Psychic Investigations: Spirit Conversations with Kerrie Wearing

Multiple Dates

8, Peregrine Street, Gledswood Hills, NSW, 2557, Australia

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Psychic Investigations: Spirit Connections with Kerrie Wearing

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Multiple Dates

Bradleys Retreat, 8, Gledswood Hills, NSW, 2557, Australia.

Psychic Investigations: Spirit Conversations with Kerrie Wearing
Dates & Days : Friday 29th March, Friday 26th April and Friday 31st May 2019.
Where: 8 Peregrine Street, Gledswood Hills NSW 2557
Arrival Time: 6.50pm
Finish Time: 10.00pm
Cost: $50.00 per person
Event Details Below
Psychic Investigations: Spirit Conversations
Are you feeling lost, frustrated with your efforts to get the answers you need to move forward. Do you feel aggrieved by an unanswered questions surrounding the passing of a loved? Do you want to know that your loved one in Spirit is ok?
Delve into the spiritual realms with psychic medium investigator Kerrie Wearing to uncover the answers you need to:
*get unstuck and move your life forward
*is your house haunted?
*discover the unanswered questions you have after the passing of a loved one.
Let Kerrie be your bridge to the Spirit world and hear from your loved ones.
My bio
Kerrie Wearing is a psychic medium investigator serving men and women who feel lost , frustrated and are seeking answers to what keeps them awake at night.
Does this sound like you?
You are struggling to find answers but know you need help to access them from within?
You or a family member is experiencing psychic disturbances, or you think your home may be haunted and you'd like to know more or stop it if you can.
The passing of a loved has left you with lots of unanswered questions.
You have a missing person or cold case where more information could help shift those stalemate brick walls.
You have a missing pet to which have some answers could put your mind at ease.
You are finding any of these situations is leaving you feeling frustrated, like you have no control and your grief may be holding up your ability to move forward in other areas of your life.
Kerrie investigate's the Spirit world to give you the answers and intuitive soul guidance you need to move forward in life once again with clarity, confidence and a more peaceful heart.
Light Refreshments will be served before our Event
Our Events are Prepaid
No Refunds for Cancellations
No Payments on our Events in the Night
Street Parking Available, Our Events are held on Private Premises and we ask you to be Mindfull of our Neighbours.
We look forward to see you at our Event and make it a success and being surrounded by like minded friends.

Gratitude and Blessings
Clorinda and Kerrie Wearing

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An Eclipse of the Soul creates Events for Business, I'm passionate about bringing like minded people together to enjoy the company of Quality Psychic Clairvoyant Mediums and Healers. I work with a handful of Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Healers which work with Authentic Integrity and Passion, and bring their own Uniqueness to each and every reading and healing to our wonderful clients. Leaving our Clients feeling blessed they have received their special time with special people Gratitude and Blessings Clorinda Bradley