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Planned Grazing – Making the Cows work for you - Pam Iwanchysko - 7:30 PM, March 8, 2022 CEU Area - Crop Management - 1 credit Partial Approval - Free

Planned Grazing – Making the Cows work for you Planned grazing refers to the process of moving livestock from paddock to paddock in a pasture, at the correct time and for the correct duration. Managers using this type of system, subdivide their pastures into paddocks which enables them with the power of controlling the livestock movement. A project was developed and monitored at the Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives Research Farm near Brandon, Manitoba that provided a means of showcasing proper grazing management in order to promote the reduction and elimination of the practice of continuous grazing. It demonstrated the positive impact of monitoring and managing the movement of animals, with the proper timing and duration, allowing for proper amounts of rest and recovery time for the plants and how that can rehabilitate the landscape. Pam will provide an overview of the results of the three-year project.

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Due to a family emergency, Mark Shouldice is no longer available for this presentation Partial Approval - Free

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Grazing Ruminants - The original soil builders - Ryan Boyd - 7:30 PM, March 10, 2022 CEU Area - Professional Development - 1 credit Partial Approval - Free

Ryan will detail insights gained from visiting with farmers and ranchers across the globe researching grazing systems as part of his Nuffield Scholarship and a lifetime of grazing on his own farm. New ideas about how to effectively manage pastures to maximize stocking rate, soil carbon sequestration and overall profitability will be shared including the technique of ultra high stock density grazing.

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Multiple Dates

This conference will be held online in a series of 3 webinars.  You will receive an access link in the days leading up to the event.

Patricia Ellingwood

The Ontario Forage Council is a non-profit organization devoted specifically to forages. It is comprised of producer associations, commercial companies, and other agribusiness interests which share common goals—gathering and disseminating ideas and information, supporting research and development in forages, and sponsoring consolidation of forage projects to provide a focus for the efforts of a multitude of personnel.

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