Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification - 6 Week Virtual

Monday, 14 December 2020 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST

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Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification - 6 week virtual Partial Approval - $4,950.00

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Monday, 14 December 2020 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST

Radical Inclusion: Diversity-Driven Innovative Problem Solving


The Next Gen Certification Needed Today


The world needs a new kind of facilitator that can leverage divergent thinking from diverse people, embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into the way the business solves problems every day.

Radical Inclusion™ Facilitator Certification equips meeting leaders with expert facilitation skills and insights to leverage DEI for greater innovative thinking.

Facilitator benefits:

  • Move the Needle: Enable teams to work more inventively while simultaneously reinforcing the importance of DEI
  • Next Gen Skill Mastery: Develop expertise to create a space for mutual respect, collaboration, and creative solution development
  • Highly Sought-after: Provide added-value and become an even more respected and sought-after facilitation resource

Organizations with Radical Inclusion Facilitators benefit by:

  • Elevating the brand by demonstrating, in a highly visible way, a commitment to DEI and building a diverse culture of collaboration and respect
  • Upgrading problem solving and opportunity-finding at the team, function and enterprise level
  • Developing highly innovative solutions that have a significant positive commercial impact on the business

Skills Developed

During the 6-week Radical Inclusion Facilitator Certification, you learn how to:

  • Increase the diversity of problem-solving groups
  • Create a safe space for divergent ideas and perspectives
  • Leverage the unique talents of problem-solving participants
  • Build a respectful environment that supports diverse people coming together to co-create
  • Facilitate deep listening, without premature judgment, to find value in other perspectives
  • Guide interactions to unprecedented levels of “conscious communication” 

Who Should Certify?

-Process Facilitators who are looking for fresh mindsets, toolsets and skillsets, including those supporting efforts around Design Thinking, Agile/Lean, Six Sigma, Strategy and Innovation.

-Line Managers and Project Leaders who want their teams to solve problems more effectively and more readily take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Certification Details

6-weeks beginning on December 14, 2020 - Ending February 11, 2021 (BREAK from December 18 - January 12)

  • Each weekly instructor-led session will be 2 to 4 hours via Zoom with your cohort
  • 1 to 3 hours of personal coaching and peer group work weekly
  • Real world application practice
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Certificate of Certification awarded upon completion
  • Access to Radical Inclusion Facilitator community of practice

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If you are a leader and want to get multiple facilitators on your team certified, please contact natalie@changereadysolutions.com

Change-Ready Solutions LLC


Change-Ready Solutions is a consulting and training firm dedicated to helping businesses lead, change and grow by leveraging diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for greater innovative thinking and solution development.

Contact the Organizer

Bruce Fern
Founder and President
Change-Ready Solutions

Bruce N. Fern, M. Ed. is the founder and president of Change-Ready Solutions. His background is in the behavioral sciences which he applies to all of Change-Ready Solution's business solutions. He is an accomplished organization transformation leader who helps businesses transform internal business practices (diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership, culture, change management and talent engagement/retention) and client-facing practices (customer experience and sales optimization). Bruce has also been a professor at NYU SCPS and Baruch School of Management. Bruce began his career in consulting at MOHR/Blessing White, one of the nation's leading professional development companies where he was on the Senior Leadership Team and the Executive Vice President of Consulting. Bruce was also a leader in IBM's external management consulting Talent & Change Global Center of Excellence and was the corporate VP in charge of agency leadership development for New York Life. Before that, Bruce founded and managed Performance Connections International Inc for 15 years, a training and consulting firm specializing in leadership development, employee engagement, talent retention, and customer experience and sales optimization.


About Bruce Fern

Founder and President
Change-Ready Solutions
Natalie Jenkins
Vice President of Client Services
Change-Ready Solutions

Natalie Jenkins has been a distinguished leader for over 20 years in providing consulting and training services to businesses to support organizational transformation. Natalie has enabled fortune 500 and non-profit enterprises alike to build productive, diverse and healthy employee cultures that drive long-term business results. Natalie is also currently the President/Founder of Possibility Designer, providing services that enable businesses to more effectively innovate, solve complex business problems, and leverage diversity to achieve better business results. Previously, Natalie was one of the leaders of the start-up team at Waggl which provides a disruptive technology-driven continuous listening platform to market. Prior to Waggl, she was the Director of Strategic Innovation at New & Improved, a leading innovation and problem-solving training and consulting business Before New & Improved, Natalie was one of the founding members of the team that created Innova, then the exclusive U.S. distributor of training programs based on the work of creative thinking guru, Edward de Bono.


About Natalie Jenkins

Vice President of Client Services
Change-Ready Solutions
Alvin Lee
Special Guest
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert

Alvin Lee is both an executive consultant with Change-Ready Solutions as well as a Executive Advisor to our firm on all things diversity related. Alvin has worked in world-class organizations both in the private sector and higher education. He has held such roles as Senior Director for Training and Development at Merrill Lynch and Senior Vice President at Lee Hecht Harrison where he was responsible for diversity initiatives along with Consultant training. He joined the ranks of academia at Purdue University and has recently moved to Rose-Human Institute as the Director of Human Resources. Alvin's primary areas of expertise are Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management, Group Facilitation, Employee Relations, and Team Building. Alvin has served as a senior level facilitator of change management and process improvement efforts across the U.S. in Japan, Australia, and Europe. Alvin earned his B.A. degree from Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana and has completed professional certifications in diversity, change management, team building, MBTI, employment law and most recently, COVID-19 Contact Tracing from Johns Hopkins University.

About Alvin Lee

Special Guest
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert