Like 

- Healing Pathways 

- Identify losses 

- Letting go of the pain 

Being a Safe Place  

F. Enfranchising Grief 

- Acknowledge loss 

- Validate Grief 

- Best practices 

G. Next Steps 

- Self-care 

- Resources: digital, printed, help-lines, local help

About the speaker:

Rebecca Capuano, MSW


Rebecca currently serves as Client Services Manager at the Blue Ridge Women’s Center, a pregnancy medical clinic in Roanoke, Virginia. She also coordinates the Center’s reproductive loss services and provides training in reproductive loss throughout the country as a certified trainer in Reproductive Grief Care with Life Perspectives out of San Diego, California. Rebecca holds a Master of Social Work degree from East Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Spanish from Carson-Newman College. Rebecca has functioned in both direct care and administrative roles in service to at-risk populations throughout her career, including managing group homes for at-risk youth and developing a juvenile day treatment program in Wilmington, North Carolina. 




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