Progressive Theology Seminar at The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ

Saturday, 20 February 2021 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST

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Saturday, 20 February 2021 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM MST

We are pleased to welcome Rev Dr. Guy Nave, Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. 

Confrontational Faith and Beloved Community: Rekindling Hope and Restoring Trust
Hope and trust are difficult virtues to foster and sustain in America today. A resurgence of blatant acts of racism and racial injustice as well as a long history of racial oppression and deep systemic racial inequities greatly contribute to this difficulty. The Reverend Dr. Guy Nave believes that despite America being in the midst of a painful and long overdue period of racial reckoning, hope and trust are still possible. Not only are they possible, but they are also prerequisites for establishing "Beloved Community"—a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one's fellow human beings. Nave asserts there is a specific role people of faith must play in rekindling hope and restoring trust. People of faith need to demonstrate what Nave calls, “confrontational faith”—faith that actively challenges racial inequities and injustices. Confrontational faith is rooted in and motivated by a strong conviction that Beloved Community is not only possible, it is a divine imperative. In this seminar, Nave will explore the role and function of faith and the power of hope and trust for creating Beloved Community.
This fulfills two hours of SWC Continuing Education Requirements
Cost is $15.00

Common Ground on the Border

The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ in Sahuarita, Arizona hosts the annual Progressive Theology Seminar.

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Reverend Doctor Guy Nave
Professior of Religion. Luther College, Decorah, Iowa

Rev. Dr. Guy Nave is Professor of Religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, focusing on the topics of Christianity, the New Testament, and race. He received his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and his Ph.D. in New Testament studies from Yale University. He writes for Sojourners Magazine, blogs for Luther College's Ideas and Creations page as well as the website Clamoring for Change. He’s an ordained elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

About Reverend Doctor Guy Nave

Professior of Religion. Luther College, Decorah, Iowa

09:00 AM

09:00 AM - 12:30 PMLuther College ~ Decorah, Iowa
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