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18520 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S 0K6, Canada

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Regenerative Therapy Seminar - Feb 8th, 2020 Partial Approval - Free

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Multiple Dates

Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 18520 100 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S 0K6, Canada.

Regenerative Medicine is a phenomenon that continues to alter how many painful medical conditions are being treated. These new, cutting-edge options were unknown to most of the American population for many years. While the US may be behind other countries in our regenerative medicine, millions of pain sufferers are quickly learning about the possibilities regenerative therapy offers for them. Famous athletes and everyday people are returning from their injuries quicker than usual – reducing (or eliminating) nagging pains from arthritis, injury and overuse. What once required invasive, extremely painful surgery (and the subsequent months-long recovery process) can now be accomplished with simple, non-invasive outpatient treatments. 

Testimonials continue to pour in from ordinary people receiving regenerative therapy. You no longer need to travel abroad or be a rich athlete to participate in these treatments. People from around the country are regaining their livelihoods through this ground-breaking medical technology. Whether you are young and have suffered an injury to your joints, ligaments or tendons; or you are older, and your body is breaking down from age, regenerative therapy can help you return to your former self, free of pain and living a comfortable life. 

Join us as we dive into the evolving treatment options for your joint pain. As regenerative medicine continues to garner praise from those who have received treatment, many people are still uneducated about the vast possibilities that regenerative medicine can offer pain sufferers. Discover how it can help you reduce pain and vastly improve mobility in sore joints. Have your questions answered by a medical professional as they speak about this phenomenon!

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