Monday, 20 February 2023 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM AEDT

2, Byron Street, Coogee, NSW, 2034, Australia

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Veteran ticket Partial Approval - Free

This ticket is for military veteran participants only. Veterans receive free access to this event thanks to the support of RSL QLD and Coogee Diggers.

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Pilot ticket for Veteran Employers Partial Approval - Free

If your company employs military Veterans, you are invited to attend this pilot to see first hand how beneficial this program is for your entire workforce. Learn from military lived experience and bring a proactive mental health culture to your team.

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Monday, 20 February 2023 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM AEDT

Coogee Diggers, 2, Coogee, NSW, 2034, Australia.

Mental health self-aid starts with, WHO AM I? 

Most people today can't answer this question with confidence. 

The Recalibr8 workshop will teach you how to confidently understand and explain:
Who you are - Build a rock solid Identity. 
Where you are heading - Find direction and purpose. 
How to get there - Build healthy habits to move life in a positive direction.
Who to go with - Surround yourself with a positive minded tribe of mates who will keep you accountable and pull you up when you need it. 

Through Tribe, Routine, Identity and Purpose we forge unbreakable mental health. 

The Recalibr8 workshop is a Veteran-led 1 day workshop. 

This event is a pilot being delivered in partnership with RSL QLD. 

Recalibr8 workshops have been created using science backed interventions and data specific to the Veteran lifecycle.

This Recalibr8 workshop is being run specifically for Veteran participants, current serving defence members who are in the process of transitioning out or are about to begin the process, and for team leaders within companies who employ Veterans. 

The workshop will be delivered by Veteran Recalibr8 coach, Adrian Sutter, and accompanied by a Mental Health clinician. 


Swiss 8

Swiss 8 exists to help humanity excel. Through innovation, education and connection, we build tools that enable all humans to become better at life. Swiss 8 is a health promotion charity, founded by Australian military Veterans. Using lived experience combined with modern psychological research, we build proactive and holistic mental health tools.

Contact the Organizer

Adrian Sutter
Swiss 8 CEO
Swiss 8

Adrian Sutter is the founder of proactive mental health organisations Swiss 8 and Recalibr8. Adrian is an Australian military Veteran, father of 2 sons, and sits on the boards of several Veteran, tech and mental health organisations. Adrian joined the Army in 2006 as an Infantry Soldier. Deploying straight from initial employment training to East Timor in a peacekeeping role. Learning on the run, Adrian was involved in regular presence patrolling, local conflict resolution, and screening of local gangs. In 2009, Adrian deployed to Afghanistan with mentoring and reconstruction task force 2. Adrian deployed with his home unit, The First Battalion Royal Australia Regiment (1RAR). His core role in Afghanistan was with a mortar detachment conducting vehicle-mounted patrols, deep into the Chora Valley. This deployment exposed Adrian to the realities of third-world living conditions, war, and loss of life. Though he wanted to be a soldier for life, Adrian left the military in 2012 after his sister lost her short battle with cancer. Adrian transitioned out of the military with no training, no education on what was to come, no plan for the future and no reintegration into civilian life. Adrian then spent 6 years launching and running successful health food businesses. In 2017, Adrian lost his close mate and fellow Veteran, Jesse Bird, to suicide. This was the first in a string of suicides from Adrian's old unit. The death of Jesse Bird opened Adrian’s, and his mates’, eyes to the reactive nature of the mental health system and the absurd amount of taxpayer money being spent on mental health and veteran wellbeing interventions with no measured success outcomes. Through lived experience and lessons learned (the hard way), Adrian, and a team of combat veterans now run Swiss 8, delivering proactive mental health workshops and digital tools to the humans who need them most.

About Adrian Sutter

Swiss 8 CEO
Swiss 8

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