PRIVATE COURSE: Nunavut Housing Corp Temporary Worker Infection Control Training

Thursday, 16 July 2020 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM MST

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Thursday, 16 July 2020 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM MST



This is a custom-created course for training Nunavut Housing Corporation Temporary Workers in Infection Prevention and Control Principles.



To help our healthcare system, medical providers and the community at large decrease the spread of COVID-19, we will only be delivering training via virtual, web-based avenues. We trust and hope that all of our clients understand the reasoning and logic behind avoiding in-person training. Should anyone have questions or concerns, please contact us.



We will cover the following topics during our our courses:

  • Responsibilities, duties, obligations
  • Interpreting, using/applying various industry-accepted IPAC principles/standards
  • Contamination issues, risk factors
  • Importance of infection prevention and control
  • Risks/Liabilities, Effective Management
  • Importance of risk assessments, work plans/procedures
  • How to effectively/safely perform work
  • Proper risk communications
  • Dust, water and biological hazard principles, controls and mitigation measures
  • Proper cleaning and disinfecting means, methods and techniques



 With many false or half-truths, myths and even lies that are circulating through social media, the internet, and even some news outlets, we respectfully remind everyone to only obtain information from trusted sources. Please avoid social media at all costs and only gather your information from such resources as:


Infection Control Training Group

The Infection Control Training Group Ltd. is an industry leader in the provision of practical, quality, technical, and timely infection prevention and control (IPAC) consulting. We provide a variety of education, training and instructional services. We have assisted many clients in identifying potential micro-organism infection risks, and designing and implementing practical, effective strategies, approaches, methods and solutions to control and manage those risks. These solutions not only protect healthcare facility occupants, but also anyone that could be potentially affected by COVID-19.

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