Realising a new normal of healthcare, through digital identity

Wednesday, 27 May 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BDT

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM BDT

In the “new normal” era we face, industry leaders across public and private sectors unpack how digital identity can foster the shift of day-to-day healthcare needs to digital channels by bringing together personal health data, empowering doctors to provide ‘telemedicine’ and effectively implementing services such as contact-tracing. Meeting individuals’ needs in this digital era requires collaboration from all parties involved. Working together, we can accomplish what is impossible alone: convenient, secure, smart digital interactions that work better for all of us.

Join us for the online panel discussion and sign-up, free of charge.

Date: Wednesday 27th May 2020
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 BST 

Goode Intelligence is a leading identity and biometrics research, consulting and events organisation founded in 2007 and based in London. We work internationally with technology vendors and service providers to inform, educate and influence. Our services are used by a range of clients, from established super-brands right through to hot, emerging start-ups and market disrupters.

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Dr. Sally Eaves
Professor and Strategic Advisor on Emergent Technologies

Dr. Sally Eaves is a highly experienced Chief Technology Officer, Professor in Advanced Technologies and Global Strategic Advisor on Digital Transformation. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, she specialises in the application of emergent technologies, notably AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT & 5G for both business and societal benefit at scale. An international keynote speaker and author, Sally was an inaugural recipient of the Frontier Technology and Social Impact award, presented at the United Nations and has been described as the ‘torchbearer for ethical tech’ - founding Aspirational Futures to enhance inclusion and diversity in the technology space and beyond.

About Dr. Sally Eaves

Professor and Strategic Advisor on Emergent Technologies
Alan Goode
CEO, Chief Analyst and Founder of Goode Intelligence

Alan Goode is the CEO, Chief Analyst and Founder of Goode Intelligence, a world-leading identity and biometrics research and consulting organisation founded in 2007 and based in London. With 13 years of research and analysis experience and 17 years of senior management and technology consultancy including strategy and deployment, Alan is an expert in biometrics, authentication/identity, fraud management and cyber security. His previous roles include Head of Information Security at T-Mobile UK, Security Practice Manager at Atos Origin, Head of Digital Security at De La Rue Identity Systems (including biometric passports) and Security Analyst for Citibank (Payments).

About Alan Goode

CEO, Chief Analyst and Founder of Goode Intelligence
Dan Johnson
Vice President, Identity Products Cyber and Intelligence Solutions Mastercard

Dan Johnson is vice president, Identity Products for Mastercard based in London. He is a key leader in Mastercard’s initiative to create an effective, efficient and principled model of digital identity in an increasingly connected world. His team is helping to define how a person’s identity, and the entities operating on their behalf, can be verified immediately, safely and securely, across multiple touchpoints in both the digital and physical worlds. Prior to joining Mastercard, Mr. Johnson was head of digital identity at HSBC Digital Solutions, where he worked with the UK government and a public/private consortium to define a multi-sector, multi-jurisdiction digital identity ecosystem designed to streamline cross-border bank account opening. He has also held senior IT and project management roles at Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital and the General Medical Council. Mr. Johnson’s career spans more than 20 years, predominantly in financial services, but also within the commercial and public sectors. Originally a COBOL programmer and software tester, he has designed and delivered global customer data management, account opening and financial product management systems. Mr. Johnson holds a BSc Hons in Information Systems with German from Staffordshire University.

About Dan Johnson

Vice President, Identity Products Cyber and Intelligence Solutions Mastercard
James Monaghan
VP Product, Evernym

James thrives building pioneering startup teams, products and partnerships. He wrote software to deliver multimedia content to mobile phones just as the first devices with colour screens were coming out, created the specialised tools that the world’s largest brands would need to engage their customers with interactive messaging, and built enhanced authentication products to protect online accounts just as the tide of high-profile data breaches brought online security to public attention. He has been on both sides of successful acquisitions and lived on both sides of the Atlantic. At Evernym, James’ team is working on the products which will create greater trust, security, and privacy for individuals and organisations everywhere. He holds a MEng from Cambridge University, certifications in agile product management and privacy technology, and a 2:49 marathon time.

About James Monaghan

VP Product, Evernym
Dr. Manreet Nijjar
Co-Founder, truu

Manreet ‘ Manny’ Nijjar has trained as a Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine. He has over a decade’s experience in the UK’s NHS services. He is the co-founder of Truu and for the last 5 years, he has been working locally, nationally and internationally creating a decentralised digital identity solution for healthcare workers. Truu believes this can only be achieved on open standards, interoperability and a multivendor ecosystem. Over the past three months he has lead the frontline clinical and operational Covid-19 response at Whipps Cross Hospital, during which time Truu has been working with the NHS and industry partners to accelerate the delivery on their digital staff passport solution to facilitate the mobility of healthcare workers whose need has only further been highlighted by this crisis. He has guided Truu to become the first UK steward (node) on the Sovrin network (a not for profit organisation build on open source privacy by design distributed ledger technology to create a public utility for multi-source/self-sovereign identity) and a member of the Decentralised Identity Foundation.

About Dr. Manreet Nijjar

Co-Founder, truu